About CPP Group India

CPP Group India is one of the most prominent insurance firms in the country and began its operations in 1981. It has helped many individuals by providing them with worry-free assistance and insurance plans to help them make the best out of their lives. Their products are based on the genuine needs/requirements of people and help empower them to solve problems in an effortless manner. 


The company has formed various partnerships with many leading brands across the world and believes in consistently delivering high quality products and services. CPP India aims to bring down the frictions faced by customers during their lives and provide them with immediate solutions during times of crisis. 


You can find CPP India’s insurance plans at nominal prices on Bajaj Markets.

Types of Plans Offered by CPP India General Insurance on Bajaj Markets

Here are some of the CPP insurance plans available on the platform:

  • CPP Wallet Care

CPP Wallet Care is one of the most popular pocket insurance available on the platform, as it not only helps secure the contents of your wallet but also provides several exclusive benefits. These include credit/debit card fraud protection up to ₹2 Lakhs, free OTT subscriptions to Sony LIV and ZEE5, and complementary PAN card replacement, among others. 

  • CPP Road Trip Cover

This type of pocket insurance offers protection against certain risks that people may potentially incur during a road trip with your family or friends, such as accidents. It comes with several benefits and features like roadside assistance, travel & hotel assistance, along with some other complimentary benefits. The total coverage amount comes up to ₹3 Lakhs, making it highly ideal for all such trips.

  • CPP Watch Secure

If you are someone who loves to collect watches or wish to secure your gift, then the CPP watch secure pocket insurance can be the most ideal for you. It not only offers damage and theft cover against your watch but also provides other features such as a card-blocking facility, and OTT subscriptions, among others. 

  • CPP Handbag Assure

While having a handbag can be quite beneficial for carrying several things at once, it can also be quite susceptible to various associated risks. This insurance plan can provide extensive coverage by incorporating a wide range of branded and designer handbags and securing them against damages and theft. It also provides certain other add-on benefits that you can take advantage of. 

  • CPP Backpacking Travel Cover

This pocket insurance plan is ideal for those who travel outdoors frequently, as it provides coverage against unforeseen incidents. These include getting stranded in areas without cash or card, loss of your phone, or being caught in an accident in a remote area, among others. With this, you can also get hotel and travel assistance, a free PAN card replacement and more.

How to Contact the Bajaj Markets Team

At Bajaj Markets

Feel free to connect with the Bajaj Markets team through the following channels.

FAQs about CPP India

What is the benefit of getting CPP India Insurance?

CPP India provides a wide range of pocket insurances such as wallet care, road trip cover, and handbag assure, among others. These can not only help cover the expenses for certain damages, but also come with added features such as CPP card protection, free PAN card replacement, OTT subscriptions, and more.

Who can be eligible for CPP India Insurance?

All individuals above the age of 18 years can be eligible for CPP India’s various insurance plans. However, there is no upper limit on the maximum age to purchase a scheme.

What is the cancellation policy for CPP India Insurance?

You can easily cancel your pocket insurance plan with CPP India at any point in time by contacting the Bajaj Markets team. They will help guide you through the cancellation process in an efficient way.

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