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The cash withdrawal feature available through Axis Bank Credit Cards can be highly beneficial for you, especially in times of emergencies. While you can withdraw cash through your credit card from an ATM, Axis Bank levies a limit to it. 


Usually, this limit is 40% of your total credit limit. However, if your card is less than 180 days old, the withdrawal limit could be zero. You can find your current cash withdrawal limit on your Axis Bank Credit Card statement or reach out to the bank through their customer care services.

How to Withdraw Cash Using an Axis Bank Credit Card

Cardholders have the flexibility to withdraw cash from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM), not limited to Axis Bank ATMs. The process for obtaining a cash advance from ATMs using a credit card is similar to that of a debit card. Here are the steps for cardholders to withdraw cash from their Axis Bank credit card:

  1. Insert the credit card into the ATM slot and enter the PIN

  2. Select the ‘Credit Card’ Option, then choose the ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option

  3. Enter the withdrawal amount of your choice considering the cash limit on your card

  4. Once confirmed, cash will be dispensed from the ATM

Advantages of Axis Bank's Cash Advance Facility

Here are some of the benefits of utilising Axis Bank Credit Cards’ cash advance facility: 

  • No need for bank’s approval

  • Flexibility to withdraw cash during emergencies

  • Cash withdrawal possible from ATMs at both domestic and international locations

Axis Bank Credit Card Cash Advance Fee and Interest Rates

Here are the details of the cash advance fee and interest rates for various Axis Bank Credit Cards:

Credit Card

Cash Advance Fee

Interest Rate



Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

2.5% or ₹500



Axis Bank NEO Credit Card

2.5% or ₹500



Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card

2.5% or ₹500



Axis Bank Select Credit Card

2.5% or ₹500



Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

2.5% or ₹5A00



Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash can I withdraw from an Axis Bank Credit Card?

The cash limit is different from the credit limit and varies from card to card. You will be informed about the cash limit on your card when it is handed over to you.

Can I transfer money from my Axis Bank Credit Card to my bank account?

No, you cannot directly transfer money from an Axis Bank Credit Card to a bank account.

Will I have to inform the bank before using my credit card to withdraw money?

No, you need not notify the bank when you withdraw cash from your Axis Bank Credit Card.

When will I have to repay the cash amount that I withdrew using my credit card?

The cash withdrawn from your credit card will show up on your Axis Bank Credit Card statement at the end of the billing cycle. However, since the credit card cash advance accrues interest from the moment of withdrawal, you must strive to pay it off at the earliest.

What is the Axis Bank Credit Card Cash withdrawal helpline?

You can get in touch with the bank’s customer service team by calling their toll-free number (1800-419-5959), sending an SMS to 5676782, or visiting a branch closest to you.

How can I withdraw cash with my Axis Bank Credit Card?

You can visit any ATM and insert your credit card into the card slot. Enter your credit card PIN. Punch in the amount you wish to withdraw. Some ATMs might ask you for your phone number and request for an OTP. In other cases, you can directly submit your withdrawal request and accept the cash.

How does the Axis Bank Credit Card cash advance fee work?

The Axis Bank credit card withdrawal charges are 2.5% or ₹500 (whichever is higher). If you withdraw ₹1,000 from an ATM using your Axis Bank Credit Card, the bank will add ₹500 as the cash advance fee in the next billing cycle. If you are withdrawing ₹25,000 using your Axis Bank Credit Card, you have to pay only ₹625.

What are the finance charges of Axis Bank credit cards?

Finance charges on Axis Bank credit cards start from 19.45% per annum and the highest can go up to 29.85% per annum.

What is the foreign transaction markup fee?

A foreign transaction markup fee is applicable to transactions done in a foreign country. It is typically 3.50% of the transaction amount.

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