By submitting this application for Fixed Deposit as applicable, I hereby expressly agree to be bound by Terms of UsePrivacy policy of the Platform (defined hereinafter) and following terms and conditions:


  1. I acknowledge that Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited [“BFDL”] vide its proprietary Bajaj Markets Website/Mobile Applications [hereinafter referred to as “Platform”] is a digital platform, engaged by its Partners (i.e. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Housing Finance Companies (HFC) and Financial institutions, governed by RBI/NHB/ SEBI), to provide services of customer acquisition, preliminary credit support activities, fulfilment services and post-acquisition services as applicable and governed by service agreement with these Partners.  

  2. BFDL is also a Corporate Agent (Composite) registered under IRDAI regulations to solicit and service insurance products.  

  3. I understand that I would be required to share and submit personal identifiable information and sensitive personal information [collectively referred as “Personal information”] on the Platform in connection with my fixed deposit application, as applicable and that, use and processing of my Personal Information shall be governed by the Privacy policy of this Platform.

  4. I affirm that all information provided by me are correct, complete, and up-to-date and no information as required to process my application has been withheld. I will keep BFDL informed of any change in the information provided by me.

  5. I affirm that the amount being deposited for my investments is not out of borrowed funds or funds acquired by accepting deposits from any other person or through any illegal or wrongful means.

  6. I understand and agree that in case of renewal if specific tenure is not mentioned, renewal will be done for same term as that of the maturing Fixed Deposit.

  7. I understand that rates as shown for fixed deposit product of partner are currently offered rates and may vary depending upon the rate trend & regulations issued by regulatory bodies.

  8. Fixed Deposit calculator as provided on the Platform is only as self-help planning tools. Results depend upon many factors, including the specifications I provide. BFDL does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to my Fixed Deposit application.

  9. I authorize BFDL to share my information with its respective Partners in connection with my fixed deposit application and with other business associates offering value-added services including but not limited to insurance partners. Further, I consent that I may be contacted by BFDL, its Partners, business associates vide email, SMS, phone call, WhatsApp or any other mode of communication as provided/available in relation with my fixed deposit application and other value-added services.

  10. I authorize BFDL and its Partners to share all information provided by me or obtained as a result of my fixed deposit application on the Platform. I shall not hold BFDL, its affiliates, group companies or its Partners liable for use/sharing of the information provided by me or obtained as a result of fixed deposit application.

  11. I confirm that I have read the information on fixed deposit investment, including MITC (Most Important Terms and Conditions), applicable fees and changes, if any and as available on this Platform.

  12. Any decision to apply for investment in fixed deposit is solely at my own risk and will not hold BFDL harmless for any loss or damage that I may suffer, whether directly or indirectly. Display of fixed deposit product of various Partners on the Platform does not in any way imply, or constitute any endorsement, recommendation, advice or approval from BFDL in favour/against the Partners and/or their products.

  13. I hereby consent and authorize BFDL, to receive communications in relation to customized recommendations, promotional offers, information on various other products and services available on this Platform by BFDL via email, SMS, WhatsApp, phone call, App notifications or any other means of communication.

  14. I understand that opening of Fixed Deposit account may create legal, tax or other financial/ reporting obligations for me under the laws of the country of which I hold citizenship or reside in. I shall be solely responsible for undertaking and fulfilling any obligations that I may have under the laws of such country/ies and shall not hold the BFDL, its group companies, its affiliates or partners liable under any circumstance in the event of a default on my part in fulfilling the said obligations.

  15. The above-mentioned consent and authorization will override my registration under DND/DNC/NDNC under TRAI regulations.

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