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Bike/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance - Inclusions & Exclusions

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Bike/Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance - Coverage, Inclusions & Exclusions

While riding your bike around the vicinity, even a small issue such as a flat tyre can leave you helpless. Imagine being stranded outside city limits with a non-functional vehicle! This is not only frustrating, but can also be pretty dangerous.

With a roadside assistance cover in bike insurance, you can rest assured that help is at hand even during such uncertain times. By opting for this add-on cover, you can avail a host of services whenever your two-wheeler dies on you. All you need to do is call up your insurance provider for assistance and you will soon receive the assistance guaranteed under the cover.

So, let’s explore the features and benefits of roadside assistance cover for two-wheelers.

What is a Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance in bike insurance is an add-on cover that you can purchase separately for enhanced coverage. We all have been through times when our vehicle gave up in the middle of nowhere without any help around. During such times, you can make use of the two-wheeler roadside assistance cover to get your motorcycle back on the road. Right from flat tyres and battery issues to towing facility and fuel delivery, the breakdown cover in bike insurance has got your back!

Benefits of Bike Roadside Assistance Cover

Here are some key perks of having 24x7 roadside assistance add-on cover with your bike insurance plan.

  • Offers Instant Backup

While on a road trip or on your way to an important meeting, the last thing you would want is your two-wheeler to break down. Instead of hunting for a nearby garage or a mechanic to help you out, you can fall back onto your add-on cover. The 24x7 roadside assistance cover is a lucrative backup to have in the event of an unfortunate incident.

  • Provides Cost-Effective Coverage

The breakdown cover is an affordable option to maximise your coverage. Furthermore, such features are not covered by your insurance policy, making it a beneficial purchase!

  • Grants Peace of Mind

Wouldn’t your road trip be a bit more relaxing when you have roadside assistance against mishaps? Knowing that your bike insurance policy has got your back in the event of untoward incidents is highly comforting.

What is Covered Under Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance Cover?

Let’s go through the inclusions of emergency roadside assistance cover in bike insurance:

  • Towing Facility

If your motorcycle is damaged to an extent where it cannot be repaired on the spot and must be taken to a garage, the towing facility shall come in handy. With a roadside assistance cover, you can easily contact your insurer to get your bike towed to the nearest garage for repair work.

  • Tyre Issues

In case of tyre issues experienced on the road, the insurance provider shall arrange a mechanic to help you out. If the problem cannot be resolved with a spare tyre, your bike will be taken to the garage.

  • Spare Bike Keys

It is common to misplace and lose your bike keys, never to be seen again. However, you can rest assured with your roadside assistance cover! The insurer will help you with the delivery of spare keys without any trouble.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery

Forgetting to refuel your tank before a trip can happen to the best of us! But as you know, roadside assistance cover simply arranges for an emergency fuel delivery so that you can get back on the road.

  • Battery Problems

Incurring battery issues can be quite worrisome when there’s no way of re-starting your vehicle. However, your insurance provider shall easily assist you during such times and cover the expenses.

  • Minor Bike Repairs

Your two-wheeler doesn’t have to incur major issues for you to call upon the roadside assistance cover. Even minor bike repairs are included in the add-on so that you can carry on without a hitch.

  • Accommodation Feature

You might find such a benefit available under the 24x7 bike roadside assistance cover in case you are stranded due to vehicle repair. The insurance company shall cover the cost of accommodation. However, there might be some terms and conditions applicable for you to avail this feature.

  • Pick and Drop Facility

If your two-wheeler has to be taken to the garage for repair, the insurer can arrange for a pick and drop facility. Thus, you will be taken home from the location where your motorcycle incurred issues.

  • Breakdown Support Over the Phone

If your vehicle breaks down due to minor mechanical errors, you can avail free telephonic assistance and fix the minor problems then and there.

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What is Not Covered Under Roadside Assistance Cover?

Some aspects are excluded from the motorcycle roadside assistance cover. They are:


  • Any insurance claims made before informing the insurer

  • In case the two-wheeler was involved in an illegal activity

  • Using roadside assistance cover when the vehicle can be taken to the nearest garage

  • Any claims resulting from riding the bike without a valid driver’s licence or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

How to buy a Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance Cover?

You can only buy a two-wheeler roadside assistance cover along with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying a two-wheeler roadside assistance. 


  • Step 1: Visit the website of your preferred insurer. 

  • Step 2: Select the two-wheeler insurance plan you wish to purchase. 

  • Step 3: Enter the details required by the insurer, such as your personal details and the details related to your vehicle.

  • Step 4: Enter or select the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

  • Step 5: Select the two-wheeler roadside assistance cover as an add-on to your policy.

  • Step 6: Check the insurance premium you have to pay and make the payment online.

  • Step 7: Your insurance policy document will then be emailed to you right away.

Importance of Bike Roadside Assistance

A two-wheeler roadside assistance cover is important for various reasons. It can be extremely useful in case of the following requirements or situations.

  • Battery drain:

Your bike’s battery may die out during the monsoon seasons. Alternatively, it may also suffer from a short circuit. During such situations, if you have a two-wheeler roadside assistance cover, you can temporarily take cover and contact your insurance provider for further help.

  • Flat tires:

A flat tire in your two-wheeler can leave you stranded because there’s no spare tire you can rely on. But if you have roadside assistance cover for your vehicle, you can count on your insurance provider to arrange for timely help in case of a damaged tire.

  • Fuel delivery:

It may also happen that you occasionally forget to refuel on time, or you may run out of fuel in a place with no petrol stations nearby. During such emergencies, the two-wheeler roadside assistance cover ensures that your insurer sends along some help to refuel your vehicle.

  • Minor on-site repairs:

Sometimes, your two-wheeler may break down mid-journey and it may require some minor repairs. You can use the benefits of your roadside assistance cover to contact your insurance provider, who will then arrange for the repairs to be done promptly on the spot.

Documents required to apply for Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance

Your two-wheeler roadside assistance cover can only be purchased as an add-on, at the time of buying your base insurance policy. So, the documentation process to get this cover is the same as the paperwork you need to submit to buy your base plan. 


Here is a list of the documents commonly required to apply for your two-wheeler roadside assistance cover:


  • Proof of identity (such as your Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, ration card or voter’s ID)

  • Proof of address (such as your Aadhaar card, passport, ration card or voter’s ID)

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of your two-wheeler

  • Recent passport size photographs

  • Your old policy, if required

Claim Process for Two Wheeler Roadside Assistance

A two-wheeler roadside assistance cover is designed to help policyholders in case of emergencies on the go. The process for raising a claim on this cover depends primarily on the type of service needed. Broadly speaking, here is how you can raise a claim on your two-wheeler roadside assistance cover.


  • Step 1: In case any of the covered incidents or emergencies occur, reach out to your insurance provider. 

  • Step 2: Inform them about the incident.

  • Step 3: The insurance provider will send a mechanic or an expert to help you with your requirement. 

  • Step 4: The person sent will assess the damages or requirements and offer assistance accordingly.

  • Step 5: Your insurer will then directly settle the bill on your behalf, as a part of the benefits offered by the roadside assistance cover.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Bike Roadside Assistance Cover

To ensure you get your money’s worth, you can keep the following aspects in mind while shopping for the add-on cover:

  • Age of Your Bike

Over time, the mechanical and electrical issues in your bike tend to increase. Due to this reason, many insurance providers are reluctant to offer this cover to motorcycles that are older than five years.

However, if at all they do offer this coverage, the annual charges shall be relatively high. Thus, it is advised to consider the age of your bike and the premium quote before opting for emergency roadside assistance cover.

  • Number of Services Available

At times, the roadside assistance cover comes with a limit on the number of times you can avail a specific service. However, some insurance providers may offer the same facility on an unlimited basis. Therefore, understand the terms and conditions applicable to the cover to avoid any hassles.

  • Coverage Price

The price of the cover mainly depends on the age of your two-wheeler and the number of services you have availed. However, another critical aspect that is taken into consideration is your regular travel route. The plan prices are different for people who travel only within the city than the people who often travel intercity.

  • Need for Roadside Assistance Cover

Lastly, it is crucial to understand if you really need this add-on cover. As it is to be purchased separately, your bike insurance premium is surely going to increase. Thus, it is recommended to opt for such a cover only if you require it.

Who Should Opt for Roadside Assistance Cover in Bike Insurance?

You should consider purchasing roadside assistance cover if you satisfy the given pointers:


  • Travel Often: If you travel around and outside the city very often, then a 24x7 roadside assistance cover is meant for you!

  • Bike is Less Than 5-Years Old: In case your motorcycle is brand-new, it is advised to opt for roadside assistance cover for two-wheelers. This will ensure your prized possession is always in the best shape and protected from unfortunate mishaps.

  • Require Repair Assistance: Some of us may not know our way around a vehicle and that’s okay! As mentioned above, you can choose to buy roadside assistance cover in bike insurance for the times your motorcycle dies on you.


When it comes to maintaining your two-wheeler and keeping it in shape, the roadside assistance cover is a must-have. In case of any unfortunate events, you can easily lean onto your bike insurance policy for help. Purchase the best roadside assistance cover along with your two-wheeler insurance policy and discover the joy of riding worry-free!

If you still haven’t opted for a comprehensive bike insurance plan, now is the time. Shop with Bajaj MARKETS for all your insurance needs and avail smooth claim settlement process, easy renewals and more!

FAQs on Roadside Assistance in Bike Insurance

  • ✔️Will I lose my No Claim Bonus on raising a claim under the roadside assistance cover?

    No. You can rest assured when it comes to your NCB discount as the claims under roadside assistance cover will not affect it.

  • ✔️Can I purchase roadside assistance cover with my third-party bike insurance plan?

    No. You must have a comprehensive bike insurance policy to avail the benefits of roadside assistance add-on cover.

  • ✔️What is roadside assistance in bike insurance?

    Two-wheeler roadside assistance is an add-on cover that you can purchase along with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. With this add-on cover, you can reach out to your insurance provider for timely assistance in case of emergencies on the road, like a flat tire, refuelling, minor repairs or towing service requirements.

  • ✔️What is 24X7 roadside assistance?

    Also known as two-wheeler roadside assistance, 24x7 roadside assistance is a kind of add-on cover that is available with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies. It helps policyholders by offering timely assistance in case of emergency roadside repairs, fuel shortage, flat tires, towing requirements or more.

  • ✔️Is it worth buying a roadside assistance cover for new two-wheelers?

    Yes. Even if your brand-new bike may not face any mechanical issues, you might require other facilities. This includes emergency refuelling, a spare tyre, accommodation benefit, spare keys and many others.

  • ✔️What if the insurance provider cannot arrange for roadside assistance?

    In case your insurance provider isn’t able to send a mechanic or arrange the towing facility, they shall reimburse the expenses incurred.

  • ✔️Can the insurance company reject a claim made under the roadside assistance cover?

    Yes. If the claim raised under the roadside assistance cover doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of the policy, the insurer can reject your claim.