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Credit Card For Low Income Group

Assuming that you must have a high income to apply for a credit card is a misunderstanding. Even when you are in the low-income group, there are a few credit card options that you will surely find suitable for yourself. While many top-of-the-line credit cards come with premium benefits, offers, and rewards, low income earners can also opt for some basic credit cards that have most of the features to kickstart their credit journey. Let’s understand more about credit cards for low income in the following sections.

Top Low Income Credit Cards on Bajaj Markets

Credit Card Name

Joining Fee

Min. Monthly Income Requirement

YES BANK ACE Credit Card

₹399 + GST


IndusInd Bank Legend Card



SimplyClick SBI Credit Card

₹499 + GST


Disclaimer: These are subject to change at the issuer’s discretion. Please visit the issuers’ website for updates and more details.

Features and Benefits

Here are some features and benefits you can enjoy with low income credit cards:

Low Annual Fees

These cards usually have no fees or come with low-annual charges. Therefore, these are some of the most desirable options for someone with lower income.

Low Interest Rates

One major benefit of low income credit cards is comparatively lower interest rates. These can be applicable to EMIs, loans on credit cards, and more.

No Credit History Checks

In some cases, such cards are typically offered to individuals without any prior credit history checks. This makes it ideal for those taking a credit card for the first time.

Key Highlights of Low Income Credit Cards

Here are some key highlights of low income credit cards:

  • Age criteria to apply for a credit card for low income earners: 21-60 years

  • Income criteria for low salary credit cards: ₹15,000 to ₹25,000 per month

  • Annual fees vary from Nil to ₹600

How to Apply for a Low Salary Credit Card

Applying for a low salary credit card is an easy and hassle-free process. You can now make the end-to-end application completely online. Here’s the process:

  • 1. Visit the Bajaj Markets website or application

  • 3. Choose the desired credit card as per your affordability

  • 4. Click on the purchase option

  • 5. Fill in the required details

  • 6. Attach the required documents and submit the application

Eligibility & Documents Required to Apply for Low Salary Credit Card

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum monthly income: Individuals with ₹8,000-25,000 monthly income are mostly eligible for low salary credit card

  • Age: Individuals in the age group of 21 to 60 years can apply for a low income credit card

  • In case you do not fulfil the minimum income criteria, you can also apply if you have a minimum Income Tax Return of ₹5 Lakhs

2. Documents Required:

  • Identity Proof: Aadhaar card, PAN card, driver’s licence, or Voter’s ID etc.

  • Address Proof: Ration card, Aadhaar card, passport, etc.

  • Income Proof: Income Tax Returns and latest salary slips

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a low salary credit card?

You can easily apply for a low-income credit card by visiting Bajaj Markets. You can find a number of top banks that offer credit cards to people who fall under a low-income bracket. All you must do is compare cards and apply with the bank of your choice by filling out an application and submitting your credit card documents. Once your details are verified, the bank will send your credit card to you in no time.

How much minimum salary is needed to apply for a credit card?

The minimum salary that the applicant has to show to be eligible for a credit card is different for every bank. While some banks require a minimum monthly income of ₹ 10,000, others may set this minimum monthly income limit at ₹25,000. Some banks also ask for income tax returns if the candidate falls under the tax bracket.

Which credit card is best with a low salary?

Finding the best credit card for a low salary is not a tough task. As ample options are available, you can pick one depending on your budget, preference, and requirements. Try to pick a credit card that you actually need rather than picking one that offers attractive deals which are of no practical use to you.

How can I get a low-income credit card?

You can easily apply for a low-income credit card via the bank’s website or also through Bajaj Markets. You may also visit the preferred bank’s branch and apply for a credit card through the offline method.

Can I get a credit card if I don't have an income?

There are various ways to apply for a credit card without salary. You can choose to opt for a secured credit card, such as a credit card against a fixed deposit if you don’t have a steady source of income.

Can I get a credit card with a salary of ₹20,000?

If you have a regular monthly income of ₹20,000, it is possible to get a credit card. But, obtaining one still depends on numerous factors, including your credit history, individual financial obligations, and credit card issuers’ requirements.

Can I get a credit card if my salary is ₹10,000?

Obtaining a credit card with only ₹10,000 salary may be slightly harder, but is not impossible. Some lenders offer credit cards for beginners, considering individuals having low income. Besides that, even fulfilling other requirements such as having good credit scores will allow you to get approval.

Is it true that people with low incomes can also get credit cards?

Yes, individuals at low income levels may qualify for certain credit cards. The majority of card issuers have special cards with a nil joining fee. However, issuers may not agree to the application based on conditions beyond the person’s income, including credit history and financial reliability.

What are low-income credit cards, and what are the eligibility criteria for them?

Low-income credit cards are designed for those who do not possess considerable financial power. The eligibility determinants can differ depending on the issuer. However, one would have to meet the criteria of a stable income, a good credit score and any other financial conditions set forth by the issuer. This is because most such cards come with lower credit limits and fewer perks for users compared to premium cards.

Can a good credit score compensate for a lower income when applying for a credit card?

Yes, having a good credit score could compensate for having a lower income. When applying for a credit card, issuers will need to check your credit report and therefore a higher score signals to them that you can handle credit wisely. Nevertheless, one must take into account that despite the income, the approval of the credit limit is determined by the credit score and background checks.

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