Pune E Challan

The state of Maharashtra has incorporated a new set of traffic rules and regulations to mitigate instances of road violations in cities such as Pune. Pune e-challan is an effective and transparent method to keep a check on traffic violations. An e-challan is issued for a range of traffic rules’ violations that specifies the details of the violation, the fine charged and vehicle’s number and owner’s name. The e-challan also allows for easy and hassle-free online payment of fines.

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What is an e-Challan?

An e-Challan can be understood to be an electronically generated challan. e-Challans allow for traffic police to issue challans with greater ease owing to the fact that they are digitalized, and traffic fines can be paid online.


Owing to the fact that it is well intertwined with the state transportation system, it allows for road and traffic rules to be implemented with greater ease. Adding transparency to the system, e-Challans have significantly reduced the time involved in allocating challans and paying dues. Once an e-challan is issued, traffic violators can pay their dues online or offline.

Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Pune

The following set of violations and penalties are applicable to the city of Pune along with the rest of the state of Maharashtra. In the event that these aren’t abided by, drivers can be issued with an e Challan Pune.


RTO Fine (Pune and Maharashtra)

Driving without a licence 

INR 5000


INR 1000 – INR 4000

Driving/riding while intoxicated

Imprisonment for 6 months and/or INR 1000

Imprisonment for 2 years and/or INR 15000 for repeat offenders

Driving/riding without motor vehicle insurance

INR 2000 – INR 4000

Imprisonment for 3 months along with community service and a fine of up to INR 2000.

In case of repeated offence, this fee will amount to INR 4000.

Not using a seatbelt

INR 1000

Rash driving 

INR 1000 – INR 5000

Violating red regulations

INR 500 – INR 1000

Using a mobile while driving 

INR 5000

To understand the intricacies of each of these road violations and have a more comprehensive understanding of the same, visit the Maharashtra police website. The ‘Traffic education’ button under the ‘citizens corner’ tab will provide insights into Pune traffic challans.

How to Pay Kerala Traffic E Challan Online?

Paying e-Challans online has increased in popularity owing to the fact that it is a far easier and less time-consuming process. You have the right to make these payments with the aid of a third-party application such as Paytm. Else, you can use the Parivahan web portal.

1. E-Challan Online Payment via Paytm

You can pay your e-Challan via the Paytm portal with ease. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Visit the Maharashtra transport challan page on the Paytm portal.


Step 2. Fill out your e-Challan number in addition to your RC number and driving licence number and select the ‘proceed’ button.


Step 3. Key out the challan amount owed and select your preferred mode of payment.


Step 4. Complete your payment such that you can clear your e-Challan dues.

2. Payment of e-Challan Pune via 'Parivahan'

Pune e-Challans can be paid via the Parivahan portal. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your payment.


Step 1. Visit the Parivahan website.


Step 2. Key out the number of your challan, vehicle, or driving licence.


Step 3. A captcha code should appear on your screen. Key out what you see and then select the ‘get details’ button.


Step 4. Pertinent details will be displayed on the new page.


Step 5. You can verify the violations listed, see the status of your challan and then select the ‘pay now’ button to pay your dues.

3. Payment via Maharashtra E-Challan Website

Given below are the steps you will have to follow if you wish to pay your traffic challan online:


Step 1: Visit the official Maharashtra e-challan website.


Step 2: Enter details like your vehicle number and the last four digits of your chassis or engine number. Click on the ‘Submit button’. You can also provide the challan number and then click on ‘Submit’.


Step 3: Now, you will be shown the list of fines payable by you.


Step 4: Pay your fine using your credit/debit card or through mobile wallets such as Mobikwik, Paytm, etc.


Step 5: You will receive a confirmation once the payment is remitted successfully.


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Check E-Challan Status Online

It is important to always check the status of your e-Challan such that you are aware of whether your payment was processed or not and whether there were any issues in resolving your e-challan.


You can check the status of your e-Challan by following the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Head online to check the status of your e-Challan. For residents of Pune, the Maharashtra e-challan website is appropriate.


Step 2. Fill out your vehicle number in order to see e-challans listed under it and view their status.


Step 3. Make sure you type out the captcha code correctly prior to selecting the search button.


Step 4. You will be redirected to a new page that will indicate the status of each of your e-challans in addition to the details that pertain to each of them.


Being aware of traffic regulations and abiding by them can help prevent any e-challans and fines.


Should you be issued a traffic challan in Pune or fine, make sure you pay it within the stipulated time frame to avoid repercussions. Pune traffic e-challans are the same as those that apply to the rest of the state of Maharashtra. RTO challan in Pune can be avoided provided you are a rule-abiding citizen.


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FAQs on E-challan Pune

  • ✔️Is it possible for an e-challan to be canceled?

    There are certain instances in which e-challans have been canceled however that isn’t ordinarily the norm. Government norms dictate whether or not the circumstances warrant an e-Challan being canceled.

  • ✔️Is it possible for me to pay my e-challan offline in Pune?

    Yes, it is possible for you to pay your e-challan offline at a local police station. 

  • ✔️ Are there any provisions to complain in the case of an incorrectly filed e-challan?

    Yes, there are provisions for the same. Visit the Maharashtra traffic police website and select the ‘complaints button.  

  • ✔️What are some common traffic violations that lead to e-Challans?

    Common traffic violations that lead to e-Challans include but are not limited to driving rashly, driving without your vehicle papers, and documents such as your driving licence. You will also receive an e-Challan if you drive above the speed limit, overtake other vehicles, or misuse your vehicle’s lights.

  • ✔️What are two internet-based payment methods for e-Challans?

    Internet-based payment methods for e-Challans include Paytm and the Parivahan website.

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