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If a fine has been levied on you due to a traffic rule violation, then there is a rule for paying the amount. If you are caught on the traffic challan ai camera committing the violation of a traffic rule, in which it is proven that you have broken a traffic rule, you will have to pay the fine through an e-Challan.


Earlier you had to pay the fines for traffic violations through the old website called Smart Web of the concerned department and you were also allowed to pay the fine by visiting the concerned office. But with the AI camera for traffic challans installed by the Motor Vehicle Department, now the fine can be paid easily by visiting the online portals of E-Challan and Vahan. All the details and records regarding the traffic rule violations are available with the pan-India portal called Vahan.

Important Things to Know

Important things to know about the traffic rule violation and its fine payment are mentioned below:


  • The details of CCTV camera initiated e-challan are made available to the violators on the SMS.

  • It is also imperative for you to know that the person who gets the notice of the fine must connect with the office that had issued the fine notice. The person needs to confirm the vehicle number.

  • The people who are issued the fine notice initiated for traffic violation caught on E challan ai camera also get the username as well as password on their registered phone number. Using the same number, the individual can access the Vahan portal.

  • A vehicle that comes under the category of the blacklist does not get any services if they do not pay a fine amount. This holds even in the case of other states.

  • You need to settle every fine amount separately and not together. In many states, the thing called the ‘user charge’ is also levied with every transaction.

  • E challan AI camera is connected to the central traffic control room and is monitored all the time. The police use the system to register cases against people who are not wearing helmets, driving at a speed more than the limit, riding in triplets, committing line violations, talking on the mobile phone while driving, and many other types of violations.

  • Along with AI speed cameras, the new and automated system detects the defaulters in case of a red light jump too and is quick to generate an e-challan. This system enables the traffic police to track the violators and generate an e-challan, which is provided to the violator. The ai traffic camera contains mounted sensors so that the detection can be done easily and correctly. The same data is relayed to the central Traffic control room, which is monitored by the Traffic Department.

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Payment Through E-challan

To revolutionise the way of collecting fines, there is a cashless process called e-Challans. In the old system, the fines were collected in cash by the traffic personnel who would then issue a manual receipt. With e-Challans, cash transactions are avoided. You will have to pay the fines using your credit or debit cards and receive a printed receipt.

How do Traffic Cameras Work to Issue E-challans?

The surveillance system encrypts the data of violation and then transfers the same to the Traffic Control central server. The system creates an automatic recording from the CCTV, and a challan is generated that also has photo or video evidence. The same is sent to the violators’ registered mobile phones as well along with the SMS.

If you are wondering how these traffic cameras work and how it puts all the details together as a chain of events, then you need to know the following:


  • Vehant Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence company which is based in Noida. This company manufactures and provides high-tech systems to the government.

  • There are particular CCTV units for traffic violations. The speed camera challan is 2 megapixels and is equipped with ethernet IP-based cameras with a high resolution. It also has a narrow range of 60 degrees as the main function is to keep track of the vehicles that usually move in a single lane. To detect the speed of the vehicle, there is a camera with an accurate frame rate.

CCTV uses many smart technologies. As said earlier, the system encrypts and transfers the violation data to the Traffic Control room central server. This speed camera challan system provides photo and video evidence. It works 24x7. There is an overview camera too that captures the zoomed-out picture in the red-light violation area. The ANPR detects the offending vehicle number plate through cctv challan and records the same in the database.

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There are multiple speed monitors and AI traffic cameras at frequent intervals. The traffic cameras have eased the working of people who manually did this job. The violators are sent an automatic challan and due to the presence of evidence, there is no chance of dispute as well. This has also lessened the fatigue of the traffic cops.


Since the traffic challan is validated at multiple levels, there are no chances of error or false challan. The automated challans generated by the system are first authenticated by the traffic operator in the control room who looks for errors, and more. This data is then sent to the National Informatics Centre or NIC which generates the actual challan and collects the payment. Just like it is important to pay the motor insurance premium, it is also essential to pay E-challan fine.

FAQs on AI Speed Camera to Help Issue Challan

How to pay the fine for the traffic rule violation?

The fine that is due to the traffic rule violation must be paid using the E-Challan method.

How do I get the details of traffic violations?

The footage from the CCTV camera e challan fine are received via SMS or notice on the registered mobile number of the violator.

How do I pay the fine on the portal?

If you have received the notice, then firstly, you need to contact the office that issued the notice. Then, you have to report the vehicle’s number. After this, you will get a username and password. Using these credentials you can use the Vahan portal and pay the fine using your debit or credit card.

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