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How to Transfer Bike Ownership: Process, Cost and Document Required

India’s two-wheeler market is known to be one of the largest in the world. However, what is less known is that as much as 40% of India’s new two wheeler market consists of pre-owned two-wheelers [1]. As many as 7 million two wheeler units are bought and sold every year, which translates to a large number of ownership transfers taking place in the country on a daily basis.

An individual might seek two wheeler ownership transfer when buying a used bike from someone. This ensures that all the legal possession rights remain with the new owner of the vehicle. Bike ownership transfer might also be important in the event of a person’s demise and subsequent transfer of his vehicle to his heir.

However, bike ownership transfer is, above all, a legal procedure and therefore must be conducted by following specific processes and collecting the necessary documents.

3 Steps to be followed for transfer of bike ownership

The overall process of bike ownership transfer is fairly simple and uncomplicated. Here are the major steps involved:

  • First, the applicant must submit an application form of ownership transfer to the RTO, where the vehicle was registered. In case of a sale, this process is conducted by the seller of the bike. In case of the owner’s demise, it is done by the person to whom it is transferred.  

  • Secondly, it is mandatory that all necessary documents related to the two-wheeler be handed over to the new owner of the bike.

  • Lastly, the concerned RTO must be informed about the sale or transfer of the bike within a stipulated time period. In-state ownership transfers must be reported within 2 weeks, while out-of-state transfers must be reported within 45 days. 

What are the documents required for bike registration transfer?
Since a bike ownership transfer is a legal procedure, there are certain documents that are required to facilitate the process. These documents include:

  • Registration certificate: This stands as a verification of the vehicle’s official ownership and registration and hence, must be handed over by the buyer to the seller.

  • Pollution Certificate (PUC): This document is essential for any bike owner as it states that the vehicle meets all the required criteria for emission and pollution control.  

  • Insurance Certificate: This is another mandatory document without which the concerned RTO will not register a vehicle. The buyer must ensure that the insurance policy is transferred in his name or purchase a new one.

  • Proof of Identity: The buyer needs to submit a proof of identity in the form of Aadhaar card, driving licence, PAN card etc.

  • Proof of Address: Buyers also need to submit a proof of their address such as passport, electric bills, ration card etc.

  • Apart from these, there must also be a handover of the Road Tax certificate from the seller to the buyer. It serves as a proof of tax payment regularity and requires the buyer to file relevant forms such as Form 28, Form 29 and Form 30 among other bike transfer forms.

How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a two wheeler?

Another important consideration during this procedure is the bike ownership transfer cost. The overall charges for the same can be broken down as follows:

  • RTO charges: For the bike ownership transfer process, the typical fee levied by the RTO ranges from Rs.30 to Rs.35. This price varies according to the specific state of transfer.

  • Smart Card: In addition to the above, the RTO charges a fee for a smart card which is set at Rs.200.

  • Total charges: Barring any other costs sustained during the transfer, the official bike ownership transfer cost for the process clocks in at Rs. 230 to Rs.235.

How do I transfer the insurance certificate

As mentioned above, an important part of the bike ownership transfer process is the transfer of the bike insurance certificate from one owner to the next. This is a crucial step since two wheeler insurance is mandatory in India.

Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Once the ownership of the bike is transferred, the new owner must ensure the bike insurance certificate transfers to his name as well, within two weeks.   

  • To do this, the new owner must inform the insurance company about the ownership transfer. He will then be required to provide the necessary details required to update the insurance certificate and ensure its transfer.  

  • This transfer of insurance certificate must also be reported to the concerned RTO.  

  • At the expiry of the policy, the new owner must either renew it or purchase a new one to replace it. 

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Manage all queries with respect to bike ownership transfer here

  • ✔️Are legal heirs required to complete the ownership transfer process as well?

    Yes. Like all new owners, legal heirs are also required to complete the bike ownership transfer process to legally claim the vehicle.
  • ✔️Who should bear the charges of the bike ownership process: the seller or the buyer?

    Typically, the bike ownership transfer costs are borne by the seller of the vehicle. However, the buyer and seller might reach an agreement before the sale that might make the buyer liable to pay for these charges.
  • ✔️Can I complete the bike ownership transfer process online?

    Yes. The process can be completed entirely online. For the documentation step, make a note of the aforementioned documents and send soft copies of the same to the concerned RTO.

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