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Millions of international tourists apply for Indian visas and visit India every year. In the year 2019, there were 10.89 million foreign tourists visiting India, an increase of 3.1% from the previous year. For an international visitor, having a passport is mandatory, and there is a stringent visa process similar to that of a lot of other countries.

What is a visa?

A visa is an official permission from the government of a country for a foreign national to enter a country and stay for a specific period, or permanently. A visa is usually given in the form of a stamp on the passport. If a foreign national wants to visit India, they need to apply for an Indian visa online.

What are the types of visas in India?

The types of visas in India include the following.

  • Single entry visa, which is valid for only one visit in a specific period of time.

  • Multiple entry visa, which is valid for more than one visit in a specific time period.

  • Business visa, which is granted to foreign nationals who want to visit India for a short term for conducting business negotiations.

  • A tourist visa, which is meant for tourists and travellers.

  • A residence visa, which provides permission for an extended stay in India, but not to work in India during the stay.

  • Work visa, which allows a foreign national to stay and work in India.

How can one apply for Indian visa?

There are three basic steps in the visa application process for an Indian visa:

  • Fill and submit the online application form on the official Indian Visa Online website.

  • Submit your documents and application to the Indian Visa Application Centre or Indian Mission on the scheduled interview date.

  • Collect your passport from the same centre physically or have it delivered to you via post.

What are the details required for an online Indian visa application?

  • The country from which you are applying for an Indian visa

  • The Indian Mission or Indian Post relevant to your specific location

  • Your date of birth in DD/MM/YY format

  • Your email id

  • Your expected date of arrival in India

  • The type of visa you are applying for, based on the nature of travel

  • Purpose of travel from amongst the listed options

How to check status of their Indian visa online?

If you have already applied for your Indian visa and are wondering how to check visa status online, here’s what you need to do:

Open the Visa Status enquiry page of the Indian Visa Online website.

For a regular application,

  • Enter your application ID which can be found on the receipt issued to you by the Indian Mission after submission of the application

  • Enter your passport number.

  • Enter the captcha on the screen.

  • Click on ‘Check Status’.

  • You can check the status of your application here.

For an e-visa application,

  • Enter your application ID which can be found in the acknowledgement message or the printed application form.

  • Enter your date of birth.

  • Enter your nationality.

  • Enter the captcha on the screen.

  • Click on ‘Advanced search for e-Visa only’.

  • You can check your visa status as well as payment status here.

  • You can also print your e-visa from this page.

What are the provisions for different types of Indian visa?

Tourist visa

  • A tourist visa is a multiple-entry visa granted for 180 days.

  • This type of visa cannot be extended.

  • It requires proof of a return ticket along with proof of having enough money to pay for your stay in India.

Transit visa

  • A transit visa is a single entry visa valid for 15 days.

  • Again, this type of visa cannot be extended.

  • It requires a ticket for your onward journey.

Business visa

  • It is a multiple entry visa issued for 5 years at the most.

  • A business visa can also be extended.

  • It requires a proof of financial capacity, and proof of bonafide purpose such as a letter from your company.

Employment visa

  • An employment visa is a multiple entry visa which is granted to employees or paid interns at an Indian company. It is also issued to those doing voluntary work with an NGO.

  • An employment visa can be granted for a duration of 5 years at the most to an expert visiting for a bilateral agreement with the government of India.

  • For a highly skilled IT employee, the maximum period an employment visa can be issued for is 3 years.

  • For other cases, the maximum period is two years or until the end of the work contract.

  • This visa can also be extended.

  • Documents related to employment need to be furnished.

Student visa

  • A student visa is a multiple entry visa (3 entries per academic year) which can be extended.

  • It is valid for the duration of the course or 5 years, whichever is lesser.

  • Students need to submit proof of admission, a letter of support from guardians or parents, and a guarantee certificate from a bank proving their financial capacity.

What are the documents needed to fulfill the documentation in Indian visa requirements?

Indian visa requirements in terms of documentation are as follows.

  • Passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of application with at least 2 blank pages

  • Recent passport size photo

  • Residence proof

  • Certificate from employer or ID card from an educational institution

  • Endorsement of foreign currency equal to USD 150/ international credit card/ bank statement showing sufficient resources for travelling to India

What are the things that one should keep in mind before applying for an Indian visa?

  • E-visas are only allowed in the form of e-business visa, e-toursit visa, and e-medical visa.

  • The photo that you submit for your visa application must fulfill the necessary guidelines.

  • You might be asked to submit certain additional documents too.

  • The visa fee is based on nationality, type of visa, entry scheme, and other aspects.


The visa process for India is quite stringent and can be lengthy at times. Now that you know the basic steps, you can easily get detailed information from relevant websites and carry out your visa process carefully.

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FAQs on Indian Visa

When should I apply for Indian visa?

You should ideally apply four weeks before your travel date, even though the visa might take only a few days to be processed. This is to make sure that you have plenty of time to make amends in case there are glitches in the process.

Do children need a visa to visit India?

Yes, you need to apply separately for your children.

For which countries is India visa-free?

Nationals from Bhutan, Nepal, and Maldives do not need a visa to enter India.

Who can apply for an e-visa to India?

India has recently allowed nationals of 160+ countries to visit India for 30 days to 1 year with an e-visa.

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