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An Enquiry Control Number (ECN), also commonly known as control number, is a unique nine-digit number assigned to an individual’s credit report that is saved in CIBIL’s database. You can acquire the control number by requesting the lender for your CIBIL report, where the number is listed at the top right corner. Note that the control number is generated every time a credit report is pulled out. Thus, CIBIL requires the ECN to get the exact details a lender views or refers to, when the credit report is accessed.

Purpose of ECN

The below-mentioned points highlights the importance of an ECN:

  • ECN helps banks and financial institutions acquire a borrower's credit information from CIBIL.

  • The control number helps keep the CIBIL reports organised and easy to track.

How To Get An ECN Number?

As per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005, you have the right to acquire your control number in CIBIL. You can do the same by -

  • Requesting the lender for the control number 

  • Logging in to CIBIL’s official website and generate you CIBIL report

  • Or contacting the CIBIL helpline by dialling +91 2261404300

FAQ's on Control number in CIBIL

What is the full form of ECN in CIBIL?

ECN stands for Enquiry Control Number. It is a unique, nine-digit control number that helps various lenders track the credit records of loan borrowers.

What is the control number in CIBIL dispute form?

The control number is found on the top right corner of your credit report. It is created once a Credit Information Report (CIR) is generated.

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