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Do you get credit card offers from issuers you have an existing relationship with? These are known as pre-approved credit card offers. They are generally sent to you in emails or messages. 


For this, issuers usually assess your financial details and credit card eligibility. They often review your credit score as well. These offers are typically customised to fit your requirements. You can apply for these credit cards online and enjoy the various benefits they offer.

Benefits of Pre-approved Credit Card

Here are some advantages of pre-approved credit card offers you should know about:

Earn Rewards and Sign-in Bonus

Pre-approved credit cards generally come with welcome bonuses, extra reward points, discounts, etc.

Check Your Eligibility

Find out which credit cards you may be eligible for without researching extensively

Get Low Interest Rates

Having a healthy financial relationship with your issuer helps you enjoy lower rates

Save Time

You can save time on research and select the card that suits your requirements with such offers

No Impact on Credit Scores

Card issuers conduct soft credit checks, which have no impact on your score, to create your pre-approved offer

Get Customised Offers

Such pre-approved card offers are typically designed to suit your requirements and eligibility

Important Facts to Know About Pre-approved Credit Cards

Some key points you should know about these offers before opting for one:

  • Despite the pre-approval, you need to go through the entire application process

  • These offers serve as an invitation for you to apply for a credit card, a decision you can make at your convenience

  • Pre-approved credit card offers are valid only for a limited period, details of which can be found on the card provider’s website 

  • ‘Lifetime free’ and ‘interest free’ card offers usually have certain conditions attached

  • Waivers on a credit card’s annual fee are a temporary reduction and should be reviewed in detail

When Should You Apply for a Pre-approved Credit Card

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when applying:

  • CIBIL Score

If you have a high CIBIL score, it may be easier for you to get a pre-approved credit card. This is because issuers check your CIBIL score to create custom card offers for you. The better the score, the more beneficial your credit card offer can be. 

  • Monthly Budget

Assess whether you can afford your credit card repayments comfortably. For this, it is important to evaluate your monthly income and expenses. Budget and plan to efficiently manage your finances and be able to pay your dues on time. 

  • Debt-to-income Ratio

Review your existing debts and the amount you spend to repay these. If you have several debts to repay, avoid applying for a pre-approved credit card online. This is because an added source of credit may increase your financial strain. Also, pay off your existing debts to improve your repayment history before applying.

  • Need for Additional Credit

Consider whether you truly need a credit card before applying. If you do not need extra credit, avoid applying for pre-approved offers. Take enough time to consider the pros and cons of the credit card offered. Understand all the terms and conditions of the card, before accepting the offer. If you find the features beneficial, consider applying for a pre-approved card. 

How to Apply

Here is how you can apply for a pre-approved credit card online:

  • Once you have received the pre-approved offer, check the terms and conditions 

  • Review the details of the card like interest rates and joining fee with the issuer

  • Go through the steps, as provided by the issuer, to apply

  • Fill in the online application form or directly reach out to the issuer


Following this, the issuer will conduct a secondary eligibility check. If you meet all the requirements, the application will be approved

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pre-approved credit cards?

Issuers create attractive credit card offers for their existing customers. They check your CIBIL score and offer a card you may be eligible for. Such cards are known as pre-approved credit cards. 

How do you get pre-approved for a credit card?

For this, financial institutions start by checking your credit score. These are usually the ones that have an existing financial relationship with you. As per this data, they create custom pre-approved offers for credit cards that you may be eligible for. These are then sent to you.

Can my pre-approved credit card application be rejected?

Yes. These pre-approved offers are curated by issuers on the basis of a soft credit check. When you apply for such an offer, they conduct a secondary credit check which is in much more detail. They also check other parameters to assess your credit card eligibility. These include your income, debt-to-income ratio, etc. If you are not deemed eligible, your credit card application may be rejected.

Should I accept pre-approved credit card offers?

It depends on your requirements and financial obligations. If you need more credit, you can opt for these offers. But, if your finances are strained from the repayment of other debts, avoid applying.

Which bank provides pre-approved credit cards easily?

A key factor in getting a pre-approved credit card is your relationship with the bank or issuer. Having a healthy ongoing financial relationship can help you get an offer easily.

Does pre-approval affect my credit score?

No. Financial institutions conduct soft credit checks to create your pre-approved offer. This does not have any impact on your score. Following this, if you apply for the card, then a hard inquiry is conducted. This may have a slight impact on your score.

What is the difference between pre-approved and pre-qualified credit cards?

Pre-approved cards are offered to you based on your creditworthiness, without you having to apply for one. On the other hand, pre-qualified cards are offered to you after you express interest in a card. The offer is based on some basic information you provide to the credit card issuer.

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