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Best Adventure Activities in India

Need a break from the daily mundane routine? The rich and enthralling topography of India could be excellent motivation to go on an escapade. This country is bestowed with breathtaking rivers, high mountain peaks, and gruelling terrain. This makes India one of the best destinations for adrenaline junkies. 


Whether you are a beginner or a pro traveller, India has something for everyone. So, if you are looking for adventure activities in India, you are at the right place. Let’s explore some of the best things to do here for a thrilling expedition.


Disclaimer: Since adventure sports are quite unpredictable, it is recommended to opt for an adventure cover for security against any unforeseen perils.

1. Trekking

India is popular for tantalising treks. The mountain ranges offer a plethora of options, which go from easy to difficult terrains. Places like Roopkund lake feature challenging twists, which are sure to fill you with excitement. 


While most parts of the Roopkund trek are easy, you will also encounter a steep climb that could be a tad difficult to cover. However, if you are a beginner, fret not! India is home to easy treks like Chatakpur Tiger Hill Trek, Triund Trek, Nag Tibba Trek, and more. Hikers can also visit Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, etc. to explore mountains.

2. Skydiving

Everyone wants to fly freely in the open sky like a bird and skydiving offers you the chance to take a free fall from a helicopter! However, when skydiving, it is best to have an expert along. 


Mysore–a city known for its scenic beauty–is the best place to dive into the sky. The captivating view of the blue sky and natural marvel sprawled across the valley in Mysore will leave you spellbound. Thanks to its capability of making hearts race, skydiving can be deemed one of the best adventure activities in India.

3. Caving

Though India is filled with caves, most of them are still undiscovered. Hence, caving is yet to take roots as an adventure sport. However, Meghalaya is home to one of the longest caves in India, offering the thrill of caving here. 


Before you begin your journey, pack your bags with essentials like food and water. You will be needing them as you explore the caves. Moreover, carry the necessary safety gear along to keep yourself protected from wild animals.

4. Parasailing

Who wouldn't wish to have an aerial view of the sea? In fact, parasailing at Payyambalam Beach offers one of the best adventure experiences in India. It lets you experience the blue Arabian Sea as you sail over it in the sky. You can try this adventure sport in Rishikesh, Goa, Kullu, and Manali.

5. Biking

We all want to go biking, don’t we? And a motorcycle trip to Ladakh is one of the best adventure activities in India. What makes these trips even more worth it is enjoying the panoramic view of the changing landscape with your closest friends. 


For biking trips, you can independently plan the journey with your friends or join any motorcycle expedition. Some of the popular road trips are Chennai to Pondicherry, Guwahati to Tawang, Delhi-Jaipur-Ranthambore, Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty, and Mumbai to Trivandrum. 

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is relatively new to the list of adventure activities in India. In case you are a fan of water sports, then kayaking is for you. It brings you closer to nature and is great to test your upper body strength. 


Devprayag in Uttarakhand and Kumarakom in Kerala are two famous destinations to try kayaking. This is an adventure sport that does not discriminate. Hence, people of all age groups can indulge in kayaking.

7. Flyboarding

Places like Goa, Pondicherry, and Lakshadweep are all about water sports. Experiencing some water fun is a must when you visit these adventurous places in India. In fact, aquatic activities have taken a colossal leap in Goa with flyboarding. 


It is a mix of energy and fitness on water that offers an adrenaline surge while flyboarding. This activity blends the physical attributes of multiple sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, etc. 

8. Flying Fox Adventure

Want to watch Indian forests from the sky? What better than ziplining or flying fox adventure? To complete this activity, you’re tied to a rope that’s tied to the two opposite mountain tops. You then go swinging from one end to another, and bingo! You’ve successfully experienced paradise. 


One of the best adventure activities in India is ziplining in Kerala. While you are here, you can also enjoy mountaineering, the trampoline, and some water sports too.

9. Paragliding

Paragliding is on every thrill seeker's bucket list. After all, it is another activity that allows you to fly like a bird. Basically, you somewhat live a moment of your life soaring up in the sky. 


Bir Billing is also one of the most adventurous places in India that offers the best paragliding experience. In fact, it is the second highest paragliding place in the world after Europe's Chamonix.

10. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the best adventure things to do in India. It is ideal for all levels of fitness, bravery, and experience. Mountain biking is a fun activity that also acts as a low-impact workout. From fast and flowy routes to aggressive downhill routes, there is a track for everyone. 


If you’re a beginner, you might be more comfortable with moderate terrains. You can explore different mountain trails based on your grade and scenery preference. The hills in West Bengal, Sikkim, and Ladakh have exciting tracks.

11. Helicopter Skiing

Getting off a ski lift to ski is the old-school way of skiing. Reach the spot via a helicopter to immerse yourself in the breathtaking view of magnificent mountains. 


Once the helicopter drops you at the skiing location, you can glide through descending slopes and show off your skills. Gulmarg and Manali are well known to offer the most exceptional slopes. Heli-skiing is one of the best adventure activities in India.

12. River Rafting

Hold on tightly and balance yourself in the boat since you won't get any harness or seat belt to complete this bumpy ride. River rafting is a team adventure activity, where you get to enjoy drifting through raging whitewater, battling your way against splashing water, as you sit back on your raft and paddle. 


By the end of this sport, you will have a great story to share about excellent teamwork, filled with fun, fear, and amusement.

13. Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall rappelling is where you descend a patch of rock alongside mountain water searing down the cliff. The increased intensity of heartbeats as you hang through a rope and the gushing water blurring your vision while also electrifying your senses, lend a feeling of being a superhero. 


Chelavara Waterfalls and Kondana Caves are the most adventurous places in India for waterfall rappelling.

14. Snorkelling

Want to explore what the underwater world is like? Despite the strong urge to live a moment of your life in the ocean, most people get scared by the depth of the sea. If you are one of those, snorkelling is for you. 


To do this activity, you have to swim on the surface of the water. You’ll be mesmerised by the vibrant corals and the picturesque marine life as you swim through the clear blue water. It can be a peaceful experience for tourists who are new to water sports. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best known for adventure activities such as snorkelling.

15. Surfing

Are you someone who stares right into the eyes of a monster instead of running far away from it? If your answer was a ‘yes’ to the aforesaid question, then surfing is for you. The sight of humongous waves can be overwhelming. 


However, the brave are fearless to even ride over the sea monster. The thrill of surfing over the tide is unmatched. Hence, it is one of the best water adventure things to do in India. Kovalam and Varkala beaches in Kerala are the best spots for surfing in India.

16. Rock Climbing

India is famous for its quintessential topography that enables you to try rock climbing. However, this adventure sport is not for everyone. It demands a great level of mental and physical fitness. Rock climbing is known to test the climber’s dexterity, resistance, stability, endurance, and mental strength. You need to have a colossal amount of courage and tolerance to climb a rock. 


Hence, it is seen as one of the most demanding adventure activities in India. So, despite all the risks involved, if you are still willing to try an extreme sport, rock climbing is for you. Shey Rock in Ladakh is loaded with rocky terrains, making it ideal for this adventure.

17. Hot Air Balloon

Gradually ascending into the sky in a hot-air balloon offers an unforgettable experience. Having a spectacular view of the unapproachable horizon as you drift with the clouds sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 


More than thrill, this adventure sport offers a calming feeling. The best adventurous places to visit  for a hot-air balloon ride in India are in Maharashtra (Lonavala), Goa, Rajasthan (Jaipur), etc.

18. Hand Gliding

Hand gliding is another adventure sport that lets you fly. All you have to do is spread your glider and fly across the sky as you have an aerial view of the forest. This sport is for the daredevils who want to taste the freedom of birds and the joy of gliding through the air. 


For this, you have to fly a lightweight and unpowered aircraft. You take off by jumping off the cliff. Bir and Ooty are the most adventurous places in India for this sport.

19. Giant Swing

Everyone loves swings, right? Those which everyone played on as kids seemed like child’s play. However, it has now become one of the most popular adventure activities in India. 


Imagine a giant swing–55 feet above the ground–which offers a view of the magnetising Himalayan range? Sounds exciting, right? Visit Uttarakhand to revel in the enigmatic view of Rishikesh valleys, clear skies, enchanting weather, and gushing rivers for the craziest giant swing activity. Rishikesh is the fixed platform and the highest jumping site in India.

20. Jungle Camping

Want to get close to nature? What better than camping in a jungle? It allows you to spend some time in the forest, spotting the bird, exploring the flora and fauna of the area, and breathing in the fresh air. 


You can find tropical, evergreen, subtropical, and sub-alpine forests to indulge in this adventure activity in India. So, pick one forest and go camping in the jungle to rejuvenate yourself.


Now that you know the most adventurous places in India, it is time to plan a long holiday. However, one cannot ignore the fact that such sporting activities can be dangerous. Hence, it is imperative to stay protected with insurance.


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Best Adventure Activities FAQs

What measures should I take while trekking?

One of the most important tips for trekkers would be that they shouldn’t rely on their phones. Your phone will probably be useless in such locations due to the lack of network.

Which places are famous for ziplining in India?

Here are a few places that are famous for ziplining:

  • Rishikesh

  • Mussoorie

  • Kolad

  • Munnar


Where can I buy Adventure Sports Insurance?

You can buy Adventure Sports Insurance on Bajaj Markets.

Which places in India are popular for adventure activities?

Here are a few places in India that are known for adventure activities:

  • Kolad

  • Ladakh

  • Goa

  • Rishikesh

Which are some of the best places in India to trek?

Here are a few places in India that are popular for exciting treks:

  • Manali

  • Kasol

  • Sikkim

  • Chopta

  • Dharamshala

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