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At a time when share market investments and mutual funds were dominating individual portfolios, Unit Linked Inusrance Plan investments gained the limelight by offering the promise of potentially high returns along with the benefit of a life cover. Investing in a ULIP Plan enables you to explore c.....

A Unit Linked Investment Plan or ULIP is a unique investment avenue that offers the dual benefit of life insurance along with market-linked investments. As a ULIP policyholder, you have the freedom to invest in different 


Making right investments is essential for long-term wealth creation and financial security. If you are familiar with investments, you would have definitely come across ULIP investments. They have gained wide popularity among investors in India as they are versatile and offer multiple benefits. If.....

A Unit Linked Investment Plan or ULIP is a hybrid investment avenue that combines the dual benefit of life insurance and market-linked investments. As a ULIP policyholder, you have the freedom to invest in different 


With appropriate investment plans, you allow your wealth to grow over time so that you can benefit from the financial rewards in the future. However, for the investment plan to work in your favor, you need to carefully assess different investment options available in the market and choose the one.....

Following are three significant benefits of investment planning.


1. Define Your Financial Goals

People usually begin an investment plan to achieve specific financial goals. Hence, if you are well-aware about the goals that you want to accomplish shortly, yo.....


Every individual should be well-versed with financial planning. With an appropriate financial plan, you can provide financial aid to your family members and build a secure financial future.


Many investment instruments are available in the market to help you achieve the same.....

ULIP investment or the Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an investment instrument that provides you with dual benefits – benefits of both insurance protection as well as investment. In ULIPs, you (the policyholder) is liable to pay premium amounts on a monthly or yearly basis.




The ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is one of the excellent investment plans available in the market. Unlike most other investment plans, ULIP plans give you an opportunity of investing in equity and debt funds, further allowing you to gain high ULIP returns while being covered by insurance.1. Premium Allocation

These charges are directly deducted from the premium amounts you pay. The remaining premium amount is utilized for investing in ULIP funds of your choice. As per most ULIP providers, the premium allocation charges include the di.....


Proper asset allocation is crucial for sound financial planning. You can balance risk and reward by spreading your investments across various asset classes. It could also help you choose the right tools for different needs within your portfolio.


Understanding asset allocati.....

Asset allocation involves distributing your money across different asset classes. These include equity, debt, gold, or real estate. This strategy can help balance your portfolio's risk and reward based on certain factors. These are your risk appetite, financial goals, and investment time horizon......


Why Market-Linked Instruments are Essential for Your Investment Portfolio

Whether you’re an ambitious investor looking to grow your investment portfolio, or a beginner trying to save money, the standard is to use a savings account. 26% of Indians prefer to invest in a savings account through instruments like Fixed Deposits (FD), Recurring Deposits (RD). However, fixed .....


How To Invest in ULIP at Low Costs

Ensuring the financial safety of your loved ones is a must, and securing your future by making the right investment choice is just as important. With Unit-Linked Insurance Plans, you can avail a risk cover and meet your life goals at the same time. Moreover, ULIPs are an excellent tax-saving inst.....


Advantages of Online ULIPs Over Offline Policies

Online ULIPs over Offline ULIPs

Online transactions are quickly becoming the most preferred mode of purchase, and Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are no exception to this trend. Most leading insurance providers in India are now offering their ULIP plans online with a hassle-free pro.....


Investing in ULIP: Investment Guide for Young Adults

Young Professional’s Guide to Investing in ULIPs

As India’s millennial workforce grows, insurance companies are coming up with innovative investment plans that also prioritise safety to appeal to the new generation of young professionals. With a higher disposable income than the generat.....


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