RTO Office Kanpur

With Kanpur being an industrial and commercial hub of U.P., the Regional Transport Office of the city is always bustling with activity. The RTO Office in Kanpur has a rural and an urban division to cater to the large number of residents of the district. It maintains a vast database of all private and commercial vehicles registered in the RTO as well as of each driving licence issued here. Furthermore, the collection of road tax, fees, penalties, issuance of permits and licences, and updating traffic rules and policies, are functions carried out by the department. 


RTO Kanpur code is UP 77 for rural and UP 78 for urban.


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RTO Kanpur Codes

Every RTO or regional transport office serves a particular jurisdiction in any given place in all parts of India. This jurisdiction may also be called a ‘zone’ which is represented by a code. This is commonly known as the RTO Code. Since Kanpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, there are just two zonal codes which comprise the RTO Codes:

Location of the RTO

Code of the RTO

RTO Kanpur Rural

UP 77

RTO Kanpur Urban

UP 78

Applicants who wish to access its services may do so at the RTO Kanpur official website at http://uptransport.upsdc.gov.in/en-us/RTO-LUCKNOW/RTO-KANPUR, or offices at locations around the city of Kanpur. Furthermore, the RTO can be contacted via the Kanpur RTO helpline number at 0512 2297786 for Kanpur Rural and 0512 2241047 for Kanpur Urban. Any RTO Kanpur contact number can be reached from 10 am to 5 pm on all weekdays.

RTO Kanpur Vehicle Registration

Based on rules and regulations that govern vehicular traffic, it is mandatory to register your vehicle to drive on any road in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur included. You may call the Kanpur RTO number for details regarding vehicle registration, or directly visit the RTO Office, Kanpur. For your registration to be done, you have to submit the following documentation to the Kanpur RTO:


  • Forms 20 and 21

  • Form 22A. This is the dealer’s certificate regarding the manufacture of the vehicle.

  • In the event vehicles are bought via a loan, financers must provide Form 28 or an NOC (No Objection Certificate)

  • An invoice of purchase of the vehicle

  • If the vehicle is imported, a customs bill is required

  • TCR and TCA Forms are mandatory if the vehicle is bought for commercial purposes

  • Form 60 and a PAN Card

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Residence proof

  • Photographs (passport size)

As vehicle registration is mandated by the law of the Kanpur RTO, any given vehicle also has to have motor insurance. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, states that vehicle owners have to have valid insurance papers to drive on Indian roads. If a car owner is found to be driving or riding a vehicle without the minimum required third-party insurance paperwork, they would be punished and fined by the authorities. Insurance terms and conditions may differ with various vehicle insurance plans, but the following are the two main types of plans that you can purchase:

  • Third-Party Insurance

Third-party motor vehicle insurance plans offer you cost coverage when your vehicle causes damage or bodily injury to third-parties and third-party property. Ensuring that you are free from legal liabilities, this is a basic insurance coverage that lets you pay low premiums.

  • Comprehensive Insurance

Covering a broader area of conditions, comprehensive insurance gives you protection when your vehicle is the cause of damage to third parties and their property, as well as to you and your vehicle. Therefore, with a wider scope of cover, you are totally protected and can add extra clauses for coverage in this kind of plan.


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Functions of the Kanpur RTO

The RTO of Kanpur performs important functions that are mentioned below:

  • Vehicle Registration

Kanpur vehicle registration is undertaken by the RTO Office, Kanpur. The office hands out certificates of temporary and permanent registration, processes the transfer of vehicle ownership, changes data of registration and tackles the renewal of certificates of registration.

  • Issuance of Driving Licences

Driving licences, both for commercial purposes and for private use, are obtainable by applying to the RTO of Kanpur. You can do this on the Kanpur RTO website.

  • Inspection of Vehicles

Vehicle inspection as far as its pollution control levels go and its mechanical health is concerned is undertaken by the RTO at Kanpur.

  • Government Tax Collection

Road Tax collection, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, plus handling any issues that require action as regards motor vehicles, is taken care of by the Kanpur RTO.

  • The Granting of Permits

At the Kanpur RTO official website, you may apply for an international licence to drive, or get a national permit if you need one.


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Kanpur RTO Fees

Certain fees and charges are levied by the RTO of Kanpur in exchange for services, and these are mentioned in the table below:

Purpose of Fees


Grant/Renewal of Trade Certificates



Rs. 500

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 500


Rs. 1000

Granting of a Duplicate Trade Certificate



Rs. 300

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 300


Rs. 1000

A New Registration Certificate



Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 1500


Rs. 1000

Light Vehicle

Rs. 600

Imported Vehicle

Rs. 5000

The Renewal of a Registration Certificate



Rs. 200


Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 600

Granting a Driving Licence (all vehicles)


Learning Licence

Rs. 151

Permanent Driving Licence

Rs. 716

Renewal of Licence

Rs. 416

Duplicate Licence

Rs. 216

Wrapping it Up

To legally drive a motor vehicle in the city of Kanpur, a vehicle must be registered by the authority of the Kanpur RTO. You are not, by law, permitted to drive a vehicle without proper registration, a valid licence and appropriate vehicle insurance in Kanpur. 

FAQs on RTO Kanpur

  • ✔️How much does it cost to renew a driving licence in Kanpur?

    The cost of renewal of a driving licence in Kanpur is Rs. 200.

  • ✔️How many RTO offices are available in the city of Kanpur?

    There are just two RTO offices in the city of Kanpur, one for the Urban district, and one for the Rural area.

  • ✔️Can I apply online for the vehicle registration?

    This is possible and you may apply on the official website, http://uptransport.upsdc.gov.in/en-us/RTO-LUCKNOW/RTO-KANPUR.

  • ✔️For how long is a learner’s licence valid?

    It is valid for a period of 6 months, after which it can be renewed. 

  • ✔️Can I transport passengers with a learner's permit in Kanpur city?

    You can transport passengers. However, learner (L) plates must be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle in question. 

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