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Your finances take center stage when it comes to all your responsibilities. Hence, prioritising the growth and safety of your assets can help you in times of emergencies or when it's time to fulfill your financial goals. Fixed deposit savings can be your prime preference to procure alternate earnings and the investment or savings type you bank on. 


However, it is crucial to have an idea of the estimated returns, the tenor you could choose, how much you should save and interest rates to ensure there are no losses. To have an estimate or idea of your potential FD investment, you could take the help of an FD calculator given here. 

How to Use FD Calculator?

This fixed deposit calculator can help you gauge the approximate maturity amount and interest amount you could get in return for trusting FDs as your prime money-saving instrument. This step-by-step guide can help you use the fixed deposit calculator to get a clear idea of the returns and security that await you.

  • Step 1: Enter the Deposit Amount

    Fill in the deposit amount you are considering saving in a fixed deposit.

  • Step 2: Choose Tenor

    Choose the preferred tenor of your potential fixed deposit savings in the FD calculator.

  • Step 3: Set Interest Rate

    Enter an interest rate in accordance with the FD interest rates offered to you by your preferred bank or NBFC.

  • Step 4: Check the Interest Amount and Maturity Amount

    An approximate maturity amount and interest amount will be displayed on your screen as per the values and numbers entered by you in the FD interest calculator.

Fixed Deposit

How is Fixed Deposit Interest Calculated?

The fixed deposit calculator functions based on three major values - the deposit amount, the interest rate, and the tenor. Given below is a detailed explanation of how these factors impact fixed deposit calculations.

  • Deposit Amount

The deposit amount is the set of funds you save or invest in a fixed deposit. From the perspective of an FD calculator, this value determines the interest and maturity amount that will be added to the initial deposit amount. 

  • Interest Rate

The interest rate is of utmost importance to all fixed deposit-related calculations since the amount drawn from this ratio will determine the overall returns you receive at the end of the FD tenor. 

  • Tenor

The total time period for which you commit your deposit amount to an FD account is called the tenor. Choosing a longer tenor brings you increased interest rates and the fulfillment of your long-term financial goals. Hence, the tenor impacts all FD calculations greatly. 

The maturity amount can be calculated manually as well with a formula. An explanation of what the variables stand for and an example of the manual calculation are as follows.

M = P + (P x r x t/100)

M = Maturity Amount

P = Principal Deposit Amount

r = Interest Rate

t = Tenor


Therefore, let’s consider the following values as an example. 


P = ₹1,00,000

r = 7.5%

t = 5 years

M = P + (P x r x t/100)

M = 1,00,000 + (1,00,000 x 7.5 x 5/100)

M = ₹1,37,500


Similarly, another formula can be used to calculate the compounded interest of an FD. 


M = P + P [(1 + i/10) t - 1]

P = ₹1,00,000

r = 7.5%

t = 5 years

M = P + P [(1 + i/10) t - 1]

M = 1,00,000 + 1,00,000 [(1 + 7.5/10) 5 - 1]

M = ₹1,43,562.93


Similarly, any tenor, deposit amount, and interest rate can be replaced with another number to draw out various possible maturity amounts through the FD calculator to decide which FD you can save in. 

How Can an FD Calculator Help You?

The fixed deposit calculator is a tool that can help you not only calculate the values surrounding your FD savings but also a tool that harbor many essential benefits to make your decision-making process seamless. Following are the benefits of the FD return calculator to help you understand how it is useful for you.

  • Approximate Values with Ease

The FD calculator estimates a maturity amount and interest amount you could receive, should you decide to save your funds through FDs. Depending on the variations in the deposit amount, the interest rate, and the tenor, the FD return calculator will offer you accurate readings of the values of your returns. One calculation can take mere seconds and convenience is a guarantee.

  • Comparison and Analysis Tool

Another benefit of using the FD calculator online is that it can help you compare and analyze the returns of the NBFCs you are currently considering for your next fixed deposit booking. Once the estimated maturity and interest amount is displayed on your screen, you can make changes in the interest rate, deposit amount, and tenor as per your preference to draw multiple inferences. 

  • Budget Management Assistance

The FD calculator can be the instrument that helps you hypothesize the numbers surrounding your annual budget which can provide a clear picture of how you could move your annual income around savings, investments, and expenditures. Additionally, it could provide you with essential variables to support your deposit amount options.

  • Free and Unlimited Access

To come to a sound conclusion for your fixed deposit bookings, you need to reconsider your variables, values, and calculations repeatedly. Hence, the fixed deposit interest rates calculator does not exhaust your usage allowance. You can make FD-related calculations as many times as you want with absolutely no charges implied since the decisions you make for your savings and investments shouldn’t be barred by limitations. 

Compare Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maximum Interest Rate
Maximum Tenor
Minimum Deposit Amount

Bajaj Finance

8.60% p.a.

60 Months



PNB Housing Finance

8.15% p.a.

120 Months



Mahindra Finance Ltd

8.30% p.a.

60 Months



AU Small Finance Bank

8.50% p.a.

120 Months



YES Bank

8.00% p.a.

120 Months



Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

8.75% p.a.

120 Months


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FAQs About FD Calculator

An FD calculator will give you the opportunity to draw budgeting conclusions through the approximate maturity and interest amount that a fixed deposit interest calculator can provide you with. You can compare various NBFCs and banks with one another through analysis and calculation of the interest rates they offer and the approximate maturity amount the FD calculator can draw for you. Such decisions, comparisons and analysis helps you create a solid financial plan with the support of the FD interest rate calculator.

You can use two formulas to calculate your fixed deposit maturity amount. The first (M = P + (P x r x t/100) is a simple interest formula while the second (M = P + P [(1 + i/10) t - 1]) makes calculations in compounding form. Here, the main variables are the principal deposit amount (P), the tenor (t) and the interest rate (r/i). You can add values to the respective variables and calculate your maturity amount. However, such calculations can be archaic. Hence, using an FD calculator for such calculations is a hassle-free method. 

There is absolutely no fee required to use the FD calculator on this particular page. Make unlimited calculations for free.

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