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IndusInd Bank offers a wide range of credit cards that give you various discounts, offers and other lifestyle, shopping, and business-related benefits. To avail of these advantages, you must qualify for the card as per the IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility terms.


To prove that you qualify, you will also be required to submit certain documents. This helps move the IndusInd Bank credit card application process forward. 

Read on to know more about the IndusInd Bank credit card documents required for application and the terms you need to meet.

What are the IndusInd Credit Card Eligibility Criteria?

IndusInd credit card eligibility criteria span across factors such as your age, earnings, citizenship and location. Read on for a general overview of the terms you need to meet.

  • Residence: The first IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility criterion is you must be an Indian citizen residing in India  

  • Age: Your age must be between 18 and 75 years

  • Employment Status: You must be salaried or self-employed 

  • Income: You must have a stable income of at least ₹20,000 per month


Remember, these are general terms, and there may be other internal criteria and policies that may influence your credit card approval. The terms may also vary based on the type of credit card you are applying for.

Documents Required for IndusInd Credit Card Application

The paperwork required to apply for an IndusInd credit card is very basic and simple. The required documents are:

  • Address proof, such as a Passport/Driving License/ Voters ID

  • Identity proof, such as a Bank Statement/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Pension Book

  • Income proof, such as Bank Statements/ Payslips/ I-T returns

  • PAN card or Aadhaar card 

  • Passport-size photographs

Factors That Affect Your IndusInd Credit Card Eligibility

Before you apply, understand the facts that influence your IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility. This will help you boost the chances of your credit card application getting approved in one shot. They include the following:

1. Age

Your age is an important factor when it comes to credit card approval, as it influences your earning capacity and repayment experience. If you are young and have started working only recently, lenders may have doubts about your creditworthiness. 


Alternatively, if you have been generating stable income over the years, lenders are bound to consider your credit profile less risky. 

2. Credit Score

Another critical factor influencing the lender’s decision is your credit score. It is always the first point that any lender looks into while reviewing the application. 


In India, various credit reporting agencies like Equifax, TransUnion CIBIL and Experian track your credit history and assign credit scores accordingly. Your credit score ranges between 300 and 900. 


Lenders prefer applicants with a high credit score as it stands for better creditworthiness. So, check your credit score before you apply for an IndusInd credit card.

3. Debt to Income Ratio (DTI)

The ratio of your monthly debt to your monthly income is called the DTI ratio. Lenders use it to check your repayment capabilities. 


A high DTI shows that you have a high amount of debt to pay off on a monthly basis. This can adversely affect your eligibility for a credit card. Lenders prefer applicants with a low DTI.

4. Status of Existing Credit Cards

Since you may have more than one credit card, lenders check how you have maintained them. Outstanding or delayed bills, your spending patterns, and your repayment behaviour are also examined by lenders. 


With a flawless repayment history, you can increase your IndusInd credit card eligibility and enjoy quick approval. 

5. Recent Delinquency

Defaults in loan repayment or credit card payment in the recent past can decrease the chances of approval of your IndusInd credit card. This is because such defaults negatively affect your creditworthiness. 


In such cases, lenders generally reject the application or do not offer premium IndusInd credit card deals.

6. Multiple Applications in the Recent Past

If you have applied for many loans or credit cards at once, you may come across as credit hungry. This reduces your chances of approval for a new credit card. To improve your eligibility, only apply for credit one at a time when you know you meet the eligibility criteria. 

7. Income

As mentioned above, a stable and trusted source of income is a very important factor for issuers. So, make sure you meet the IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility criteria related to minimum income. This differs for each credit card variant.

FAQs on IndusInd credit Card Eligibility

What are the documents required for an IndusInd Credit Card?

The documents required for an IndusInd Bank credit card are very simple. Submit your address proof, identity proof, income proof, PAN Card, and a passport-size photograph.

What is the minimum salary required for an IndusInd Credit Card?

The minimum salary required as per the IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility terms varies for each type of credit card. However, the minimum monthly salary requirement starts at ₹20,000.

Am I eligible for an IndusInd Credit Card?

Check the IndusInd Bank credit card eligibility requirements for the specific card you want to know if you are eligible. The general terms require you to be an Indian resident aged between 18 and 75 years. Moreover, you must either be salaried or self-employed with a minimum monthly income of ₹20,000. A good credit score is also a must. 

Am I eligible to apply for multiple credit cards from IndusInd Bank?

You can apply for multiple credit cards from IndusInd Bank if you meet the eligibility terms. 

However, note that multiple inquiries can lower your chances of getting your credit card request approved, as you may seem to be a needy borrower.

Are homemakers eligible to get an IndusInd Bank credit card?

Yes, homemakers can get an IndusInd Bank add-on credit card.

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