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When looking to store your money, enjoy liquidity, and earn decent returns, an IndusInd Bank saving account may be the best option. It allows you to store and access funds whenever you want and lets you earn a reasonable interest rate.


Not just that, opening a savings account with IndusInd Bank is as easy as it can get. All you have to do is visit their website and apply for an IndusInd Bank Savings Account. Read on to know more about the features of the savings account, along with the rate of interest that it lets you earn on your savings.

Features of an IndusInd Bank Savings Account

Here are some of the features of the IndusInd Bank savings account:

  • Attractive Interest Rates: Enjoy attractive interest rates on your account balance. The IndusInd Bank savings account interest rate goes up to 6%.

  • Easy Application Process: IndusInd Bank allows you to open a savings account online without visiting any bank branch physically. All you have to do is complete an online application form and submit the required documents.

  • Minimal Documentation: Since the entire account opening is online, IndusInd Bank requires no paperwork to open your account. The e-KYC further simplifies the account opening process.

  • Multiple Choices: This bank also lets you open different types of accounts matching your financial requirements. These include Indus Delite Savings Account, Indus Select Savings Account, and Indus Maxima Savings Account among others.

  • Zero Balance Account: With Indus Delite Savings Account, you can open an account with zero balance. All you have to do is make an initial deposit of ₹10,000.

  • Debit Card: By paying minimal annual charges, you can get a VISA debit card that allows you to withdraw money from your account anytime from an ATM. These cards are accepted across the globe.

Reasons to Use an IndusInd Bank Savings Account

Today, a savings account is not just a financial tool to park funds. As mentioned, you get to enjoy high-interest rates on your savings, as much as 6%, with an IndusInd Bank savings account.


Apart from high liquidity and attractive IndusInd Bank SB account interest rates, you can send and receive payments seamlessly. You can transfer (or receive) any amount using net banking, RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, etc.


When you open a savings account, the IndusInd Bank also offers insurance coverage*, free locker service*, etc. on select types.


Moreover, the debit card that comes with your IndusInd Bank savings account allows you to avail exclusive offers. These include cashback points and discount offers on shopping, hotel, flight bookings, etc.

Interest Rate and Charges on the IndusInd Bank Savings Account

The following table provides the IndusInd Bank savings account interest rate and other charges:


Applicable Rate and Charges

Interest Rate

Up to 6%

Debit Card Issuance Fee


IndusInd Bank Savings Account Minimum Balance


Cash Withdrawal (IndusInd Bank ATM)


Non-cash Transaction (From another bank’s ATMs)

₹10 (Beyond 5 free transactions)

Cash Transaction (From another bank’s ATMs)

₹21 (Beyond 5 free transactions)

Eligibility Criteria for an IndusInd Bank Savings Account

When opening the savings account, you are required to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must be an Indian citizen

  • Your age must be 18 years or above

Documents Required for an IndusInd Bank Savings Account

Submit the following documents to open your IndusInd savings account:

  • Valid Aadhaar Card linked to your mobile number

  • PAN Card

Types of IndusInd Bank Savings Accounts

Here are different types of IndusInd Bank saving accounts you can choose from according to your financial requirements:

1. Indus Select Savings Account

Indus Select Savings Account offers numerous privileges and lifestyle offers. These include:

  • Free World Select Debit Card

  • One free movie ticket when you purchase using the BookMyShow platform

2. Indus Delite Savings Account

Indus Delite Savings Account is a zero-balance savings account that offers the following:

  • A cashback of 5% on shopping from Amazon*

  • A discount of up to 20% on BigBasket* and Swiggy*

  • Shop with the Platinum Plus Debit Card and earn 6X rewards

  • Cashback of ₹500 on cab booking and recharge among others

3. PIONEER Banking and Wealth Management

It is a premium account designed primarily for wealth management for High Net Worth Individuals, C Suite Corporate Executives, Business Owners, NRIs, SME Businesses and upwardly mobile Affluent Individuals. providing offers such as:

  • Exclusive lifestyle offers on dining, travel, entertainment, etc.

  • Customised wealth management solutions

4. Indus Partner Savings Account

This savings account allows joint ownership that aids in the financial management of the entire household. It provides the following offers:

  • Attractive cashback when you shop with Visa Signature Debit Card

  • Exclusive discounts on locker facility

  • Free Times Prime Membership*

5. Indus PROgress Savings Account

The Indus PROgress Savings Account is designed to enhance your every banking experience. This savings account offers the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on locker facility

  • Free airport lounge access

6. Indus Exclusive Savings Account

This savings account is from the premium range of IndusInd Bank saving accounts that allow you to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited free ATM withdrawals

  • A dedicated relationship manager to assist with any issues or queries

7. Indus Stox 3-in-1 Account

This 3-in-1 savings account helps seamlessly integrate the services of three accounts- savings, Demat, and trading. Here is what it offers:

  • Exciting offers on debit cards

  • Exclusive discount on brokerage charges on Demat and trading transactions

8. Indus Max Active Savings Account

The Indus Max Active Savings Account provides added benefits, helping you manage digital transactions easily.

  • Vouchers worth ₹750 on quarterly spending of ₹75,000 on merchant payments

  • No maintenance charge on using the account actively for the purpose of investment

9. Indus Maxima Savings Account

This savings account provides maximum benefits for two family members. You get to enjoy the following benefits with this account:

  • Enjoy cashback and exclusive discounts on using your debit card

  • Avail zero-balance account for two family members

10. Indus Multiplier Max Savings Account

This type of savings account combines the benefits of a secure savings account with the high returns of an FD. With Indus Multiplier Max Savings Account, you get to avail the following benefits:

  • 25% discount on locker facility

  • Smart Sweep feature where excess balance above the threshold of ₹20,000 is booked as an FD

11. Indus Privilege Max Savings Account

This savings account allows you to enjoy premium savings as well as exclusive banking services. These include:

  • A discount of 25% on locker facility for a year

  • Cashback and exclusive discounts

12. Indus Privilege Savings Account

The IndusInd Bank has designed these savings accounts to maximise your savings benefits by offering the following:

  • Exclusive cashback and discounts on using your debit card

  • A minimum balance requirement of only ₹10,000

13. Indus Diva Women Savings Account

This account caters to the saving needs of women customers with the following benefits:

  • Exciting discounts and cashback offers

  • 35% discount on locker facility

14. Indus Digi Start

This savings account has been designed specially to cater to digital financial requirements. You can enjoy the following features with this IndusInd Bank savings account:

  • It is a zero-balance account

  • Enjoy up to 20% discount on Swiggy and BigBasket

15. Indus Senior Citizen Savings Account

As its name suggests, the Indus Senior Citizen Savings Account is designed to fulfil the financial requirements of senior citizens. It offers the following benefits:

  • Doorstep Banking service offers free cash and cheque pickup and delivery

  • Higher returns on fixed deposits

16. Indus Young Saver Savings Account

This IndusInd savings account helps teach the importance of financial management to children. The features of the Indus Young Saver Savings Account are as follows:

  • Personalised chequebook and debit card

  • Exclusive savings account for your kids

17. Indus Classic Savings Account

This savings account provides you with high liquidity and flexibility in terms of the management of your money. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Reward points on transactions using your debit card

  • Exclusive deals and discounts on using your debit card

18. Indus Small Savings Account

The Indus Small Savings Account allows you to enjoy a host of exclusive banking services with a zero-balance account. It offers the following benefits:

  • There is no minimum balance requirement

  • Minimal documentation required

19. Indus Easy Savings Account

The Indus Easy Savings Account is a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA), which lets you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Easy account opening process

  • No requirement for a minimum balance

In conclusion, the IndusInd Bank savings account not only helps you to park your savings but also to enjoy best-in-class banking services.


The IndusInd Bank savings account interest rate ranges from 4% to 6%, comparatively higher than what most banks offer. In addition, you also get to enjoy insurance coverage* and free locker service* for opening a savings account with IndusInd Bank.

Disclaimer -“The Savings Account Service is provided by IndusInd Bank which is an RBI licensed bank. Our partner bank hosts your Savings Account and follows all security standards as per applicable regulations. BFDL itself is not a bank and doesn’t hold or claim to have a banking license. The information and materials contained herein are provided "as is," and "as available”. The Savings Account service will be carried out on platform of IndusInd Bank and Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited has no role in it and assumes no responsibility for same”.


Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited is only acting as lead referral of IndusInd Bank for Savings Account service as is being provided by IndusInd Bank. 

FAQs About IndusInd Bank Savings Accounts

What is the rate of interest I can enjoy on my IndusInd savings account balance?

The IndusInd Bank savings account interest rate varies depending on the balance in your account. For instance, you can earn up to a 4% interest rate on a daily balance of up to ₹1 Lakh.


It is 5% when the account daily balance is between ₹1 Lakh and ₹10 Lakhs. The interest rate is 6% on daily balances above ₹10 Lakhs and up to ₹1 Crore. However, if your account daily balance is above ₹1 Crore and up to ₹100 Crore, you get 6% on the entire balance.

When will the interest get credited to my IndusInd savings account?

The interest on your savings account gets credited every quarter, i.e., at the end of March, June, September and December.

How is the interest calculated on my IndusInd Bank Account?

The interest on your IndusInd savings account is calculated daily on the daily closing balance. 

Can I open a zero-balance savings account with IndusInd Bank?

Yes, Indus Delite Savings Account is a zero-balance savings account you can open by visiting the bank website.

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