The baggage insurance policy provides you with full reimbursement in situations where your baggage might get delayed or lost or if the contents of your luggage are damaged. So you no longer need to worry about luggage problems while travelling, and can have a pleasant, relaxing experience. 

How to Purchase Baggage Insurance Policy?

You can now buy your baggage insurance policy seamlessly via online mode! All you need to do is follow the simple steps below to complete your purchase:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Head to the product page and tap on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Submit details

    Enter the required details in the online application form.

  • Make the Payment

    Once you submit the application form, pay the premium online to complete the process.

You can get access to the policy directly through your registered email ID.

Pricing Details of Baggage Insurance Policy

Take a look at how much you need to invest in baggage travel insurance cover:

Tenure of the policy

1 year

Premium amount

The maximum sum insured is Rs. 50,000 at Rs. 599


5% of the insurance claim amount (minimum Rs. 25,000 for every claim you file)

Moreover, it also comes with a policy excess system. Here you need to bear 5% of the claim amount or at least Rs. 25,000 with every claim.

Types of Baggage Insurance

Here are the types of luggage insurance plans that you can understand thoroughly before purchasing your Baggage Insurance cover. 

1. Single Trip Baggage Insurance

Under this cover, the damage or loss of baggage is covered, however, only for a single trip. You are required to submit the dates of your trip’s commencement and its end, during which the policy will be active for claims. This cover is perfect for those who don’t travel very frequently.

2. Multi-trip Baggage Insurance

Similar to the Single Trip Baggage insurance cover, the Multi-trip Baggage Cover can offer compensation for baggage loss or damage. However, this one is applicable to multiple trips. You can confirm with your insurer the number of trips your particular insurance plan can cover. This cover is great for those who are frequent travellers. 

3. Baggage Insurance for Specific Objects

Luggage insurance plans offer coverage for a particular item that you would like to insure against damage and loss costs incurred during a trip. The object you’d like to safeguard could be a valuable item or an expensive article against damage or theft. These objects could include cameras, laptops, musical instruments, etc. 

Baggage Insurance Policy - Details and Specifications

Here are the pointers specifying the details of the baggage travel insurance cover:

  • Coverage limit

At a minimal price of just Rs 599, you can enjoy financial protection extending up to Rs 50,000.

  • Flexible Payment details

You can now pay for your baggage insurance policy via multiple methods such as UPI, mobile wallet, debit/credit card and net banking.

Key Features And Benefits Of Baggage Travel Insurance

High financial coverage

Enjoy coverage extending up to Rs 50,000 at a nominal and affordable premium of Rs 599 for baggage insurance cover.

Simple claim process

In case your luggage gets stolen, damaged, or lost, you can contact your insurance provider via email, telephone, or post. The claim will then be settled according to the given time frame.

What's Covered and What Is Not Covered in a Baggage Insurance Policy?

Here are all the inclusions and exclusions of the Baggage Insurance Cover for your understanding.



Extensive Coverage

You can get up to ₹50,000 as coverage for loss or damages caused to your baggage.

Transit Damages

No coverage will be given for damages caused due to carelessness during carrier transit.

Burglary and Theft Security

If your baggage is stolen, you can claim a reimbursement for it with accordance to the insurance policy guidelines and coverage

Fragile Objects

Loss or damages due to scratches or breakage of marble items, lens, chinaware, etc. are not covered.

Coverage for Strike, Fire & Riot Damages

In case of damages caused to your baggage by riots, fire or strike violence, you can claim full compensation through the Baggage Insurance cover.

Ornaments and Valuables

No financial coverage will be given for loss or damages caused to jewellery, precious stones, or other ornaments and valuables.

Protection for Family Members

This insurance plan can cover damages or loss of your family’s baggage as well.

Maintenance Damages

Damages caused during dyeing, repairing or restoration processes will not be covered.

How to File a Claim Against Your Baggage Insurance Plan?

You can  file a claim against your insurance policy in the following ways:

  • Call on a toll-free helpline number 1800-209-5858

  • You can send us an email at

  • Alternatively, you can write about the incident and send it to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd. Bajaj Allianz House, Airport Road, Yerwada, Pune – 411 006.


Kindly provide the policy details, such as the insurance policy number, and provide supporting documents irrespective of which process you choose to file a claim. Remember to file an FIR at your local police station within 24 hours of the occurrence of burglary or theft.

Documents Required While Filing a Claim

Submit the following documents while filing a claim against your baggage insurance policy:

  • Duly filled and signed insurance claim form

  • Incident report

  • Report from Fire Brigade, in case of damages caused due to fire

  • An FIR copy which is applicable during burglary or theft


This list is suggestive, and your insurance provider may ask you to provide additional documents during claim settlement.

Customer Care Details for Baggage Insurance

Send us an email specifying your query at 

Baggage Insurance Cover FAQs

Who is the insurer of baggage insurance cover?

CPP is the insurer of this insurance cover. So, do not confuse Bajaj Markets as your insurance provider.

What is the role of Bajaj Markets in offering a baggage insurance plan?

Bajaj Markets is an online platform from where you can just purchase this insurance policy.

What is the renewal amount of a baggage insurance policy?

You cannot renew this insurance plan after one year when it expires. However, you can repurchase it by paying just Rs. 599.

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