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What is the Credit Protect Plan?

Defaulting on loan repayments can land you in a vicious cycle. As the credit keeps piling up, the financial, as well as the mental stress, keeps increasing. To ensure that this does not happen, plan a budget and stick to it. However, there may be unexpected situations where you may be forced to spend on unplanned things, such as accidents, and thus be unable to make repayment.


Group Protect - Credit Protect 18-60 years from Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd. offers coverage to assist those in need of loan repayment if an accident causes a total and permanent disability or death. Now, you and your family can pay any outstanding loans, regardless of the challenging times or any mishaps. You only have to pay Rs. 69/year in premium to get coverage benefits of Rs. 1 lakh. Let us learn everything that is covered in this policy and the steps you can take to purchase the plan. 

Key features of the Credit Protect Plan

Here are the primary benefits of the Credit Protect Plan:

OPD Expenses

If you incur expenses on medically necessary treatment taken when the policy is effective due to an illness or injury, the amount will be indemnified up to the limits specified.

Diagnostic Tests

If you incur expenses on the medically required diagnostics tests that are listed in the policy, they will be indemnified. However, these must have been incurred on an outpatient basis up to the limits specified in the policy.

Pharmacy Expenses

If you have any medically required pharmacy expenses, as listed in the policy, which are incurred on an out-patient basis, they will be indemnified up to the limits specified in the policy.

How to apply for the Credit Protect Plan?

You can apply for the Credit Protect Plan with just a few simple steps:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Submit your information via the online application form after clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page.

  • Verify your submission

    Next, enter your mobile number to receive an OTP. Use the OTP to confirm your online application form.

  • Pay the Premium

    Make the premium amount online using your credit card, debit card, UPI, or mobile wallet.

Credit Protect Plan Membership information will be sent to you via email or Whatsapp.

Eligibility criteria

To get this plan, the following criteria must be met:


  • You can take the plan if you are aged between 18 and 60 years, as on the date of your last birthday. 

  • A current loan is required as of the application date. 

What’s covered under the Credit Protect Plan?

  • Loan default due to accidents

    If you have suffered a permanent or temporary disability due to an accident, or accidental death, that you have sustained when the policy is effective, you shall be paid an amount corresponding with the outstanding balance of the loan amount from your loan account number.

Please note:

The Credit Protect Plan has a fixed payout basis. You are paid the outstanding balance from the loan amount.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

Here are the specifications of the Credit Protect Plan that you must know:

  • Coverage 

The maximum coverage amounts to Rs. 1 lakh under the Credit Protect Plan.

  • Validity

The Credit Protect Plan is valid for a tenor of one year.

What’s not Covered under the Credit Protect Plan?

Listed below are the expenses and causes for which you will not be covered under the Credit Protect Plan:

  • Indirect costs

If you suffer indirect costs, whether financial or otherwise or face legal responsibility, your claim will not be approved. 

  • Loss due to motor vehicles 

If you have suffered any loss when you have participated as the motor vehicle’s passenger, driver, or co-driver, in motorsports or during practice sessions, no coverage will be given.

  • Not following the given advice

If you have spent money on corrective measures despite not following medical advice, you will not be covered.

How to make a claim?

All of the following methods of contacting the customer service team will suffice to file a claim under this policy:

  • Call

You can file a claim by calling on the toll-free number 1800-270-7000. Your claim will be registered by the representative. 

  • Email

You can send an email to mentioning your policy number and other relevant details.

Customer care details

If you have any queries regarding the Credit Protect Plan policy, Just email us at and quickly get all your queries and doubts resolved. Our team is always at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The premium amount you have to pay to get the Credit Protect Plan is Rs 69. The amount is inclusive of all taxes.

This Credit Protect Plan policy offers coverage against the financial risks of loan repayment if an accident causes a total and permanent disability or death. 

You get up to Rs. 1 lakh in sum insured under the Credit Protect Plan.

The Credit Protect Plan is valid for a tenor of one year.


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