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The Renault is one of the most premium 7-seater multi-utility vehicles available in the Indian market. You can protect your vehicle by investing in a Renault Triber car insurance plan that will help you cover a number of expenses. There are two types of insurance policies that you can invest in namely, a third-party insurance plan and a comprehensive car insurance plan. Also, it has been made mandatory by law to get your four-wheeler insured. You can purchase a Renault Triber Car Insurance in India starting at just Rs. 2094.  

Renault Triber Insurance Price for All Variants

The on-road price of a Renault Triber is not the same as its ex-showroom estimates. When picking a Renault Triber variant, this important piece of information must be kept in mind. This on-road price includes the Renault Triber insurance premium you must pay when purchasing the model.


Thus, you must know the Renault Triber insurance premium estimates for various models before making your pick of which one to buy. Here’s a table with the premium rates for the top-selling Renault Triber variants:

Renault Triber Variant

Insured Declared Value

Zero Depreciation Cover

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23

Triber RXE

Rs. 4,70,250




Rs. 2,094

Triber RXL

Rs. 5,21,550



Rs. 2,094

Triber RXT

Rs. 5,69,050




Rs. 2,094

Triber RXL Easy-R AMT

Rs. 5,87,100


Rs. 2,094

Triber RXZ

Rs. 6,16,550




Rs. 2,094

Triber RXZ Dual Tone

Rs. 6,95,400




Rs. 2,094

Triber RXZ Easy-R AMT

Rs. 6,85,900


Rs. 2,094

Triber RXT Easy-R AMT (Dual Tone)

Rs. 6,34,600


Rs. 2,094

How to Buy Renault Triber Insurance Online?

You can now sit in the comfort of your home and select an insurance plan for your Renault Triber without much hassle. Follow the steps mentioned below to browse and compare top Renault Triber insurance plans on Bajaj Markets and pick one that best suits your needs:

  1. Visit the Bajaj Markets website and head to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ Section.

  2. Fill in your car’s registration number and your phone number

  3. Sift through the Renault Triber insurance plans listed on the portal and choose one that suits your needs.

  4. Pay the premium for the selected Renault Triber insurance plan online

  5. Submit the application.

  6. The policy document will be mailed to your registered e-mail ID after the payment is processed.

How to Renew Renault Triber Insurance Online?

The process of renewing your Renault Triber insurance policy online is as simple as buying a new one. To prevent your Renault Triber insurance policy from lapsing, all you need to do is visit your insurer’s website and follow the below-mentioned steps:


  1. Visit your insurer’s website and go to the ‘Car Insurance Renewal’ section.

  2. Fill in your existing/current Renault Triber insurance policy details.

  3. Enter your Renault Triber’s registration number and your mobile number.

  4. Assess the Renault Triber insurance cost before you renew the policy.

  1. Pay the renewal premium online using any one of the payment routes available on the portal.

  2. Once this is done, you can download your renewed insurance policy copy for the active insurance policy.

Why Should I Insure My Renault Triber?

From mitigating third-party financial liabilities to covering the repair costs of your vehicle, a car insurance policy serves as not only a prudent but mandatory safety net. You stand to derive a plethora of benefits against the insurance amount you pay for your Renault Triber. If your Renault Triber insurance policy has lapsed, here’s why you should buy a new one now:

In India, a third-party insurance cover is mandatory for all four-wheelers

In the event of an accident, your Renault Triber insurance policy covers the repair costs for the vehicle

Your financial burdens are reduced as the Renault Triber insurance covers third-party damage compensations

You can enjoy financial security against man-made or natural calamity-induced damages to your car

Driving without an active Renault Triber insurance policy can cost you hefty fines and lead to imprisonment

Types of Renault Triber Car Insurance

There are two primary types of Renault Triber insurance policies available in the market. It is important to assess the scope of each such policy variant carefully before you can proceed to pick one for your Renault Triber.

Your Renault Triber insurance price will differ according to the type of policy you pick as each comes with a different extent of coverage. You can compare both types of Renault Triber insurance policies on Bajaj Markets to pick one that best suits your needs. But before you do that, let’s take a brief look at what each type of policy has to offer:

Third-party Car Insurance:

A third-party car insurance policy provides you protection against third-party liabilities. This includes sustained damages to third-party properties, injuries to life, or even death caused due to an accident involving the insured car. However, such plans don’t cover the damages sustained by the insured vehicle.

Since the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes a third-party insurance cover mandatory for all four-wheelers in India, driving without this baseline policy cover will also make you susceptible to legal penalties.

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

If you’re looking for a more extensive coverage umbrella, opting for comprehensive car insurance for your Renault Triber would be a better option. While such plans include third-party liability covers, they also provide personal damage compensations. This implies that if your car sustains damages in a collision or is stolen, your insurance provider has to take care of the expenses incurred.

Moreover, by opting for prudent add-on riders, you can further enhance the protective canopy of such plans. However, when you opt for such add-ons, the payable insurance amount for your Renault Triber does increase.


Each Renault Triber insurance policy covers several liability payments. These are referred to as policy inclusions. But at the same time, some damages remain outside the coverage purview of insurance policies. These exclusions can also lead to claim rejections.

Thus, when purchasing a car insurance plan for your Renault Triber, remember to go through this list of inclusions and exclusions mentioned in the policy document to ensure that you are adequately protected. Here’s a list of common inclusions for Renault Triber insurance policies purchased via Bajaj Markets:


  • Own damage cover that extends to other passengers

  • Compensation for damages caused by natural calamities

  • Compensation for damages caused by man-made calamities

  • Compensation for damages incurred in an accident

  • Third-party liability coverage

  • Repair and replacement cost cover


No matter your Renault Triber insurance price, you will have to deal with a certain set of Renault Triber insurance policy exclusions. Here are some of the most common policy exclusions to remember when purchasing a car insurance plan from Bajaj Markets:


  • Damage caused when driving without a valid licence

  • Regular use-induced wear and tear in the vehicle

  • Damages to the car when you’re driving under the influence of intoxicants

  • Repairs needed when the Renault Triber insurance policy has lapsed

  • Repairs needed due to mechanical or electric failures

Add-On Covers for Your Renault Triber Car Insurance

Add-on riders help expand the protective coverage of your Renault Triber insurance plan, ensuring that you get to enjoy holistic financial assistance in times of need. Picking the right add-on covers can help make a significant difference in the kind of benefits you stand to derive from your Renault Triber insurance policy.

Each add-on rider comes with a certain attached price tag that elevates the on-road price of your Renault Triber. Thus, it is important to closely assess the cost-to-benefit index of each such add-on cover before purchasing it.

Here are some of the most fruitful add-on covers of Renault Triber insurance policy you can opt for:

Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident add-on rider provides financial assistance for injuries or permanent disabilities sustained by the driver and the co-passenger due to an accident.

No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

With this add-on cover, you can keep your No Claim Bonus benefits intact even if you’ve processed a couple of claims during the insurance year.

Consumables Cover

A consumables add-on covers the cost of replacing or refilling the consumables elements of your Renault Triber due to an accident. This cover extends to your car’s engine oil, gearbox, oil filters, lubricants, etc.

Roadside Assistance Cover

You can call for free of cost assistance anytime, anywhere with the roadside assistance add-on rider.

Renault Triber Insurance Claim Process

Bajaj Markets allows you to file a cashless as well as a reimbursement claim for Renault Triber insurance with equal ease. The process for filing each of these claims as been highlighted below:


Process for Filing Cashless Claims

Since Renault Triber insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets come with cashless claim settlement benefits, you won’t have to worry about making upfront payments for repairs during an emergency. You simply need to take your vehicle to the nearest cashless garage and the cost of repairs will be directly settled between the insurer and the garage.

Here’s how you can file a cashless claim against your Renault Triber car insurance policy on Bajaj Markets:


  • After the accident, brief your insurer immediately about the details of the situation
  • Take your damaged vehicle to the nearest network garage
  • Send your bills and receipts to the insurer once repairs have been completed
  • Your claim will be settled after the verification of these documents

Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims

If you happen to be far away from the network garages listed on your Renault Triber insurance policy, you have to pay for the repairs and replacements upfront. However, these expenses will be reimbursed by your insurance provider when you file a reimbursement claim. Here’s how you can do it:


Brief your insurance provider about the damages to your car

Take your car to a nearby garage and pay for the repairs and replacements needed

If your car is stolen, you have to file an FIR before filing a reimbursement claim

Submit all your bills and receipts to the insurer for verification

Your compensation should be released once these papers are verified

You need to have the following documents when filing a claim against your Renault Triber insurance policy:


  • The Renault Triber insurance policy document
  • Your insurance provider’s details
  • Your vehicle’s details
  • Details about the accident
  • In case of theft, a copy of the FIR
  • Original repair bills and receipts

How to Reduce the Insurance Cost for your Renault Triber

Buying a Renault Triber car insurance policy can be quite expensive. However, you can make use of the following tips to reduce your insurance costs:


  • Raise your deductible limit to reduce premiums

  • Install anti-theft devices to your car

  • Conduct extensive research and compare Renault Triber insurance plans online to pick the one with the best cost-to-coverage benefits

  • Driving efficiently by maintaining steady speeds can help prevent the depreciation of your car’s internal parts

  • Settle minor claims upfront to reap the benefits of your No Cost Bonus

  • A good driving record can help lower your premium rates

Top Tips to Maintain Your Renault Triber

Caring diligently for your Renault Triber will help keep it as good as new while simultaneously improving its durability. This will also help reduce the possibility of accidents due to faulty tires or battery issues. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you maintain the premium condition of the car for long:


  • To avoid damaging its paint, park it in a shaded area
  • Inspect the battery connections to ensure that they remain free from corrosion
  • Use wax or polish to maintain the brand new look of your car seats
  • Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the car
  • Use a silicone rubber protector to cover the doors and windows of your car
  • Check your wiper blades and replace them if they seem faulty

Renault Triber Maintenance Costs

For a smooth and glitch-free driving experience, you must ensure that your car is serviced at proper intervals. Following the manufacturer’s servicing instructions allows you to maintain its fuel efficiency as well as eliminate budding mechanical or electric issues. Keeping a tab on your Renault Triber’s service schedules also helps make your drives safer and less accident-prone.


Replacement Cost of Parts Changed During Service

Regular use can wear down certain parts of your Renault Triber. Thus, you may have to replace these parts the next time you take the car to a Renault service centre for its annual check-up.

Replacing components like the coolant or fuel filter can be quite costly. Thus, it’s always better to have a clear idea of the expense you’re likely to incur during such a servicing session. To this end, you can contact or visit one of the network garages to instantly review your Renault Triber’s servicing costs. This will help you be financially prepared to handle such expenses.

Service Number


(whichever is earlier)



1st Service




2nd Service




3rd Service




4th Service




5th Service




Components to be Replaced or Serviced at Different Intervals

By delaying servicing sessions, you’re not only risking the operational efficacy of the car but also your overall safety. To ensure that you are well-aware of the replacement schedule, Renault outlines the replacement intervals for each component part of the Triber in its user manual. Sticking to this manufacturer provided timeline is the best way to ensure a safe and smooth drive.

Here’s a table that will help simplify the Triber’s servicing and replacement timelines for you:


Renault Triber Service Schedule Intervals

Engine Oil

Replace every 12 months

Air Filter

Every 20,000 kilometres or 24 months (whichever is earlier)

Fuel Filter

Every 48 months or 40,000 kilometres (whichever is earlier)

Spark Plugs

Every 40,000 kilometres or 48 months (whichever is earlier)

AC Filter

Replace every 36 months

Note: All of the service costs and replacement costs mentioned above are merely indicative. The actual costs applicable to your vehicle may vary.

About Renault Triber

Available in 10 petrol-powered variants, two transmission modes and with an impeccable line-up of features, Renault Triber is truly the family car you’ve been searching for. This multi-utility vehicle is available for purchase within a price range of Rs.5,69,000 to Rs. 8,25,000. Running on a robust 999cc engine, the mileage of the Renault Triber stands at an impressive 20km/l.

The Triber combines best-in-class features with impeccably stylish interiors and dual-tone exteriors. This 7-seater MUV comes with adjustable seats, a centre console with in-built cool storage, 4 airbags and streamlined media-cum-navigation system.

Built to handle unruly terrains with ease and precision, the Triber comes AMT and bump absorption features, along with a high ground clearance, to ensure a smooth ride each time you start the car. Renault Triber’s price, fuel tank capacity of 40L, coupled with its ultra-spacious and premium-grade interiors make it a top choice among Indian customers.

Renault Triber Variants

You won’t have to deal with a dearth of choices when sifting through Renault Triber models. This sturdy MUV is available in 10 equally alluring and impactful variants. While each Renault Triber features a powerful, yet fuel-efficient 999cc petrol-driven engine, you can choose between models with manual and automatic transmission as per your preferences.

Here’s a look at the key specifications of Renault Triber models:


Renault Triber On-Road Price











Renault Triber On-Road Price in Top Cities

Among other charges, the on-road price of the Triber includes the insurance and accessory costs associated with the model. Since Renault Triber prices are contingent on a number of different factors, they tend to vary from city to city.

Let’s have a look at Renault Triber prices across major Indian cities:


Renault Triber On-Road Price











Features of the Renault Triber

Renault Triber’s expansive seating capacity, coupled with its impeccable specifications make it one of the most sought-after MUVs available in the market. While the dual-tone exterior of this MUV is built to impress, Renault Triber’s high ground clearance ensures that you get to enjoy a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain.

Some of the key features of the Renault Triber variants have been highlighted below:

Variant Name

Touchscreen infotainment system

Driver seat with 6-way adjustability

Centre console with cool storage

4 airbags for comprehensive protection


Front power windows

Rear power windows

Remote central locking


































Hailed as the perfect family car, Renault Triber is not your average MUV. This spacious beast comes with notable specifications that ensure that you get to enjoy only the best-in-class experience with this car. To make your driving experience more blissful and secure, you must invest in a car insurance plan for your Renault Triber. The Renault Triber insurance ensures the on-road safety of your vehicle as well as cushions your finances against potential liabilities in the future.

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FAQs on Renault Triber Insurance

Is Renault Triber available in a diesel variant?

No. Renault has launched only petrol-run versions of the Triber model.

How many airbags will I get with the Renault Triber?

You will get 4 airbags with the Renault Triber. Premium Triber variants come with driver, passenger and side front airbags.

What is the mileage of Renault Triber?

The Renault Triber features a boot space amounting to 84 litres.

What add-on riders should I opt for?

When purchasing a Renault Triber insurance, you should ideally opt for a zero-depreciation, engine protection, No Claims Bonus, consumables, and roadside assistance covers.

Does underestimating my IDV affect the claims payout?

Yes. Since your IDV or Insured Declared Value determines your maximum claim amount, underestimating it may cause you to pay out of your pockets for repairs. In other words, you may not be sufficiently reimbursed for the damages sustained by your Renault Triber.  

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