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An e-challan is a receipt issued by the traffic police to individuals who break traffic rules. This receipt is in digital SMS form and sent to your registered mobile number with the violation and the fine amount. You can use the e-payment system created by the Madhya Pradesh Traffic police and government for paying your e-challan MP and you won’t have to visit the Traffic police station. The entire district and police station of Madhya Pradesh accept online payment for e-challan. E-challan makes it simpler to track traffic infractions and impose fines while also being transparent and effective. 


Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police E-Challan

A document which is issued to a violator of traffic laws is a challan. Traffic police issue an E- challan. MP, or Madhya Pradesh, has a system of issuance of electronic challans. Individuals are bound, by law, to pay a fine if caught violating traffic regulations and challans are issued for the same. The fine may vary from offence to offence and these days, with the world becoming tech-savvy, the Electronic Challan System has been adopted in Indian states, one of those being MP. Online E-challan facilitates transparency and efficiency in tracking traffic offences and issuing fines. The aim of the Government of India is to adopt this system nationwide, for more convenience all around.

Learn how the MP police E-challan system works.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, the E-challan system works very efficiently as the traffic police of Madhya Pradesh have installed hi-tech cameras at vital locations in various parts of the cities of the state. This enables real-time images of traffic offences which are transmitted to traffic police headquarters after which an MP traffic challan is issued to offenders/owners of vehicles.

What is an E-challan?

Through an electronic imaging system, connected to cameras on the road, traffic police are able to detect traffic violations and electronically issue an E-challan to a violator. An E-challan is, thus, a digital document that violators receive in order to pay a fine by a stipulated time. The offence may call for some other punishment, such as reporting to the police station in question, and this will be mentioned on the E-challan as well.

Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Madhya Pradesh

The following are some penalties for some traffic violations in MP. Online E-challan is then viewed by a violator and fines can be paid online too.

  • Under-age driving - Rs. 500

  • Person driving under another individual’s driver’s license - Rs. 100 for the first offence, and Rs. 300 for subsequent offences.

  • Over speed-limit driving - Rs. 400 for the first offence, and subsequently, Rs. 1,000.


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Traffic Violations that Attract E-challans

E-challans are issued by the MP RTO. Challan will typically be issued for violations like under-age driving, driving without a license, driving without a helmet, driving over the maximum speed limit, parking in a ‘no-parking’ zone, etc.

Online Payment of E-challan in Madhya Pradesh

In MP, online challan RTO pay facilities are available. Traffic violators can attain E-challans online and then make payments for the offence/s contained on their specific challan. You are required to visit the website, The website is equipped for violators to check the status of their E-challan. Bhopal, or wherever else in MP, the violation online can be checked anywhere in Madhya Pradesh. The digitization of the E-challan system lets traffic police attain details of traffic violators through their vehicle numbers and registration online. Then police send the violator, via SMS, the E-challan intimation. If you misplace the challan, that is, delete it by mistake, you may see a duplicate on the website.

E-challan Online Payment via Paytm

An E-challan is issued by the MP RTO. Challan details can be viewed online and corresponding fines can be paid online too. There are various payment mode options on the E-challan website (mentioned earlier). However, if you wish to pay by a mode like Paytm, you can choose that. Here are the steps:

  • On the Paytm site, you will have to go to the page of the Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police.

  • You have to enter the number of the challan or the last 4 vehicle number digits. You can also enter the chassis number/engine number. Then hit the ‘Proceed’ button.

  • Check the amount of your challan and make a payment.

Payment of E-challan Madhya Pradesh via 'Parivahan'

You can also pay your E-challan fine through the government portal, Parivahan. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the website,

  • Go to the section of Madhya Pradesh

  • Go to the ‘services’ section and click

  • A page will appear. There, you must fill in your vehicle number/challan number

  • Click on ‘search details’ and your information will show up

  • Click on the payment option - you can choose to pay via debit/credit card

Checking E-challan Status Online

You can check your E-challan status online at or at

Traffic Rules and Regulations to Keep in Mind

It is important to follow these basic traffic rules and regulations so you don’t incur a fine while using a vehicle through an MP online challan:

  • Do not park in a ‘No Parking’ zone

  • Do not park at a kerb

  • Do not exceed speed limits

  • Do not drive without a helmet

  • Always carry your documentation when you drive (vehicle registration, driver’s license, insurance, etc.)


It's a good idea to follow traffic rules and regulations so you avoid penalties issued by traffic police and the RTO. You need to always carry your requisite documentation, including vehicle insurance paperwork. You may visit Bajaj Markets to know more about vehicle insurance.

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