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Revolt RV400 Electric Bike

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike is available in the Indian market at a price range starting from ₹1,16,134/-Revolt launched this artificial intelligence-powered electric bike in two variants and three colors respectively. Revolt RV 400 colours include grey, black and red.

The Revolt RV400 can be driven in three modes - Sport, Eco, and normal depending upon the speed of the bike. The maximum speed a Revolt RV400 can go up to in sport mode is 85km per hour and in normal mode, it can cover an approximate distance of 156kms at the speed of 45 km per hour. The rider gets a notification of Revolt RV400 low battery through the app. Revolt will soon be launching charging stations on various locations for its riders, in case of emergencies. 

Key Highlights of Revolt RV400

Here is a list Revolt RV400 specifications -


170 Nm

Motor Power

3000 W

Kerb Weight

108 kg

Fuel Category


Riding Range


Battery Capacity

72 V, 3.24 KWh

Required Charging Time

4.5 Hours

Revolt RV400 Price

Revolt RV400 price is different for both variants -

Model Variant


Revolt RV 400 (Standard)

Rs.  1,16,134/-

Revolt RV 400 (Premium)

₹ 1,29,463/- 

Revolt RV400 Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications




Ground Clearance


Diameter of Front Brake


Diameter of Rear Brake


Front Suspension

Forks upside down


Lightweight cradle frame (single)

Rear Suspension

Mono- shock

Revolt RV400 Colour Variants

The Revolt RV400 base and premium variants are available in three colors that are Rebel Red, Mist Grey, and Cosmic Black.  

Revolt RV400 - Expert Opinion

Every rider needs to be aware of the pros and cons of the vehicle before investing in it. To make your buying experience easier, here is a list of the pros and cons of  Revolt RV400 -

1. Pros of Revolt RV400

  • Lightweight:

The kerb weight of RV400 is just 108kg which makes it compact and effortless. The structure of the bike is designed in such a manner that the heaviest element i.e the battery(19 kg) is placed at the center of the bike’s gravity. This makes the bike lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Comfortable Structure:

The overall structure of the bike is very user-friendly. The seat height is 815mm which is comfortable for users of all heights. The ground clearance is 220mm which is quite high which lowers the inconvenience from nasty speed bumps.

  • Affordable Schemes:

Revolt Motors offers a scheme in which for 37 months, a rider has to pay Rs. 3,499 and Rs. 3,999 for RV400 base and premium per month respectively, to own the two-wheeler. This finance feature is very helpful for all types of users.

2. Cons of Revolt RV400

  • Throttle:

The Revolt RV400 is observed to be a little jerky in the sports mode. The throttle sensitivity is quite decent in the Eco and Normal mode but not so good in the sports mode.

  • Availability:

Revolt vehicles do not have a proper distribution channel or outlets at the moment. The models are only available in a few metro cities and not all cities of the country. If you wish to buy a Revolt vehicle, you have to wait till it is available in your city.

  • Plastic Quality:

The quality of the plastic used for the panels and upper body is not good and is a little cheap. As there is no specific protection for these parts, there are high chances of damage.


Revolt RV400 is a complete package that uses artificial intelligence and can be monitored by app. This electric bike can be availed by the customers by applying for a two wheeler loan. The customers can complete a simple and quick Revolt RV400 loan procedure online as well as offline to get a loan at a nominal interest rate with flexible repayment options.

Revolt RV400 FAQs

Does one need a license to ride a Revolt RV400?

Yes, a license is required to ride Revolt RV400.

Is it worth buying a revolt RV400?

Yes, the RV400 is worth buying. Not only because of the amazing features but also because it is a comparatively more fun and eco-friendly alternative to regular bikes. 

Is Revolt RV400 available?

Revolt RV400 is currently available in six Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

What is the top speed of Revolt RV400?

The top speed of Revolt RV400 is 45-85 Kmph.

What is the difference between RV400 base and premium?

Many factors differentiate the RV400 base and premium from each other. There is also a  difference of about ₹19,000/- in the price of RV400 base and premium.

What type of tyre is used in Revolt RV400?

The Revolt R400 has 90/90 R17 49P sized tyres.

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