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The RTO Office of Noida in the state of U.P. plays an important role in managing the vehicular related services for the residents of the district. Being densely populated, there are 2 physical offices that people can visit while a host of services are also provided online through the department’s website. 


Issuance of licence and permits, renewal of documents, vehicle registration, payment of fees and taxes are just some of the important services offered by RTO Office Noida. UP 16 is the RTO code in Noida and all vehicles registered under this code are, by default, mapped to the department.

RTO Code in Noida

Here is a list of all the Noida RTO codes along with their address. There are two RTOs in Noida, where an individual can visit.

RTO Office

RTO Code

RTO Address

Noida RTO (Sector 32)


Sector 32, Opposite NTPC, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

Noida RTO (Gautam Budh Nagar)


Asstt. Regional Transport Office, Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida), Uttar Pradesh

Vehicle Registration in Noida

As per the norms mentioned in the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a vehicle owner must get vehicle registration in Noida. The details of the vehicle are entered into the database, and a registration number is allotted to the vehicle by the RTO in Noida. After the formalities are completed, a vehicle registration certificate is issued by the RTO office Noida.

There are two categories in vehicle registration in Noida –

  • Temporary Registration –

The temporary vehicle registration in Noida is generally handled by the showroom dealers. It is valid for 30 days from the purchase date of the vehicle.

  • Permanent Registration –

The permanent vehicle registration in Noida is under RTO authority. To get a permanent vehicle registration in Noida, follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Go to the closest RTO in Noida.

  • You will be required to fill RTO application form (Form numbers 20, 21,&22). The application forms are also available at RTO Noida online and can be downloaded by the applicant from RTO Noida website.

  • Enter all the mandatory details required in the forms.

  • The applicant will be required to submit certain documents –

  • Passport-size Photographs

  • Identity Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Insurance Certificate

  • PUC Certificate (Pollution Under Certificate)

  • Vehicle Invoice

  • TRN Number (Temporary Registration Number)

  • Submit the form with these documents.

  • Once the form is submitted, the verification process will begin. During the verification, the applicant will be asked to bring the vehicle to the Noida RTO.

  • After the verification process is duly completed, the RTO in Noida will issue the vehicle registration number.


**Note - It is advisable to apply for permanent vehicle registration in Noida within seven days from the purchase date. If a vehicle is found with an expired temporary registration number, the owner will have to pay heavy penalty charges. For more information on this you can visit the RTO Noida’s official website, or enquire about it on the Noida RTO helpline number.


Once the vehicle registration process is completed, the next thing on the checklist should be getting your vehicles insured. There are two options available in vehicle insurance -

  • Third-party Policy Insurance -

This vehicle insurance policy is cheaper and pocket-friendly. It covers expenses of the damages caused to a third party in the case of an accident.

  • Comprehensive Policy Insurance -

This insurance policy covers not only third-party damages but also damages that happen to your vehicle.


The starting range for vehicle insurance in Noida is Rs. 3,800. One can buy a subscription to a vehicle insurance policy from Bajaj Markets.

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Functions of RTO Noida

Issue of Licence -

The Noida RTO is responsible to issue learner licenses, driving licence, etc to the state residents. The RTO has a specific department that manages the application, test, and issue of license procedures. There are various categories of licenses that are issued by the RTO in Noida.

Document Renewal -

The Noida RTO also manages the renewal of the documents like driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, etc.

Vehicle Registration -

Noida RTO keeps a proper and updated record of all the vehicles in the state. Every individual has to mandatorily get vehicle registration in Noida at the closest RTO. The RTO maintains a separate database for temporary and permanent Noida vehicle registration.

Information Update -

The primary details regarding the owner and the concerned vehicle has to be mandatorily updated in the RTO. The owners can get their addresses updated in the database. Any change in detail has to be compulsorily reciprocated to the RTO department. The RTO also records details such as change of ownership of vehicles.

Authority -

The RTO in Noida has the right to release any vehicle records for any investigation purpose. The RTO also holds the responsibility to protect information from any invader like the media, other individuals, etc. Apart from that, the Noida RTO can scrap and discard vehicle registration certificates as per the norms.

Taxes -

The Noida RTO is also responsible for looking after the collection of different types of taxes like green tax, lifetime tax, quarterly tax, border tax, road tax etc. It also has to deal with the tax exemption cases.

Fees & Forfeit Charges -

RTOs also holds the responsibility for the collection of all the penalties and fees like a license issue, vehicle registration, etc.


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RTO Fees

Certain fees are levied on the services rendered by the Noida RTO –



Learner License

Rs. 150

Learner License (Test charge)

Rs. 50

Driving License

Rs. 200

Driving License (International Permit)

Rs. 1,000

Driving License (For other classes)

Rs. 500

Driving License (Renewal)

Rs. 200

Driving License (Renewal after due date)

Rs. 300

Driving School License

Rs. 10,000

Driving School License (Duplicate)

Rs. 5,000

Information Update Charges

Rs. 200

The table below mentions the fee charged by the RTO in Noida for different vehicle class -

Type of vehicle


Invalid carriage

Rs. 20


Rs. 50

Imported motorcycle

Rs. 1,000

Non-transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 600

Transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Medium goods and passenger vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Heavy goods vehicle

Rs. 1,500

Imported motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Any other type of vehicle

Rs. 3,000

Apart from vehicle registration in Noida, one must also get their vehicles insured. It is specifically mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, vehicles on the roads should have insurance as per the norms. In case, a vehicle is found without insurance, a penalty will be charged against the vehicle owner.


The RTOs in Noida aims to deliver quality services to the city residents. To function smoothly and efficiently, the administration ensures that the protocol is duly followed by the citizens. As responsible citizens of the country, it is our moral duty to abide by the rules and regulations and co-operate with the authorities.

Apart from that, auto insurance is a must. Insurance covers expenses of the vehicles of unfortunate events. Bajaj Markets offers a wide range of schemes and offers on vehicle insurance. You can explore the right insurance plan on their official website or download their app.

FAQs on Noida RTO

Can I download the vehicle registration form online in Noida?

Yes, the applicant can apply for vehicle registration in Noida online. You can visit the official website of RTO and download the forms.

What is the procedure to get my vehicle insurance in Noida RTO?

The Noida RTO does not offer vehicle insurance services. To get your vehicles insured, you can visit the official website of Bajaj Markets and explore vehicle insurance packages.

When do we have to renew our permanent vehicle registration in Noida?

The permanent vehicle registration in Noida expires in 15 years. You will have to renew your vehicle registration 15 years from the issue date.

Do I need to submit a medical certificate for a learner license in Noida RTO?

A medical certificate is a mandatory document in Noida RTO for applicants applying for a commercial vehicle learner license or if the applicant is 50+ years of age.

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