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A coma is a prolonged state of unconsciousness where the affected person fails to respond to any external stimuli. Such incidents not only take an emotional toll on the family but also leave them financially exhausted. In such a scenario, an extensive coma insurance plan can provide adequate financial support for the treatment expenses in case an accident were to result in coma. You can buy it with premiums starting at just Rs. 39 for an annual coverage. 

Key Features of Coma Insurance Cover

Take a look at the exclusive features of the coma cover to make an informed choice:

  • Substantial coverage

The coma insurance plan comes with a maximum sum assured value of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs, ensuring financial protection to you and your family.

  • Affordable premiums

Pay an amount of just Rs. 39 annually and avail the benefits of a coma insurance policy for meeting the treatment expenses.

  • Provides annual coverage

The coma insurance cover extends financial support for 1 year from the date of purchasing the plan.

How to Apply for the Coma Insurance Cover?

Applying for such plans is hassle-free and straightforward. Follow these simple steps below to apply for this plan online:

Step 1: Click on ‘Buy Now’

Tap on ‘Buy Now’ option on the product page

Step 2: Fill in the Relevant Details

Open the application form and enter essential details

Step 3: Pay the Premium

You can instantly pay premium through your preferred online payment mode

After successfully purchasing the coma insurance cover, you will receive all the relevant membership details on your registered email ID.

Eligibility Criteria

Only after meeting the lender-specific criteria you can acquire the coma insurance policy without any hassle-

  • Applicants within the age between 18-65 years are eligible to purchase this policy.

What’s Covered?

Before purchasing any insurance plan, it is wise to learn about its inclusions and exclusions thoroughly. In a coma insurance policy, during the tenor, if the insured person faces an accident leading to this state, the policyholder is entitled to receive the chosen sum insured amount and pay out as specified in the plan.


However, here are some of the essential guidelines that must be kept in mind for the accidental coma cover:

  • If the insured person fails to respond to external stimuli for an uninterrupted 96 hours.

  • A concerned medical practitioner in writing confirms the condition of coma.

  • Life support measures must be provided to ensure that the patient stays alive.

  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol or any previous illness is excluded as the cause of the condition.

Policy Details and Specifications

Under this plan, policyholders can get considerable coverage of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs by paying a premium of just Rs. 39. Also, this policy is valid for a period of 1 year.

What’s not Covered?

Now that you are aware of the inclusions, let’s take a look at the exclusion given below:

  • If an applicant slips into coma due to accidents arising from adventure sports, he/she will not be eligible to avail any coverage as per policy specifications.

How to Raise a Claim?

To raise a claim against a coma insurance policy, you can contact the insurer through the method mentioned below:

  • Call your concerned insurer by calling on the toll-free number- 1800-102-4462.

Customer Care Details

For queries or confusion related to the product, feel free to reach out to us at

Coma Insurance Plan – FAQs

Can a 75-year-old individual purchase a coma insurance plan?

No, as per policy terms and conditions, individuals aged between 18-65 years can only apply for this plan.

Apart from coma, what are the other medical conditions covered under this plan?

No, this plan offers coverage against coma resulting from an accident. Any other injury that occurs from an accident is not covered under this plan.

Do I need to purchase an accidental coma insurance cover offline by visiting the insurer’s office?

No, you do not need to visit the insurer’s office to purchase this plan. You can conveniently purchase this policy by visiting Bajaj Markets website.

What is the validity of a coma insurance policy?

The insurance plan against Coma is valid for one year from its purchase date.

What payment methods are available to purchase an insurance plan against a coma?

You can pay the premium amount through various payment options, including mobile wallet, UPI, debit and credit card, net banking, etc.

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