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RTO Ghaziabad

Delhi, the capital of India, is home to one of the highest volumes of vehicular traffic in the country. Close to 5.7 lakh vehicles entered Delhi from satellite towns on the city’s outskirts such as Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad as per data recorded by the Delhi Traffic Police till March this year.

If you live in Ghaziabad, you need to comply with the guidelines issued by the RTO office Ghaziabad as well as visit your nearest service center for any service related query such as vehicle registration, driving test, driving licence, driving test etc. Read on to know about the Ghaziabad Transport office and how it operates.

RTO Offices in Ghaziabad

The formation of state and regional RTOs in India is governed by section 213(1) of the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act. Every state in India has its own regional transport office and similarly Ghaziabad too has its own RTO. RTO office Ghaziabad was established in order to ensure that the general public is informed of the road safety guidelines and follows them judiciously, failing which a penalty is charged.

Ghaziabad RTO (UP- 14)




Regional Transport Officer, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh


Office time

10 A.M. to 5 P.M



Functions of Ghaziabad RTO Office

RTO Ghaziabad is responsible for the enforcement and management of transport rules and regulations within the area. Apart from conducting periodic inspections, the Transport office also takes care of a gamut of tasks and activities for the proper functioning of vehicles on its roads: These include:

  1. Driving License (DL): From issuing temporary learning licence to a permanent one, renewing an existing licence or issuing a duplicate one, you can get all your vehicular licence related services at the RTO office Ghaziabad.

  2. Registration: Not only does the RTO maintain a database of all registered vehicles in Ghaziabad, it also allots registration certificates to all vehicles purchased recently. You require a registration certificate as a valid document both, to sell an existing vehicle and to purchase a second-hand one. Permits, no objection certificate, fitness certificate, etc. are also issued for both, personal and commercial vehicles.

  3. Collecting tax as per the government rules

  4. Environment protection: Whether you want to convert your existing vehicle into CNG or LPG compliant one or get a Pollution Under Control(PUC)test done, Ghaziabad RTO proactively assists you. Pollution checks are conducted regularly at various centres to be sure that PUC norms are being stringently followed by all vehicle owners.

  5. Safety: RTO Ghaziabad is also engaged in popularising road safety guidelines to minimise road accidents as well as inculcate the general public to drive safely.

Types of Driving Licence issued by Ghaziabad RTO

RTO Office Ghaziabad issues various licences as per the vehicle owned by you. Here is a broad categorisation for your reference:

  1. Two wheelers with engine capacity equal to or below 50cc: All those aged 16 years or above qualify for this licence provided they have the legal consent of either a parent or a guardian for the same. This is the only licence open for application to 16-year-olds.

  2. Heavy commercial vehicle: To apply for a heavy vehicle licence in this category, the applicant should have cleared class 8th exam or be 18 years of age and above. A driving training certificate from a registered driving school under the jurisdiction of the state government is also required.

  3. Gear based motorcycles: Also known as motorcycles with gear or MCWG, it applies to bikes and scooters with gear. You need to be 18 years or older to be eligible to apply in this category

  4. Two-wheeler without gear: If you drive a moped bike or a scooter without gear, you can apply for this licence that falls under the MCWOG (Motor Cycle without gears) category

  5. Light motor vehicles(LMV): You can become a LMV licence holder if you drive a car, jeep, van or three-wheeler etc, and are aged 18 years or above.

Types of Vehicle registration undertaken at RTO Ghaziabad

Registration of vehicles at RTO Office Ghaziabad is done broadly under two categories:

  • Temporary registration: When you buy a new vehicle from a store dealer, a temporary registration is done then and there. The validity is for 7 days from the date of vehicle purchase. However, it can be extended to a month after which you can apply for permanent registration at the nearest RTO.

  • Permanent registration: to get your vehicle registered permanently, you need to submit the required documents to the concerned RTO after you have completed the purchase formalities of your new vehicle. The temporary registration provided by the dealer is then upgraded to a permanent one post verification with the issuance of a valid registration certificate by the RTO.


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