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Check Credit Card Balance

Credit cards have made our lives easier, redefining the way we live and expanding our reach. These cards do not only let you transact easily and safely, but also help you convert the cost of your purchases into EMIs. Credit cards additionally offer attractive offers, rewards, discounts, and cashback.


However, the daily usage of credit cards requires constant monitoring and regulation. Knowing how to check your credit card balance is one of the best ways to keep an eye on what you have spent. 


Your credit card balance is the sum of money you have spent on your credit card, which you need to repay. Running a credit card balance check helps you spend within your limit. It also saves your credit score from taking a plunge if you cannot repay on time.


There are several ways to find out your credit card balance, which include:


Read on to explore the methods that allow you to conduct a credit card balance check.

Different Ways to Check Credit Card Balance

Not knowing how to check your credit card balance can result in serious financial mishaps. If you are a first-time credit card user, you may not be aware of the processes you can use to check your credit card balance. 


Most credit card issuers offer a variety of ways for you to conduct a credit card balance check, both online and offline. Here is how you can check the outstanding balance on your credit card using different methods:

  • Check Credit Card Balance Through an ATM

One of the ways in which you can check your credit card balance is by using an ATM of the issuer’s bank. Simply visit an ATM that is closest to your location and insert the card in the slot. 


Next, select the relevant option to check your credit card balance. You will also need to enter your 4-digit PIN in order to authenticate your identity.  

  • Check Credit Card Balance Through Monthly Statements

Every cardholder receives monthly statements at the end of the billing cycle that reflects the credit card balance. The issuing bank either sends the monthly statement via regular mail/courier or to the registered email address. 


Make sure that you register your email address as this method is free of cost. It is also a much safer and more secure way of receiving your monthly statements.

  • Check Credit Card Balance by Visiting the Bank Branch

Another way of conducting a credit card balance check is by visiting the nearest bank branch and talking to banking executives. These executives can access your credit card records and retrieve all the information required.

  • Check Credit Card Balance Through the Customer Service Centre

To know the outstanding balance on your credit card, you can also contact the customer support team of your card’s issuer. You can access the contact details from the official website of your card issuer. 


If you are using an automated system to call and check your credit card balance, you may need to set a PIN to verify your identity. 

  • Check Credit Card Balance With an SMS

By subscribing to SMS alerts, you can receive any information pertaining to your credit card on a regular basis. The bank sends out texts related to your credit card balance, statement, amount spent and more to keep you updated on all required information. 

  • Check Credit Card Balance Using Internet Banking

Internet banking is one of the most convenient ways to retrieve any information concerning your credit card. To carry out a credit card balance check, you will need to log in to your account using your credentials. Then navigate to the credit card section and select the right menu option to view your balance.  

  • Check Credit Card Balance On the Mobile App

Another convenient, simple and instant way of getting information related to your credit card is by downloading the relevant bank’s mobile app. These days every bank has a mobile app for Android as well as iOS platforms making it extremely easy to access information. 

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Importance of Checking Credit Card Balance

There are several reasons why it is essential to conduct a credit card balance check periodically.

  • You will be able to clear your outstanding by the due date and avoid interest charges

  • You can plan your future purchases in accordance with your outstanding bill and the available credit limit

  • You will be in a better place to spot fraudulent or unauthorised transactions, and notify the credit card issuer to block the credit card if needed

  • You can manage your finances better and be careful not to overspend 

  • You can clear your dues on time and improve your creditworthiness, which helps boost your credit score

Learning how and why to check your credit card balance can help you address your finances smartly. If you are looking for the right credit card that helps you save more with a range of features, compare various options on the Bajaj Markets.

FAQs About Credit Card Balance Check

How to check my credit card balance?

You can carry out a credit card balance check by using online and offline methods. For instance, simply log in to your internet banking account or the issuer’s mobile app. You can also send your bank an email requesting them to send you the credit card statement. In addition, you can check your balance by calling the customer care number, SMS or by using an ATM.

Can we check the balance on the credit card?

Yes, you can check your credit card balance in a hassle-free way online as well as offline. Top banks offer several ways to keep track of your credit card expenses, such as net banking, email, mobile app, customer care, ATM, and SMS.

How can I check my credit card balance offline?

You can check your credit card balance offline by calling the customer care number, sending an SMS, swiping the card at an ATM, or visiting your nearest bank branch.

Does the bank charge any additional fees if I want to check my credit card balance?

Most credit card balance check services are free, such as calling on a toll-free number, visiting the bank, checking on the net banking portal or the mobile app. The charges for SMS services are levied by the network operator and not the bank.

What is a credit card balance refund?

A credit card balance refund refers to the money that the bank owes you when you pay more than the outstanding amount on the card. In most cases, the amount is refunded to your credit card account, which results in a negative balance on the card. 

Is credit score related to credit card balance?

Yes, your credit card balance can have a direct impact on your credit score. If the credit balance is high and you do not repay on time, your credit score may drop. The same happens if you spend more than the available limit. A high credit utilisation ratio over time can also bring your credit score down.

What happens if I overpay the credit card balance amount?

If you accidentally overpay your credit card balance amount, the issuing bank is required to reimburse the overpayment. Alternatively, you can let it roll over towards next month’s charges.

How to check credit card balance?

You can check your credit card balance in multiple ways, such as by visiting the bank branch or ATM. You can also use the mobile app or net banking or call customer care. In addition, you can also know your credit card’s outstanding balance through SMS alerts or by checking your monthly account statement. 

Does credit card balance help in improving CIBIL score?

No, a credit card balance does not help in improving your CIBIL score. Instead, having an outstanding balance on a frequent basis will negatively affect your credit score.

How do I know when to pay my credit card balance?

You can view the due date of your credit card balance by checking your monthly billing statement. It is generated at the end of each billing cycle. Both the billing cycle date and the credit card balance amount are mentioned on the first page of the statement.

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