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Mumbai RTO is responsible for issuing driving licences, registration of vehicles, collection of road tax, and implementing other rules as laid down by the Motor Vehicles Act of India. Being one of the largest cities in the country, Mumbai RTO is one of the busiest ones. It is divided into 5 subdivisions with a different Mumbai RTO code assigned to each of them. By visiting the Mumbai RTO website, you can easily check out the list of offices, get your vehicle registered, pay the road tax, apply for a licence and permit or get it renewed, and a lot more.

Mumbai RTO Code

A RTO Code is important for vehicle registration and other processes. Here is the complete Mumbai RTO code list for you to find the right Mumbai RTO no., you are searching for.


RTO Code

Tardeo RTO Office - South Mumbai


Andheri RTO Office - Western Suburb Mumbai


Worli Deputy RTO Office - South Mumbai


Wadala RTO Office - Harbour Mumbai East


Dahisar Deputy RTO Office - Western Suburb


You can find all this information on the Mumbai RTO list and do your further Mumbai RTO vehicle search on the Mumbai RTO official website.

Vehicle Registration at Mumbai RTO

All vehicles should be registered at Mumbai RTO to drive them on the roads of Mumbai. To clarify your doubts, you can visit the Mumbai RTO website. You can register a vehicle both temporarily and permanently.

  • Temporary registration is done by the vehicle dealer and its validity can be extended up to one month.

  • Permanent registration of the vehicle in a RTO makes the vehicle eligible to be driven on public roads and it is valid for 15 years from the date of registration.


Read ahead to know the Mumbai RTO registration details.


For Mumbai RTO online registration or for searching Mumbai RTO vehicle information, you can visit Mumbai RTO official site. To register your newly purchased vehicle with Mumbai RTO offline, visit the concerned RTO with relevant documents and pay the applicable taxes and fees. You have to submit the fully filled forms and documents at the Mumbai RTO office. After verifying the submitted documents, the RTO will register your vehicle and provide the vehicle registration number.


The forms and documents required are;

  • Form 20 or application form for new registrations

  • Form 21

  • Form 22A or roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle from the manufacturer

  • Address proof

  • Invoice of the purchase, if life-tax is applicable

  • Custom Bill, in case of an imported vehicle

  • Vehicle insurance documents


In India, vehicle insurance is mandatory, as driving without a valid vehicle insurance policy is considered an offence and an act of negligence. All the residents of Mumbai who wish to drive or ride their vehicle on Mumbai roads are only allowed to drive or ride if they have proper insurance coverage. The following are the types of coverages you can get under a motor vehicle insurance policy:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

This type of insurance covers the damages caused to both third-party and vehicle owners. All injuries caused to the third party are covered under this policy.

  • Third Party Insurance Coverage

This type of insurance covers only the damages caused to the third party vehicle and injuries caused to the third party. Damages or injuries caused to the vehicle or vehicle owner are not covered under this one.

You can compare and choose a vehicle insurance policy that caters to your needs through Bajaj Markets.

Functions of Mumbai RTO

Mumbai RTO ensures that all the rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 are followed. The functions of Mumbai RTO are;

  • Vehicle Registration

Temporary and permanent registration of the vehicle, renewal of the registration and maintenance of a database of all registered vehicles.

  • Issuance of Licence

Permanent or temporary driving licence issuance and renewing an existing one or issuing duplicate license.

  • Collection Of Road Tax

Collection of the road tax according to government rules.

  • Environment testing

The department conducts pollution checks at various centres for vehicles to make sure they follow Pollution Under Control(PUC) norms.


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Mumbai RTO Fees

Given below are the charges you have to pay for registering different categories of motor vehicles with Mumbai RTO.

Type of vehicle

Fees (Rs.)

Light commercial vehicle




Imported motor vehicle


Heavy goods vehicle


Medium goods vehicle


Light motor vehicle


Imported motorcycle




Invalid carriage


Any other vehicle


Since you have an idea on how to register your newly purchased vehicle with Mumbai RTO, you should keep in mind that you will be imposed with penalties and charges if you don’t comply with the laws and rules implemented by the RTO. For eg; if you don’t have auto insurance for your vehicle, you will be imposed with heavy penalties and that should be paid at the RTO office. So, it is always safe to avail vehicle insurance and carry the document with you wherever you drive around.


To buy the auto insurance for a vehicle is every vehicle owner’s duty. You can compare the many options of auto insurances available at Bajaj Markets and buy the right insurance for your vehicle. So, insure right and drive safe!

FAQs on Mumbai RTO

How long does RTO registration take in Mumbai?

The registration process in Mumbai RTO takes up to 14 - 30 days depending on the jurisdiction of the RTO.

How many RTO are there in Mumbai?

Mumbai has 5 actively functioning RTO offices.

How many days will it take to get RC after registration in Mumbai?

Ideally, your RC after registration in Mumbai will be delivered at your doorstep within 7 days.

How long can a car be used in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, you can use a petrol car for 15 years and a diesel car for 10 years.

How long can you drive a car from another state in Mumbai?

Cars and bikes brought from outside Mumbai can be driven in Mumbai for a maximum of 60 days without paying local taxes.

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