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OLA S1 Electric Scooter

OLA Electric has recently launched its electric scooter, OLA S 1, in India. The zippy electric scooter comes in two variants: OLA S 1 and OLA S 1 Pro. If you are interested in buying this OLA electric scooter, you can book it on the company’s website by paying Rs. 599. Remember, OLA Electric Company doesn’t have dealerships, and you can only book the OLA e-bike directly from its website.

Important Highlights of OLA S1

Before buying the OLA electric scooter, you should know its important highlights. You can refer to the table given below:



OLA S 1 Pro

Riding Range

121 Km

181 Km

Kerb Weight

121 Kg

125 Kg

Rated Power

5,500 W

8500 W

Top Speed

90 km per hour (km/h)

115 km per hour (km/h)

Battery Charging Time

4 hours 48 minutes

6 hours 30 minutes

Seat Height

775 mm

792 mm

OLA S1 Electric Scooter Price

Now that you are aware of the key highlights of the OLA e-bike, you should also know about how much it costs. The price of the OLA electric scooter, for both variants, is as follows:

  • The ex-showroom price of OLA S1, exclusive of state subsidies,  is Rs. 99,999.

  • The ex-showroom price of OLA S 1 Pro, exclusive of state subsidies, is Rs. 1,29,999.

OLA S1 Mechanical Specifications

Wondering about the mechanical attributes of the OLA electric scooter? Here’s a detailed look: 



OLA S 1 Pro

Cooling Mechanism



Engine Design

DC Motor

DC Motor

Peak Power

8.5 kW

8.5 kW

Maximum Torque

58 Nm

58 Nm

DriveTrain System

Belt Drive

Belt Drive

Acceleration (0-60 km/h)

7 seconds

5 seconds

Acceleration (0-40 km/h)

3.6 seconds

3 seconds


12 Degrees

12 Degrees

Ride Modes

Two (Normal and Sports)

Three (Normal, Sports and Hyper)

Battery Capacity

2.98 kWh

3.97 kWh

Fast Charging Time

75 km in 18 minutes

75 km in 18 minutes

Charging Point 



Features of OLA S1 Electric Scooter

Both variants come with a host of cutting-edge features to provide a unique experience to riders. The OLA e-bike is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Read on to know all about its features: 

  • Lighting:

This electric scooter comes with daytime running (DRL) LED lights, LED indicators and twin-pod headlights.

  • Navigation and connectivity:

The OLA electric scooter has a 7-inch touchscreen display for easy navigation. Your mobile device can be easily connected via Bluetooth. It also supports connectivity through WiFi and 4G. The display has a GPS navigator to help you find the shortest route, nearby charging stations and helps you know the complete details of your ride. Without taking out your mobile device, you can view all notifications on the screen. You also get the gesture of voice command for OLA S 1 Pro. Once you are connected to the instrument, you can also set SOS messages for critical situations, like an accident or the scooter being stalled because of a dead battery. 

  • Colour:

While OLA S 1 comes in five different colours, you get the option to choose from 10 colours in OLA S 1 Pro.

  • Sensors:

Both variants provide sensors along with a reverse mode and lock/unlock feature.

  • Anti-theft protocol:

Both variants are equipped with anti-theft alarms.

  • Side stand warning:

Both variants of the OLA e-bike provide a side stand warning.

  • Under-seat storage:

The OLA electric scooter provides a large boot space of 36 litres.

OLA S1 - Expert Opinion

According to experts, this electric scooter inspires confidence. But along with good performance, there are a few rough edges as well. Here’s a look at the pros and cons:

1. Pros of Ola S1

  • India’s first electric scooter for the masses.

  • Superior build quality and futuristic style.

  • Best in class features and specifications.

  • Decently priced in the segment of high-performance scooters. 

  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology.

  • Worry-free rides because of connectivity and features.

2. Cons of Ola S1

  • Lacks features, such as ABS, removable battery, side footrest for pillion and flat floorboard.

  • Many specifications are not revealed by the company.

  • More expensive than some of the best selling scooters in this segment.

  • Dealer free concept is yet to be tested in India.

  • The longevity of the scooter is yet to be determined. 


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Ola S1 FAQs

What is the maximum riding range after a complete charge for the OLA Electric scooter?

OLA S 1 provides a maximum riding range of 121 km after full charge, while OLA S1 Pro provides a maximum range of 181 km.

Does the OLA S 1 provide different riding modes?

You get two riding modes in the OLA S 1, namely sports and normal. The OLA S 1 Pro provides three riding modes: normal. Sports and hyper.

What are the available colour choices of the OLA electric scooter?

OLA S 1 comes with five colour options, while you can choose from 10 colours for the OLA S 1 Pro variant.

Can I remove the battery of the OLA electric scooter?

No, both variants come with non-removable batteries.

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