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About BMW X4 Insurance

The BMW X4 is a luxury SUV that offers extreme comfort while also packing a powerful 1993 cc engine. As a high-end SUV, the BMW X4 ex-showroom price starts at ₹71.90 lakh and goes up with upgrades and variants. With such an expensive price tag, it’s natural that anyone who owns this car or is planning to buy it will want to keep it protected against accidental and other damages, as the cost of repairs would run into tens of lakhs. The best-recommended way to protect against these damages is by getting a comprehensive BMW X4 insurance. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at BMW X4 insurance options, the car’s specifications and features.

BMW X4 Insurance Price for Variants

The BMW X4 is available in 2 different variants, and you check the insurance price for both of them in the table below:


Ex-Showroom Price

Fuel Type

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23


(effective 1st April, 2022)


xDrive 30i M

₹71.90 lakh


Rs. 7,897

xDrive 30d M

₹73.90 lakh


Rs. 7,897

Disclaimer: The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.

Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual insurance price that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to Buy BMW X4 Insurance Online

You can now purchase BMW X4 insurance online in just a few minutes on Bajaj MARKETS, by following the steps given below:


Step 1: Go to the ‘car insurance premium calculator’ page on Bajaj MARKETS.


Step 2: Enter your car details as well as personal details onto the website.


Step 3: Choose a BMW X4 car insurance plan from the options presented on the screen.


Step 4: Upload the necessary documents and make the online insurance premium payment.


Step 5: Your BMW X4 insurance will soon be activated and the details will be sent to your email id.


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How to Renew BMW X4 Insurance Online

Renewing your BMW X4 insurance is easier than ever. Just follow the simple set of instructions given below:


Step 1: Visit the car insurance renewal page of any insurance provider’s website.


Step 2: Enter your existing vehicle information on the website along with any personal information that may be required.


Step 3: Choose from the available list of BMW X4 insurance options.


Step 4: Upload the required documents and pay the online insurance renewal fee.


Step 5: Your BMW X4 insurance will shortly be renewed.


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Why You Need BMW X4 Insurance

As mentioned above, the BMW X4 is an incredibly expensive vehicle compared to the other cars in the Indian market. Even minor damages or repairs will likely cost lakhs of rupees and if there is significant damage to the car in case of an accident, the cost of repairs can easily go into tens of lakhs. To protect yourself against these huge financial expenses, it is incredibly important to get a comprehensive BMW X4 insurance plan. Moreover, it is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance for your vehicle to drive on the Indian roads, as per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019.

Types of BMW X4 Insurance

There are two types of insurance plans you can choose from for your BMW X4:

Third-Party Insurance

Under third-party insurance, you and your BMW X4 will not receive any type of coverage. Only the injuries and damages caused to the third party and their vehicle will be covered under third-party insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Under a comprehensive car insurance plan, you will get coverage for your own and vehicle damages as well as coverage for third party liabilities. As a result, comprehensive insurance is usually more expensive than third-party insurance.

What’s Covered Under BMW X4 Insurance?

The inclusions under BMW X4 insurance are situations like accidental damages, natural and man-made disasters, theft, coverage for third-party damages, etc.

What’s Not Covered Under BMW X4 Insurance?

The exclusions under BMW X4 insurance constitute situations like accidents due to drunk driving or driving under influence of drugs, providing incorrect information to the insurer, electrical or mechanical breakdown, regular wear and tear of car parts, etc.

Best Add-On Covers for BMW X4 Insurance.

If you choose to buy comprehensive BMW X4 insurance, you will also have the choice of buying extra add-on covers to enhance your insurance coverage. Here are the best add-ons you can choose from:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

With roadside assistance add-on, you can get help from qualified mechanics at the location where your BMW X4 breaks down, even if you are stuck in a hard-to-reach area.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

With the zero depreciation add-on, you can get the full market value of your car in your insurance claim, without worrying about the cost of depreciation taken into consideration.

  • Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

This personal accident cover provides medical coverage to all the passengers traveling with you in the car. You can use this important cover to protect your family and loved ones against medical expenses in case of an accident.

  • Engine Protection Cover

The engine protection cover is useful to keep your engine secured against any damages that would not be covered in a general comprehensive insurance plan.

How to Claim BMW X4 Insurance

If you wish to make a BMW X4 car insurance claim, you will need to keep the original copies of the following documents ready to submit to your insurer:

  • Your insurance policy papers

  • FIR of the incident

  • Original bills and receipts of vehicle repairs

  • Information regarding the traffic accident

  • Driving license and your car details

The two ways to make a BMW X4 insurance claim are:

  • Cashless Claims

Under cashless claims, you need to take your damaged BMW X4 to a network garage associated with your insurer. The network garage will repair your car and you do not have to pay anything out of pocket at this point. Your insurance provider will directly settle the repair bills with the network garage.

  • Reimbursement Claims

Under reimbursement claim, you have to take your vehicle to any garage of your choice and get it repaired at your own expense. Once your BMW X4 has been repaired, you can then submit the original repair bills and receipts to your insurer and get reimbursed.

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Tips to Reduce BMW X4 Insurance Cost

As an expensive luxury car, the premiums on the BMW X4 insurance will naturally be high. Here are some tips you can use to lower premiums:

  • Compare Insurance Online

Most major insurers are now offering their products online. You can compare BMW X4 insurance plans from different companies and buy one that suits your budget.

  • Anti-Theft Devices

By installing an anti-theft device in your BMW X4, you can possibly get a small discount on your car insurance premiums.

  • Buy Insurance Online Instead of Going Through an Agent

When you choose to buy BMW insurance online, you can remove all the middlemen and avoid the commission fees involved.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Add-Ons

Buying add-ons can increase your insurance costs, so you can choose to avoid buying add-ons or only buy the ones you deem really necessary.

Important Tips for Maintaining BMW X4 Insurance

Here are some valuable tips you can use that will help in maintaining your car properly.

  • Regularly Service Your Car

By regularly servicing your BMW X4, you can keep your car in very good condition for a long time. Any technical issues will also be quickly identified and dealt with.

  • Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure

Maintaining proper tyre pressure will ensure your car gets high mileage and there is no extra pressure on the engine.

  • Refill Consumables Regularly

In order for a car to function smoothly, it needs regular refilling of consumables such as engine oil, coolant, lubricants, etc.

  • Do Not Overload

Overloading your car can cause damage to the engine and internal parts. Overloading is also illegal as it leads to accidents.

BMW X4 Maintenance Cost

There are no official estimates available for BMW X4 maintenance costs. If you wish to enquire about this, you could try to contact BMW customer service representatives and ask for BMW X4 service cost figures.

About BMW X4

The BMW X4 is a great choice for an SUV if you are looking for a powerful yet luxurious car. While the petrol version of the car comes with a 1993 cc engine, the diesel variant packs a ton of power with the 2993 cc engine that it comes with. It also has a 5-star NCAP safety rating, making it one of the safest cars you can buy. However, before buying this high-end SUV, you should be aware of the BMW X4 specifications, features and on-road price. Let’s take a look at the below:

BMW X4 Specifications

The BMW X4 comes packed with powerful specifications that you can look at in the table given below:


BMW X4 Specifications


1993cc - 2993 cc

Approximate mileage

14 kmpl



Fuel Type

Petrol and Diesel

No of Cylinders


Gear Box


Top Speed

240 kmph

BMW X4 Features

The BMW X4 comes equipped with useful and luxury features, such as:

Power Steering

Cruise Control

Climate Control

Digital Navigator


Parking Sensors

BMW X4 On-Road Price Across Major Cities

While the BMW X4 ex-showroom price remains consistent across all locations, the on-road price changes in different states and cities. The difference in the BMW X4 on-road price is due to the varying taxes and fees imposed by local authorities. Let’s take a look at the BMW X4 on-road price in major cities:


BMW X4 On-Road Price


₹85.52 lakh


₹87.38 lakh


₹90.35 lakh


₹86.78 lakh


₹79.93 lakh

Final Takeaway

While the BMW X4 is a great car, you should still do your research and look at alternate options before making such a large investment. If you choose to go ahead and buy this car, then make sure to secure it with a comprehensive BMW X4 insurance so that you remain financially protected against any accidental or unexpected damages, theft, natural calamities, etc. If you wish to check the BMW X4 insurance price in India, you can use the car insurance premium calculator to get an estimate. Check out the excellent car insurance plans available at Bajaj MARKETS and choose one that suits your needs the best.

FAQs on BMW X4 Insurance

  • ✔️What is the BMW X4 price in India?

    The BMW X4 price starts at ₹71.90 lakh (ex-showroom). 

  • ✔️What is the BMW X4 mileage?

    The BMW X4 has an approximate mileage of 14 kmpl. 

  • ✔️Where can I get a BMW X4 insurance quote?

    You can use the car insurance premium calculator to get a BMW X4 insurance quote. 

  • ✔️How can I check the IDV of the BMW X4?

    You can check the IDV of BMW X4 using any of the online IDV calculator tools. 

  • ✔️What is the BMW X4 on-road price in Mumbai?

    The BMW X4 on-road price in Mumbai is ₹85.52 lakh. 

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