While applying for Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Markets platform ( on Website/Mobile Application which is owned, operated by Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited; I hereby expressly confirm and agree to be bound by Terms of Use, Privacy policy of the Platform and following terms and conditions:

1.     I acknowledge that Bajaj Markets is a fintech platform offering various financial products and services of its own or its Partners. BFDL is no a deposit accepting Bank or NBFC and the Fixed Deposit application (FD application) by me shall be submitted to Bajaj Finance Limited, a Deposit accepting NBFC (BFL), one of the Partners of BFDL.

2.     I have read and understood the detailed terms and conditions mentioned hereinbelow including the interest rate and other charges, the financials and other statements/particulars/representations furnished on the Platform and after careful consideration, I intend to make the deposit with BFL at my own risk and volition.

3.      Fixed deposit on the Platform is available only for individuals residing in India.

4.      FD calculators and rates displayed on the Platform is on as-is basis received from the BFL and are only as self-help planning tools. Results depend upon many factors, including the specifications I provide. BFDL does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to my FD application.

5.      I understand that I would be required to share and submit personal identifiable information and sensitive personal information [collectively referred as “Personal information”] on the Platform in connection with my application, as applicable and that, use and processing of my Personal Information shall be governed by the Privacy policy of this Platform.

6.     In the event I am found to be an existing customer of BFL, I authorize BFDL to fetch/use my existing KYC submitted to BFL in connection with my FD application.

7.     I authorize BFDL to share the information, document provided by me along with the FD application with BFL for verification purpose.

8.      Acceptance of my FD application is subject to approval/rejection from the respective Partner at its discretion without assigning any reason and any additional terms specified by the Partner FD_T&C.pdf ( as applicable including to the minimum amount of deposit prescribed by the Partner under the Application. No interest shall be payable by the Partner in relation to such deposits.

9.      No deposit will be accepted in cash. I understand that Electronic Fixed Deposit receipt (“eFDR”) will be sent to email id mentioned in the FD application by you.

10.  I affirm that:

a.     The amount being deposited is not out of borrowed funds or funds acquired by accepting deposits from any other person or through any illegal or wrongful means.

b.     all information provided by me are correct, complete, and up-to-date and no information as required to process my FD application has been withheld. I will keep BFDL and the respective Partner informed of any change in the information provided by me including but not limited to status of my citizenship, nationality or tax residence.

11.  This Application, its contents and the information/details provided by me from time to time as pursuant to my Application, may be submitted to any Regulator, Court, Law enforcement agency, Quasi-Judicial authority etc. on a need basis;

12.   I hereby expressly authorize BFDL and its Assigns (Group Companies/business associates/ affiliates/subsidiaries/agents/representatives/service providers/ permitted assigns) to send me communications including but not limited to promotional communication regarding other products and services available on the Platform via email, SMS, phone call, WhatsApp or any other mode of communication as provided/available. I understand that such product solicitation may be governed by its own terms and conditions which will be in addition but not in derogation to these terms and condition. I understand that I may at any time, opt out/unsubscribe from receiving such communications. The above-mentioned consent and authorization will not be a breach of any registration under DND/DNC/NDNC under TRAI regulations. 

13.   I acknowledge that I may be required to accept the terms of the product being availed, in this case Fixed Deposits account & the agreement is legally binding while creating an FD application on the Platform, however I understand and accept that the application is subject to availability of complete documentation & is adhered to all regulations as set by the Regulatory bodies. The application may be approved or put on hold as per the binding regulations.

14.   I understand that rates shown are currently offered rates and may vary depending upon the rate trend & regulations issued by regulatory bodies.


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