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Credit card fraud can happen to anyone and it isn’t all that uncommon. That said, having your credit card stolen or misplaced could be a valid reason to panic. It can be used to complete fraudulent purchases or more serious issues like identity theft. 

In addition, it can also lower credit scores and pose many other financial risks. To avoid any financial setbacks, here are some preventive measures to take if your credit card is lost or stolen.

Steps to Follow if Your Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

In case your credit card is lost or stolen, you need to take the following steps immediately to prevent misuse of your card. 

  • Step 1: Call your credit card provider's customer care number to block your credit card

  • Step 2: File a First Information Report (FIR) at your local police station 

  • Step 3: Send an application to credit bureaus that your credit card is lost or compromised

  • Step 4: Monitor your credit card statement for any suspicious transactions

  • Step 5: Apply for a new card or request the card issuer for a replacement for the lost card

  • Step 6: Update the credit card to stop any auto-debit bill payments

Note that the card issuers will require your credit card number, and other details to confirm that you want to block the card. In the event that you don’t have that information on hand, you can also block your credit card directly using the bank’s net banking portal or mobile banking app.

How to Prevent the Loss of Your Credit Card?

With some precaution and care, keeping your credit card safe is easy. Here are some practices that can prevent you from losing your credit card. 

  • Only carry your credit card with you if it is required 

  • Keep your credit card safely in a purse or wallet rather than just carrying it around in your pockets

  • If you close your credit card account or it expires, make sure to dispose of the card by cutting through it


Make sure to be present in person while making payments through a credit card swipe.

FAQs on Lost Credit Card

How can I retrieve my lost credit card?

Firstly, contact your bank as soon as you find out that your credit card is lost or stolen to report and block the card. Then, send an application to the issuer to provide you with a new credit card.

Can I track my credit card if I lose it?

If a credit card is lost, it cannot be tracked. So the only thing to do is block your card and prevent fraudulent activity.

Does replacing a lost credit card hurt my credit score?

If your credit card is lost or stolen, replacing it does not impact your credit score. The entire account information is transferred to the new one.

How much does it cost to replace a credit card?

Depending on the issuer, some banks charge a fee of ₹100 plus GST in the case of replacement or reissue of a credit card.

Will a replacement credit card have the same number?

The replacement credit card number will not be the same number as the lost or stolen credit card. Instead, the new card will have a new number and credit card CVV on it.

What if you lose your credit card and someone uses it?

On realising that your credit card is lost or compromised, the first step is to call the credit card provider and get the card blocked. Following this, you must report the incident to the credit card bureau as well and file an FIR with the police.

What if fraudulent transactions occur after I report the loss of my card?

Banks do not generally hold you liable for transactions on lost credit cards, if reported on time. It is wise to report the loss of your credit card as early as possible. If any transactions are made on your credit card after reporting the loss, the bank covers those losses. 


If you still continue to see transactions being made, you must file a formal complaint with your credit card provider. You can do so by either visiting the bank’s branch or sending an email to customer care service.

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