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Curved screens, particularly Amoled ones, are one of the newest technologies for mobile device panels and one which has most significantly reduced image quality. Samsung was one of the first companies to release curved display mobile phones. Other smartphone manufacturers have already employed curved screen phone displays on their flagship models, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others. In addition to giving the smartphone a premium appearance, curved displays also make it more comfortable to carry.


Despite being the most advanced, curved display phones still have drawbacks, which is discussed in this article, including its cost or ease of breaking. To keep it from breaking, it is vital to be knowledgeable about a variety of tips and tactics. Therefore, it will be very helpful to know a series of suggestions which will help you extend the life of the panel of curved display phones if you are a user. Additionally, by doing this, you may be able to avoid any potential breaks.

Problems With The Phones Which Have Curved Panels

In addition to the display, other factors to take into account when purchasing a phone with curved edge screen include the CPU, battery, and design. A curved display mobile phone that is both lightweight and robust should be sought for. When purchasing a curved screen phone, other qualities like a high megapixel camera, a quick refresh rate, and plenty of storage space are important to consider.


Despite how fantastic curved display phones are, one of their first drawbacks that have been discovered is that they are far more fragile than terminals with wide frames since they have curves instead of corners. Curved display phones do, however, have an increased resistance to potential shocks. These panels are much more prone to breaking than smartphones with metal frames, despite having Gorilla Glass technology. But given that curved display mobile phones are more visually appealing, it is understandable why you might be looking for one. 


Another drawback is that repairing a screen will cost more the better the screen is or the harder it is to make. Therefore, if it breaks and it needs to be replaced, both the curved display mobile phone screen and the digitizer will cost even more than if you were working with a smartphone with a standard and up-to-date screen that had the same range and features.


Even holding a curved screen phone can be more painful than holding a straight one. This is so that you can hold the curved display mobile phone more securely thanks to the terminal's bezels. It is therefore strongly advised in these circumstances to purchase a robust case which makes it impossible for the curved screen phone to slide from your hands.

Best Screen Protectors For Your Curved Display Phones

One of the most common protectors in terminals is tempered glass, which has been and still is utilised today. Since they have such high resilience, it is one of the keys to preventing your phone's curved screen from cracking. The fundamental justification for this is that, if somehow the terminal were to fall, it is highly likely that the glass would shatter rather than the panel, which is what matters most. Additionally, this type of safeguard that comes with a curved display mobile will be far less expensive to find than hydrogel protectors.


The hydrogel protectors, if they are able to soften the blow and prevent shattering as a result, are the main difference between these protectors. This means that a curved display mobile will last much longer as well. Additionally, they are created to meet the terminal corners and, in particular, devices with curved panels. The drawback is that they are significantly more expensive than that of the previous ones, and installing them without professional help can occasionally be difficult.

How To Make Sure That The AMOLED Panel Does Not Burn

Due to pixel wear, various burns frequently appear on the front of a curved screen phone. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques to somewhat avoid this from happening. Additionally, you must not overlook the fact that AMOLED curved display mobile display colours use a composite of every pixel. Adjusting the brightness will be one of the primary preventive actions taken as a result. Although it may appear like it will make little difference, an AMOLED curved display mobile will benefit much from this action. You have two options for reducing it: using the settings or turning on the environment-light sensing feature.


Use of widgets with light colours and a smaller degree of statically shown widgets will be another strategy. This is mostly due to the fact that they will hasten the panel's deterioration. It is therefore advised to utilise a dark widget or at the very least alter its colour or placement across the entire screen. Because they are immobile and again have a light tone in the same section of the panel, the buttons on the curved display mobile screen would likewise have an effect. Disabling them is therefore preferable. The keyboard experiences the same issue; in order to further lower the risk of burning, it would be excellent to modify the appearance of the keyboard to a darker colour.

How To Clean The Screen

The requirement to never use strong chemical cleaners is one of the initial considerations you must make before you begin cleaning the movable panel. Above all else, because they have the potential to result in a number of serious harms that can only be repaired by totally replacing the panel. In other words, you won't need to use ammonia, bleach, or any other comparable product.


Since it typically comes with eyeglasses or sunglasses, you usually have a tiny cloth at home that you can use to clean phones with curved edge screen properly. If not, you will need to buy one. Additionally, it's crucial to refrain from using extra materials like towels or paper towels. Even little moist wipes made just for cleaning eyeglass lenses are available, and these are really helpful. However, you can also decide to wet a corner of the cloth you have with a little alcohol and water, then evenly spread it on the panel.


To avoid scratching or leaving a mark on the screen of curved display phones, you may also wet a small microfiber cloth and gently wipe it over it. You can leave it as fresh without causing any damage by rubbing it one more time with a dry microfiber cloth. It will be necessary to maintain this properly in order to extend its useful life. You may also purchase compact cleaning kits that include everything you require to properly clean the panel of your terminal.

Make Sure You Use A Full Cover

Even if there are many various covers for portable devices today, not all of them are suitable for these terminals or meet your demands. To better preserve the curved panel, it would be good to obtain some that can absorb shocks at the terminal's corners or that are thicker than the terminal.


Another uncertainty is whether to choose a flexible or rigid  cover. But it is important to have both rigidity and flexibility. Therefore, the casing needs to be strengthened at the corners to prevent significant damage to the corners and edges, and thereby prevent it from entirely breaking into a thousand pieces. You won't even need to purchase a shield for the front of your mobile device because there are coverings that offer total protection.

The curved display mobile will not be responding to your touches if a screen protector is installed incorrectly. Start by using a microfiber cloth to clean the screen. If your protector has an install tray, attach it to the curved display mobile phone next. The protector is correctly aligned as a result. To attach the clear tape to the curved display mobile phone, peel it off the protector, align it with the tray, and apply pressure around the corners.


Which phone has the most curved screen?

Some of the best curved display phones are Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, OnePlus 10 Pro, and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Are phones with curved screens better?

Curved display phones are considered to be better for certain reasons. Curved displays, first and foremost, offer a little bit extra screen space. Smartphones with displays of 6.5 inches or more are smaller and easier to hold. Second, the curved display phones’ sleek, high-end, and futuristic appearance cannot be ignored. The phone's curvature enables new UI components and methods of interaction. There are practical benefits to having phones with curved edge screens in addition to its aesthetic appeal, such as shortcut bars, various notification icons, animations, and lights.

Why has Samsung stopped using curved screens?

When first employed, the curved screen edges on Samsung were intended to make the curved display phones’ side bezels appear smaller, giving the impression that the screen was edge-to-edge. However, as display technology has advanced in recent years, bezels now can be minimised to almost perceptible levels without adding a curve to the edge. Furthermore, a flat screen may be better suited for using the S Pen pen to write on. The smoother the surface, the better for making notes and annotating documents and pictures while on the go.

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