The Unified Interface Payment (UPI) is a digital money-transferring system in which you can transfer money within seconds. AU Small Finance Bank also offers UPI payment services to send real-time money to any bank account. The AU Small Finance Bank mobile application, AU 0101, gives you the hassle-free experience of money transferring and other features.

Features of AU Small Finance Bank UPI

Through BHIM AU UPI 0101, you can send money with a click. All you need to do is register on the AU 0101 application and enter the VPA (Virtual Payment Address) of the beneficiary. You need not enter the bank account details. Here are some of the features of the AU bank UPI:

  • The application is functional 24*7

  • Enjoy digital payment anytime anywhere with just VPA. You may also transfer funds using bank account details or UPI ID

  • You no longer have to carry cards and cash

  • Enjoy a daily AU Bank UPI Limit of ₹1,00,000

UPI Limit for AU Small Finance Bank UPI

Check out the table below to learn about the AU Small Finance Bank UPI limit:

Transaction Type

Transaction Limit

Limit per transaction


Transaction limit per day


The transaction limit for the first 24 hours after registration (Android) 


Transaction limit for the first 72 hours after registration (ios) 


IPO Limit


Capital market, insurance, collections, foreign inward remittances limit


Process to Register on AU Small Finance Bank UPI

You can either register on the AU 0101 application or any third-party application to avail of the UPI services. Registering on AU 0101 is an easy task. Here is how you can quickly do so:

  • Download the AU 0101 mobile application on your smartphone

  • Enter your registered mobile number and wait for the SMS sent by the bank to validate your number

  • Select the bank account

  • Enter the details of your debit card

  • Now, you need to select your UPI ID (If you do not have one, you may also create one)

  • You need to set the MPIN that will be used to log in to the application

  • Now start enjoying UPI services.

How to Send/Receive Money Via AU Small Finance Bank UPI

UPI payments allow quick money transfers which saves a lot of hassle of visiting a nearby branch for this purpose. Here is how you can quickly send or receive money through your AU bank UPI:

1. To Send Money:

  • Open the application by entering MPIN

  • To make payment, you can either click on the "Scan to Pay" option or select "Enter UPI ID" option

  • Under "Scan to Pay", you can pay using a QR Code of the beneficiary without having to enter any other details

  • Under the "Enter UPI ID" option, you need to enter the UPI ID of the beneficiary

  • Select the amount and the bank account from which you want to make the payment

  • Click on pay and the payment is done

2. To Receive Money:

  • Open the AU 0101 application by entering MPIN

  • Click on your profile to open the QR code. The sender can scan the QR code to pay you the amount

  • You may also share your UPI ID on which you want to receive the amount

  • You may also click on "Request Money"

  • Enter the sender's bank account details and click on request

The sender will receive a money-sending request. Through the request pop-up, the sender can quickly send you the money.

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Can only existing customers of AU Small Finance Bank avail access to the AU 0101 application?

Whether existing or non-existing customers, anyone can use the AU 0101 mobile application.

Can multiple UPI IDs be added to the AU 0101 application?

Yes. You can add multiple UPI IDs in the AU 0101 application.

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