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Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Limited is one of the four state-owned corporations of the Haryana state government. It was formed in 1999 after the state government dismantled the Haryana State Electricity Board.


Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Corporation has incorporated state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate smooth power transmission in the state. Besides, it provides various customer-friendly services such as DHBVN online bill payment. 

How to Pay DHBVN  Electricity Bill Online Using UPI

If you are a resident of Southern Haryana, availing of the services of DHBVN Haryana, you can easily pay your power bills through the United Payment Interface (UPI) system. DHBVN online payment, using UPI, is convenient, fast and hassle-free. Here, using a mobile-based app, you can link all your bank accounts on a single platform.


For such effortless e-payment of DHBVN bills, you can select the Bajaj Markets App. You are just required to spare a few minutes from your busy schedule to make a quick DHBVN bill payment online. Here’s a look at the steps involved in the DHBVN payment process, using this app: 

  1. As the first step of bill payment for DHBVN, you must download and install the app. You can find the Bajaj Markets App both at theGoogle Play or the iOS store

  2. Now for DHBVN bill payment, you must provide your name, date of birth and mobile number. Next, log into the app using the OTP.

  3. As the next step for DHBVN bill payment online, select the option of bill payment on the app’s home page.

How to Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


4. Once you click on ‘Bill Pay’, you will reach the page displaying the payment options for various utility bills. For paying your DHBVN bill select the option of ‘Electricity.’ 



How to Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


5. After selecting the option of electricity bill payment, you will now be redirected to the page listing various service providers. In the search box, type DHBVN.


How to Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


6. You will now reach the page displaying the option of viewing your DHBVN bill online. To proceed with the ‘View Bill’ option, do remember to provide your Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran account number along with the registered mobile number. Before knowing the status of your Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran electricity bill, you can view a sample bill. You can also get answers for your miscellaneous queries in the FAQs section. 


How to Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


 7.  Once you click on ‘View Bill’, the status of your Dakshin Haryana electricity bill will be displayed. Along with the payable amount, you will know the last date for making the payment. At this stage, you can select to settle your electricity bill DHBVN through MARKETS Pay or any other UPI handle of your choice. 


How to Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payment Using UPI?


8. Once you select the option to pay the due amount, your transaction will be processed within seconds. You will receive an instant confirmation. Your Dakshin Haryana bijli bill has been paid and you can now enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. 


Why Make DHBVN Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets App


If you are looking for a convenient and easy bill payment platform, then choose the Bajaj Markets App. What’s more, you receive a variety of DHBVN bill pay offers. Here are some benefits of DHBVN bill payment on Bajaj Markets App:


  1. Free services: A key advantage of paying your DHBVN electricity bill through this app is that you don’t incur any additional costs. There are no hidden charges, and the bill payment service is entirely free. Choose to pay your DHBVN bill on Bajaj Markets App today!

  2. Exclusive offers: Did you know that you can save more by DHBVN bill payment on Bajaj Markets App? Yes, you receive DHBVN payment offers such as cashback and discounts. 

  3. Safe and secure: A crucial benefit of the Bajaj Markets app is the strongly encrypted platform powered by the security system of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Pay your DHBVN bill online with zero worries!

  4. Fast transactions: Say goodbye to the long waiting time for bill payments. Your payment will be processed within minutes. 

  5. Reminders for payments: The Bajaj Markets App will send you timely reminders so that you settle your bills regularly. 

  6. Superb user interface: DHBVN bill payment on Bajaj Markets, using the app, is a breeze. The clutter-free interface provides for clear navigation, and the intuitive design provides a superb user experience. 

  7. Convenient: Saddled with professional and personal responsibilities? Don’t worry, for we understand the value of your precious time. Use the Bajaj Markets App anytime and from anywhere for DHBVN quick bill pay. 

Know More About DHBVN Electricity Bill Payments Online


The other online payment methods - apart from the UPI payments system - include DHBVN bill payment online by debit card, credit card, mobile wallets, bank transfers, and so on. You can use these digital payment methods on the DHBVN website or while using the DHBVN App.  Here’s a look at the various payment alternatives at your disposal: 

Payment Method


Mobile Apps

Your Dakshin Haryana bijli bill can be paid using different mobile-based apps. For instance, you can use the Bajaj Markets App or the DHBVN App. 

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

This integrated bill payment system, driven by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) can allow you to pay your Dakshin Haryana electricity bill easily. At this RBI-approved platform, you can access an array of banks, apps, retail agents and online payment gateways. You can log into the BBPS portal and enter the PIN code of your locality to instantly know the bill payment centres near you.

Standing Bank instructions

You can simply instruct your bank to make automated payments for settling your DHBVN electricity bill. 

Bank transfer

You can make a bank transfer via NEFT or IMPS for your DHBVN bill.

Payments Banks 

For settling your DHBVN electricity bill, you can use the services of various payment banks as well.

Mobile Wallet 

You can choose from a number of mobile wallets to pay your DHBVN bill. You can use this payment method on the DHBVN website or while using the DHBVN App.

DHBVN bill payment online by debit card

You can make an online payment using your debit card on the DHBVN official website. You can also use your debit card to make payments via the DHBVN bill payment app.

DHBVN bill payment online by credit card

If you prefer to use a credit card, then use this convenient method of making an online payment for your DHBVN bill.


How to Check DHBVN Electric Bill Status


For the option of DHBVN bill view or DHBVN bill download, you can either visit the state power corporation’s official website or choose to use the Bajaj Markets App. Here’s a look at both methods:


  1. Check DHBVN bill status directly: To check the status of your bill directly at the official website, you will be required to provide your DHBVN login details, such as your consumer account number and password. Here’s a table with the relevant links.



    2.  View  DHBVN bill online using the Bajaj Markets App: For DHBVN bill check or to know your DHBVN bill payment status, log into the app and navigate to the page displaying the list of electricity service providers. Once you select Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Limited and enter your unique consumer number, you will be directed to the page showing the option of DHBVN view bill. 


Frequently Asked Questions about DHBVN Payment (FAQs)

How do I find the DHBVN Electricity bill consumer number?

Your DHBVN consumer number is mentioned in the physical copy of your Dakshin Haryana bijli bill. If you can’t find a physical copy of the bill, you can contact DHBVN customer care.

How do I check the DHBVN Electricity bills online in India?

You can either use the Bajaj Markets App or log into the official website of DHBVN Haryana.


How do I calculate the DHBVN Electricity bill?

For calculating the amount of your bill, you will be required to multiply the electricity rate per unit by the number of units consumed. Then you need to add the fixed energy charges. For details of the tariff rate, visit the link:

You can raise a DHBVN online complaint if you find that the charges have been wrongly calculated.


How do I get a receipt of the DHBVN Electricity bill payment online?

You have to log into the consumer portal of DHBVN. If you have made payments via the Bajaj Markets App, you will receive an instant digital receipt.

How do I check DHBVN Electricity bill status online?

You can use the Bajaj Markets App or log into the consumer portal of DHBVN.

How do I contact DHBVN Electricity bill customer care?

  • You can contact DHBVN customer care at the following toll-free numbers:



DHBVN customer care number

Electric supply complaint


DHBVL complaint against corruption


DHBVL complaint against power theft



For  raising a DHBVL online complaint, you can also send an email to:

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