The Government of India launched the new version of the income tax portal to improve the user experience of the taxpayers and give them easier accessibility and control over their e-filing process.


Some of the changes that have been made are:

  • Mobile-Based Platform - Mobile-friendly platform that supports various tax-related such as response submission and income tax return filing.

  • Multiple Payment Options - The new version comes with additional tax payment gateways such as credit card, UPI, and RTGS/NEFT integration.

  • 24x7 Customer Support- Immediate support services include tutorials, FAQs, chatbots, and videos.

  • Single Dashboard- View all tax-related assignments, communicate with department employees or submit forms - all on a single dashboard.


The 2.0 version facilitates easier grievance redressal, Aadhaar-PAN linking, e-verification, PAN verification, and e-pay tax features. Another aspect that enhances this version of the Income Tax portal is the user-friendly accessibility to the income tax notice.

Steps to Log in to the Income Tax Portal

Depending on the route, there are different steps you should remember and follow, to log into the income tax eportal. Here’s how you go about it:

1. Log in with your PAN

  • Step 1: Visit the income tax e-Filing Portal.

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Login’ option.

  • Step 3: Enter your PAN and click on ‘Continue’.

  • Step 4: Confirm the Secure Access Message that shows up.

  • Step 5: Enter your password and then ‘Continue’.

  • Step 6: You will be redirected to your dashboard.

2. Log in with your Aadhaar Card number

  • Step 1: Visit the income tax e-Filing Portal.

  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Login’ option.

  • Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar Card number and click on ‘Continue’.

  • Step 4: Confirm the Secure Access Message that shows up.

  • Step 5: Enter your password and then ‘Continue’.

  • Step 6: You will be redirected to your dashboard.

3. Login through Internet Banking

The Income Tax e-filing portal allows individual tax assessees to log into the e-filing portal through the Internet banking interface of most major banks in India. However, this facility is only available to those who have updated their PAN details with their respective banks.

  • Step 1: Go to the e-filing login portal through the Internet banking page.

  • Step 2: Click on the bank name to be redirected to its netbanking login page.

  • Step 3: Enter your Netbanking ID and Password to log into the banking portal.

How to Check Notice on the Income Tax Portal?

For this, you will be required to have details such as the PAN number, Assessment Year (AY), notice section and year of the issue of notice handy.

Some of important notices for income tax returns and filling are - 

  • Notice u/s 143 (1)- Return Intimation

  • Section 156 Notice- Notice of Demand

  • Notice u/s 142 (1)- Inquiry Notice before Assessment

  • Notice under Section 143 (2)- Notice of Scrutiny

  • Notice u/s 245 refunds against tax that is remaining to pay 

  • Notice u/s 139 (9) - Defective Income tax return


Here’s how you can check your income tax notices or orders:

Checking Income Tax Notice (General)

  • Step 1: Log in or sign up to the e-filing website.

  • Step 2: Click on “My Account” which is located on the top of the home page. Choose the option “View e-Filed Forms/Returns” from the list that appears.

  • Step 3: Click “Ack. No.” portion of the correct year.

  • Step 4: In case you notice one of the following messages, you will have to edit your notice of return.

    1. ITR filed is defective/Incomplete 

    2. Pending response to the adjustment proposal U/S 143(1)(a)

    3. ITR Processing completed and demand determined


You will receive the notice on your registered email address. Alternatively, you can also call 1800-103-4455 (CPC) to request for a notice copy.


To get the income tax notice for any other Assessment Year, perform these steps.

  • Step 1: Select “My Account”

  • Step 2: Click on the “Service Request” option

  • Step 3: Opt for the relevant Request type

  • Step 4: Choose the notice Request Category, like Intimation u/s 143(1)

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How to Check ITR Refund Status?

There are three ways to check income tax refund status. The steps to check for each of the methods are mentioned below:

1. Online Income Tax Refund Status via TIN-NSDL Website

  • Step 1: Access the TIN-NSDL portal using

  • Step 2: Add in all the necessary details the platform asks for, including your assessment year (e.g., AY 2021-2022, FY-2020-21) and PAN number.

  • Step 3: You would get a 'Captcha code' in an image format. Type in the code you see and then press on the 'Submit' option.

  • Step 4: The income tax refund status would automatically appear on your screen.

Note: After the Income Tax Department sends the refund to your bank, the tax refund status time for update is 10 days.

2. ITR Status via Income Tax e-filing ITR Portal (With Login)

  • Step 1: Open the e-filing ITR login portal

  • Step 2: Enter your income tax portal account with your user ID, captcha code and password. Then click the 'Login' button.

  • Step 3: On the next page, select 'View Returns/Forms'.

  • Step 4: Click on the 'Select an Option' prompt and click on 'Income Tax Returns'. Add the relevant AY and select 'Submit'.

  • Step 5: Select the acknowledgement number you receive. You would notice the itr refund status highlighted on the screen.

3. Online ITR Status Income Tax via e-filing ITR Portal (Without Login)

  • Step 1: Visit the e-filing ITR login portal

  • Step 2: On the bottom-left side of the screen, you would find the ITR Status option. Click on it.

  • Step 3: The action would direct you to the next page where you have to add the ITR acknowledgement number, PAN number and the Captcha code.

  • Step 4: Select 'Submit'.

  • Step 5: In case your refund is still processing and the department delays the refund, you would notice the 'Return Processed. Refund determined and sent to the banker' status.

  • Step 6: If the department accepts the refund without errors, you will see a 'Return Submitted and verified' status.

How to e-Verify ITR On The Income Tax Portal

You can file for verification via offline or online methods; however, digital verification is easy, fast, and convenient.The steps to do it online are:

  • Visit the income tax login portal

  • Download the ITR under downloads

  • Extract the file

  • Fill in the details of the ITR form

  • Calculate the Tax and validate the details

  • Save the file

  • Login in via your PAN card, password, and the captcha code

  • Choose the verification option and e-verify income tax return

  • Submit the ITR

What To Do Next After Getting The Income Tax Notice?

Read through the information carefully. Some issues in the ITR data might result in the issue of notice; check if that applies to you. Verify the basic information on the notice to ensure that it is yours. Here, check the name given, PAN card number, mobile number, and e-mail ID, among other identification related questions. Consult with tax experts and provide your response within the specified time; this is important to avoid any actions or penalties.

How to Check the Intimation Notice

The steps to check the intimation notice is as follows:

  • Ensure that all necessary KYC details are accurate

  • Verify the details in the income tax notice with the Income Tax Return data

  • In case of any tax deductions in your ITR, assess the details

  • Verify the tax-saving and income details mentioned in the column


Also, read through the additional details to avoid discrepancy. These include filing fees, net taxable income-related tax liability, tax relief if available, total income tax liability, and interests under Sections 234 C/234 B/234 A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check ITR refund status?

After the platform sets and verifies the refund, the tax department will process the refund amount. To check the status of your tax refund, you can access either the NSDL website or the portal for income tax e-filing.

Can I check my income tax refund without login?

Yes, there is a process through which you can check your income tax refund without login by using your PAN card number.

Why do I need to e-verify my income tax return?

An Income tax return (ITR) would be deemed invalid if submitted without verification. Thus, verifying your income tax return application is very important. You can verify your documents in two ways- offline and online.

How to check if e-verification is complete?

When you are e-verifying your return, you will receive a message displaying your transaction id with a success message. Also, an email will be sent to your registered Id with the transaction id and Digital Signature Certificate.

I filed my return more than 120 days ago. Can I still verify my returns online?

If you have not filed your Income Tax Return due to a genuine reason or hardship, you could apply for a condonation delay request via the e-filing website of the IT department and wait for the response from the income tax department.

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