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In a state as large as Maharashtra, clearly a single Regional Transport Office cannot address the needs of the residents. Therefore, there are 50 offices under Maharashtra RTO. While the residents can visit these offices to avail the many services they offer, they also have the option of using the Maharashtra RTO website which is more convenient and largely paperless. Furthermore, the department has a 24x7, dedicated toll-free number 1800 120 8040 for the assistance of citizens.


The most commonly, Maharashtra RTO, availed services include state and national transport permits, various driving licences based on the type of vehicle, temporary and permanent registration of the automobile, payment of state road taxes, etc.

RTO Codes of Maharashtra

There are 50 RTO offices available in the state. Here is the Maharashtra RTO code list containing a few of them, where you can get the MH RTO vehicle information.

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Mumbai (Central)

MH 01

RTO Mumbai (West)

MH 02

RTO Mumbai (East)

MH 03

RTO Thane

MH 04

RTO Kalyan

MH 05

RTO Pen - Raigad

MH 06

RTO Sindhudurg

MH 07

RTO Ratnagiri

MH 08

RTO Kolhapur

MH 09

RTO Sangli

MH 10

RTO Satara

MH 11

RTO Pune

MH 12

RTO Solapur

MH 13

RTO Pimpri

MH 14

RTO Nashik

MH 15

RTO Ahmednagar

MH 16

RTO Shrirampur

MH 17

RTO Dhule

MH 18

RTO Jalgaon

MH 19

RTO Aurangabad

MH 20

Vehicle Registration at RTO Maharashtra

According to the legislation, you must do the Maharashtra vehicle registration in order to drive/ride on the state’s road. You may go to the Maharashtra RTO website https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home or visit the Maharashtra RTO office available in your city to complete the Maharashtra RTO registration of your vehicle.

Here is the list of documents required for the Maharashtra RTO vehicle registration


  • Form 20

  • Form 21

  • Form 22A, or the vehicle's manufacturer's roadworthiness certificate

  • If the car is purchased on loan, the financer must provide Form 28 or a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

  • Purchase invoice

  • In the event of an imported car, a Customs Bill is required.

  • If the vehicle is purchased for commercial use, complete TCR and TCA forms.

  • PAN card or Form 60

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Resident proof

  • Passport size photographs


Like Maharashtra vehicle registration, the government has also mandated riders to have motor insurance. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Indian government has made it obligatory to purchase at least third-party car insurance for everybody who owns or operates a vehicle in India. If the traffic officials find any person violating the law, he/she will be punished in the form of a hefty fine. The officials are also allowed to take legal action against the person if necessary. The premiums for third party insurance are generally lower, but one should go for a comprehensive insurance plan, as they provide a wider coverage for the extra cost. To ensure a smooth experience and save time, acquire automobile insurance through the Bajaj Markets platform. Bajaj Markets does not provide insurance; nonetheless, some organizations on the platform provide automobile insurance online via the portal. You can purchase from any of them.

Functions of Maharashtra RTO

Here are the functions provided by the Maharashtra RTO.

Registration of the Vehicle

MH RTO is responsible for granting motor vehicle registration certificates (Permanent or temporary), transferring vehicle ownership, changing registration data, and renewing the registration certificates.

Driving License

People can obtain their driving licence from the MH RTO, including duplicate license, commercial license, and so on.

Vehicle Inspection

MH RTO does the vehicle inspection for its mechanical fitness and pollution to make sure that the vehicle's pollution is under control and is not harming the environment.

Revenue Collection for the Government

Collecting of Motor Vehicle Tax or Road Tax, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, as well as handling any motor department action matters and collecting vehicle inspection fees, also fall under the MH RTO function.

Granting Permits

MH RTO issues tourist and transportation licences such as the International Driving Permit, as well as inter-state and national commercial vehicle permits.


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Maharashtra RTO Fees

Here is the table containing the Maharashtra RTO fees details. 



Grant/Renew Trade certificate



Rs. 500

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 500


Rs. 1000

Duplicate Trade Certificate



Rs. 300

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 300


Rs. 1000

New Registration Certificate



Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 1500


Rs. 1000

Light Vehicle

Rs. 600

Imported Vehicle

Rs. 5000

Renewal of Registration Certificate



Rs. 200


Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 600

Driving License (All Vehicles)


Learning License

Rs. 151

Permanent Driving License

Rs. 716

Renewal of License

Rs. 416

Duplicate License

Rs. 216

Apart from these fees, RTO also collects fines and penalties from people who do not abide by the different traffic laws. 

Wrapping it Up

An individual must register his/her vehicle in order to legally drive a motor vehicle in the city of Maharashtra. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted in Maharashtra, and if you do so, you will have to face legal consequences. In addition to the registration, you must opt for auto insurance to protect your vehicle from unfortunate events.

FAQs on Maharashtra RTO

How much does it cost to renew a driving licence in Maharashtra?

The cost of renewing a driving licence is Rs. 416.

How many RTO offices are available in Maharashtra?

There are 50 RTO offices available in the state.

Can I apply online for the vehicle registration in Maharashtra?

Yes, you may visit at https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home and apply for the same.

Is it possible to give a Maharashtra learning licence test online from home?

The state CM has launched a new system that will allow people to take a learner's licence test from home using an Aadhaar-based authentication method.

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