How to Make Electricity Bill Payment using Bajaj Markets App

Previously, in order to pay your electricity bill, you would have to visit the company’s office with a copy of your current bill and make the payment in person. With UPI payments for your bijli bill however, all of this changes.

You can now pay your bill worry free using UPI from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at how you can pay your electricity bill online using UPI.

  1. To make your electricity bill payment online, you must first download the Bajaj Markets app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

  2. Once the download is complete, you will be required to login using your date of birth, mobile number and an OTP. Complete the signup process.

  3. Upon entering the app, locate the ‘Bill Pay’ option on the home screen.

  4. From here, select the ‘Electricity’ option. You will be redirected to a search page. 

  5. Search for your electricity provider, MSEB for instance, and select that option. 

  6. Then, you will be required to enter your consumer number to complete your electricity bill payment online using UPI. Enter it and click on the ‘View Bill’ option.

  7. The app will then show you the amount due, and display various UPI payment options like MARKETSPay UPI option or other UPI apps. 

  8. Click on the option you prefer and complete your payment through UPI on your app. 

Why Make Electricity Bill Payments Using the Bajaj Markets app?

To pay your bill online easily, you can make use of the Bajaj Markets app for electricity bill payment by Bajaj Markets. It allows you to make electricity bill payments online through the Bajaj Markets platform. There are many advantages that this app gives you, including attractive light bill offers on payment and cashback on electricity bill payments.

With Bajaj Markets, electricity bill payments come with many other benefits too. Check them out here.

  • No wait times

    With the Bajaj Markets app, you can link and use multiple bank accounts to make your electricity bill payment online and complete your payment within seconds with no time delay, ensuring there is nothing stopping you from making your bijli bill payment on time.

  • Security

    The new Bajaj Markets app is now powered by NPCI. But what does this mean for the end-user? Simply put, all the transactions you make and data you share with the app during the time of payment or otherwise is completely secure, ensuring you can pay your current bill worry-free.

  • Exclusive electric bill payment offers

    With the help of several of our partners, we at Bajaj Markets are able to offer you a slew of exclusive offers and rewards. Not only are you paying your light bill efficiently, but you can also make additional savings/gains through the various electricity bill offers and cashback on electricity bill payments available on the app.

  • Flexibility

    We at Bajaj Markets host and are supported by a large and extensive catalogue of trusted merchants and vendors. Regardless of your bank and UPI app, you will be able to make your electricity bill payment through the Bajaj Markets app without any hiccups.

  • The benefit of convenience.

    With a simplified, clutter-free user interface on the Bajaj Markets app, you can now complete your light bill payment online as efficiently as possible. The more effectively you are able to sort and pay your bills, the less likely you are to incur late fees, non-payment penalties and disconnections.

Know more about Electricity Bill Payments Online

Payment Method


Mobile Apps

This is the type of payment you would make on the Bajaj Markets app. Through the App, you will be able to make any light bill payment online.

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

BBPS is a payments system launched by the NPCI (National Payments Corp of India) in collaboration with the RBI and various central entities. With this, all you have to do is visit the BBPS website and enter the PIN code of your area. This will lead to a number of outlets where you can pay your bill.

Standing Bank instructions

While UPI electricity bill payment is convenient, it is still a manual process you have to carry out. If you wish to automate your electricity bill payment, you can simply instruct your bank to make this payment on a routine basis.

Net banking

Net banking has been one of the most common options available to use to pay your electricity bill online. However, with this method, you will have to use your bank’s portal to pay your current bill.

Payments Banks

There are currently 6 payment banks available in India namely, Airtel Payments Bank Ltd, India Post Payments Bank Ltd, Fino Payments Bank Ltd, Paytm Payments Bank Ltd, Jio Payments Bank Ltd and NSDL Payments Bank Limited. Choose from any of these to complete your light bill payment online.

Mobile Wallet

There are a number of mobile wallets that you can use to complete your electricity bill payment online.

Online electricity bill payment through debit card

You can easily pay your electricity bill on the electricity bill app or the light bill website for your state using your debit card too.

Electricity bill payment online through credit card

Your credit card offers another easy way to pay your electricity bill through the official light bill app or the website for your state.

How to Check Electric Bill Status

There are a variety of different providers whose electricity bill you will have to pay depending on which provider you have. One way to perform a light bill check is to visit the website of the electricity provider for your state. You can view electricity bills online through the right links on these sites. In addition to that, you can also check the electric bill status online.

Here is a table with some of the electricity providers, and a link to the page that you can use to view light bill statuses and pay your electricity bill online.


Electricity Bill Check status or Pay


Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation

Select “know your bill” or “Pay online”

Assam State Electricity Board

Enter your consumer number and proceed to view your bill.

Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited

Navigate to the “Online payment of” section, and select your provider.

Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission

Enter your consumer number and complete captcha.

Jharkhand State Electricity Board

Select “Quick Pay Bill”

MSEB (Maharashtra)

Enter Consumer Number, Consumer Type and complete captcha.

Looking for another option to get your electricity bill view online? Online bill checking is also possible directly through the Bajaj Markets app, by logging in and then selecting the ‘Bill Pay’ option. There you will have to select your provider to view your account details, which will also tell you about the electricity bill details and status. 


How to find the electricity bill consumer number?

Want to view the consumer no. in electricity bill? This number is mentioned on the electricity consumer bill you receive from your electricity company. 

How to check electricity bills online in India?

You can check electricity bills online and submit any electricity bill enquiry on your electricity provider website. Use the aforementioned table to locate your provider’s website.

How to calculate electricity bill?

Based on consumption, there are different tariff bands that apply. For instance, if you fall in the 101-300 band, then you have to pay 7.43 rupees (for instance). If you consume 200 units, therefore, your bill will be 1486. 

How to get a receipt of the electricity bill payment online?

You receive a digital receipt every time you make a bill payment online, whether you make it on the provider’s website or through a UPI app. 

How to check electricity bill status online?

You can do so through your electricity bill provider’s website or the Bajaj Markets app as well.

How to contact Electricity Bill customer care?

Use the table provided above to locate your provider’s website to get the relevant light bill customer care number. 

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