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Axis Bank Credit Card Reward Points

Axis Bank has created an amazing Loyalty Rewards Program for their credit card customers and have titled it the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program. It is designed to reward customers for every purchase transaction that they make. Each reward has been specially curated in a way that ensures that customers have great experiences with choosing gifts with Axis Bank. If you are a student, you can apply for Student Credit Card and avail amazing discounts!

Axis Bank credit card customers can make redemptions even with a minimum number of accumulated rewards points under the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program along with easy access to a huge variety of products. Customers can earn rewards points in over 70 different ways and can enjoy redemption benefits with over 500 rewards from the huge Axis Bank Rewards Catalogue.

Axis Bank customers can add multiple items while redeeming points to “My Wish List” and then later select and move ahead only with the items they require. Axis Bank also presents the customer with the offer to “Earn faster”, with a large variety of earning choices displayed on the website, customised as per the need of each customer. Customers can further use the ‘Points plus Pay’ option to get a reward of their choice in a scenario that they fall short of rewards points. Rewards points earned under the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program come with an expiry period of three years from the date of the transaction. ustomers can easily access and view their accumulated rewards points through their respective internet banking accounts, mobile banking or the eDGE Loyalty Rewards website. If you still haven’t applied for a credit card, now is your chance! Apply for credit card today and avail exciting reward points and discounts.

What are the services can be availed by Axis Bank customers on the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program website?

Axis Bank credit card customers can be availed by Axis Bank customers on the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program website:

Redemption Options –

  • Rewards Catalogue / Recharge & Bookings / Partner Deals

  • Gifting Options

  • Reward delivery status

My eDGE transactions –

  • History of the customer’s redemption transactions.

  • Transfer My Points

  • My Wishlist

  • Download option for previous transactions done by the customer

What all kind of transactions can you avail Axis Bank credit card reward points?

Axis Bank Credit Card customers can earn the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program on the following transactions. Rewards points are provided to the customers by Axis Bank on the basis of their Average Monthly Balance (AMB) maintained by the customer. Below are the multiple types of credit card transactions through which Axis Bank customers can earn reward points:

  • Credit Card purchase transactions

  • Banking transactions carried out by family members

  • Upgrade and addition of credit cards

  • Credit Card transactions with Partner Brands

  • Bonus Points - Bonus transactions are the one done on the customer’s birthday

  • Transfer of Points from another Axis Bank customer

How can a customer redeem rewards points with Axis Bank?

Customers can conveniently redeem online reward points on the eDGE Loyalty program website by following the below given steps -

  1. Login to the online banking site of Axis Bank using your customer ID and your password.

  2. On the Account Summary page of the Axis Bank online banking site, customers have to select eDGE Loyalty Rewards.

  3. After thoroughly reading and accepting the terms and conditions, customers should select ‘Redeem now’ to visit the Rewards Catalogue.

  4. To redeem the reward points, customers have to choose the reward of their choice, add it to the basket and then confirm the redemption request.

What all can a customer redeem Axis Bank eDGE rewards points for?

The Axis Bank eDGE Loyalty Rewards program allows the Axis Bank Credit Card customers to choose to make redemptions for any of the following -

Axis Bank Credit Card Rewards Catalogue / Store:

Customers can redeem various types of redemption deals on top electronics, kids’ products, fashion, health and fitness, home décor, online shopping, dining and much more. Customers wanting to redeem their accumulated rewards points using the rewards catalogue can conveniently do so by selecting the category of reward and the rewards points range available on the eDGE Loyalty Rewards website. Customers can also opt to gift eDGE reward points to their close friends and family members and also get instant shopping vouchers from the Axis Bank online rewards catalogue.

Recharges and Bookings:

Axis Bank credit card customers enjoy the privilege of making real-time redemptions using the Recharges & Booking section. Axis Bank Credit Card customers can book their favorite hotels, flight tickets, movie tickets, recharge mobiles and DTH all in just a few simple steps services, download music and pay mobile bills using eDGE Loyalty Reward points using the Recharges & Booking service. Axis Bank credit card customers do not have to pay any charges or any fee for Recharges & Booking redemptions.

Customers can always choose to make redemptions using cash as well as points. The Points Plus Pay feature can be used by the customers as per the type of service they choose to avail. Customers can earn extra points if they use an eligible Axis Bank credit card to redeem using Points plus Pay.

Points plus Pay - Domestic / International Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Movie Tickets, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge.

Points Only - Music Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✔️How does a customer earn reward points under the eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program?

    All Axis bank credit card customers are eligible to earn rewards Points earned on add-on credit cards will be directed to the primary card account holder for redemptions.

  • ✔️When can a customer start redeeming reward points?

    Redemptions can be started as soon as the customer accumulates a minimum of 300 rewards points either by logging on to edgerewards.axisbank.com, mobile banking, by contacting the customer care centre, online banking or at Axis Bank partner outlets.

  • ✔️How can customers register for the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program with Axis Bank?

    Axis Bank customers do not have to register with a different process for the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program. They will have to just meet the eligibility criteria.

  • ✔️Can a customer make rewards point transfers from other bank credit card accounts to my Axis Bank credit card account?

    No, customers cannot make rewards points transfers from other bank accounts to their Axis Bank credit card accounts.

  • ✔️Can customers use other bank credit cards to make redemptions under the Recharge and Bookings sections?

    No, only Axis Bank credit cards can be used to make redemptions for DTH and Mobile recharges, Music Downloads, travel, movie and hotel bookings.

  • ✔️Will Axis Bank charge any extra tax for Recharge and Bookings redemption transactions?

    No, additional charges will not be levied by Axis Bank and the applicable taxes will be included in the number of rewards points required to make the redemption.

  • ✔️How are the number of rewards points calculated under the eDGE Loyalty Rewards program?

    Reward points calculation is done by rounding off the purchase value to the closest number. The value of the rewards points is decided as per Axis Bank’s regulations for different categories of products.