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What Is a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

Going on a vacation helps you to get away from the hassles of your regular life and ensure peace of mind. However, emergencies are unforeseen and can arise any time during your holiday. This includes getting stranded in the middle of the road or losing a wallet. This can not only disturb your mental peace but also results in financial loss. 


Therefore, buy a domestic travel insurance plan to enjoy your vacation stress-free. This insurance plan is available at Rs. 699/year, where you can get substantial financial coverage and other benefits. Read on to learn more!

Key Features and Benefits of Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Emergency financial cover

You can enjoy maximum financial coverage of upto Rs. 50,000 in India and Rs. 1 Lakh for an overseas trip to book accommodations and return tickets.

Roadside assistance

Whether there is a breakdown of your own or rented car, you can get roadside assistance in more than 700 locations across India. 

Complimentary financial cover

Enjoy a complimentary financial coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs to meet the expenses required for emergency hospitalisation, home burglary, and accidents.

Why Buy a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

Several travellers purchase travel insurance plans for their international trips but ignore the same when travelling in India.


However, since emergencies may arrive uninvited, buying a comprehensive domestic travel insurance policy is essential to meet all the financial uncertainties that may arise while travelling within India.


It covers all the financial crises arising from sudden flight cancellations and delays, medical emergencies, etc. So, invest in a domestic travel insurance plan to manage such emergency monetary situations effortlessly. 

How to Apply for the Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

Follow the simple steps to buy a domestic travel insurance policy:

  • Select ‘Buy Now’

    Find the ‘Buy Now’ button on the page and click on it.

  • Provide necessary details

    Enter the correct information in the online application form.

  • Make the payment online

    Pay the premium amount after filling in the application form.

Eligibility Criteria for Domestic Travel Insurance

To qualify for a domestic travel insurance policy, meet the following eligibility parameters:

  • The age limit should be between 18 to 65 years

  • Any Indian citizen who is travelling within India

  • A foreigner travelling in India or working here with a permit

Documents Required to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance within India

Submit the following documents when buying a domestic insurance policy within India:

  • KYC documents such as an Aadhaar card, driver’s licence, PAN card, etc.

  • Travel safe membership letter

What Is Covered?

  • Travel assistance

Get up to Rs. 50,000 for meeting any emergency within India and up to Rs. 1 Lakh when abroad. You can avail this amount interest-free for up to 28 days. 

  • 24x7 card blocking service 

    You can call your insurance provider to block your lost credit or debit cards instead of calling different card issuers. 

  • Emergency roadside assistance

    You can get roadside assistance if you get stranded in the middle of the road due to a vehicular breakdown in more than 700 locations.

  • PAN card replacement

    This insurance plan covers the cost of getting a new PAN card in case the latter is lost or stolen, along with other documents and payment cards.

  • Fuel coverage 

    This insurance policy covers the cost of buying 2 litres of fuel for two-wheelers and 5 litres of fuel for four-wheelers.

  • Complimentary personal accident cover 

    You can get a complimentary personal accident cover of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs. It also provides financial coverage in case of loss of your baggage.

Myths about Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

It is essential to bust a few myths that you may have about a domestic travel insurance plan:

  • Flying time 

You may think you do not need to buy a domestic travel insurance plan if your flight duration is small. However, emergencies do not occur based on your flight duration. So, having a domestic travel insurance policy in hand will give you the required financial support in such situations.

  • Costly insurance policy 

You may assume that a domestic insurance policy is costly. However, its benefits outweigh the cost. Moreover, this policy is available at an affordable premium amount. So, get a travel insurance policy and safeguard your vacation from financial crises. 

  • Difficult process 

There is a common myth that buying and renewing a domestic travel insurance policy is cumbersome. However, insurers provide online facilities to buy, renew, and file a claim against a travel insurance policy. They also offer post-sales services to resolve any queries. 

Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Details

Take a look at the pocket insurance policy details that are listed below:

  • Coverage limit 

Up to Rs. 3 Lakhs at a premium rate of Rs. 699 per year.

  • Validity 

28 days 

  • Payment methods 

Mobile wallets, UPI, credit and debit cards

What Is Not Covered?

This insurance policy does not cover the following:

  • Loss caused due to intoxication 

If you lose your wallets or baggage while intoxicated, you cannot file a claim against this insurance plan. 


  • Damage caused for violating traffic rules 

If you violated traffic rules and caused damage to your car, then you cannot get financial protection under this plan. 

How to Claim Domestic Travel Insurance?

You can file a claim against a domestic travel insurance plan in two ways:

  • Call your insurance provider on 1800-419-4000 within 24 hours of the occurrence of loss.

  • Alternatively, send an email to

Documents Required to Claim Domestic Travel Insurance in India

Submit the following documents when filing a claim against your domestic travel insurance plan:

  • Your boarding pass or initial ticket

  • Original voucher and bills

  • Policy document


A domestic travel insurance plan helps you to meet unexpected financial requirements arising during your vacation. So, purchase this travel insurance plan before you head out on your vacation and stay safe from financial crises.

FAQs on Domestic Travel Insurance

Yes, you can cancel your membership plan within 30 days of submitting your application to get a refund of the premium amount.

A domestic travel insurance plan is available for overseas trips and trips made by students, seniors, and families. It is also available for treks, pilgrimages and road trips.

Yes, you will need to pay interest if you fail to repay the cash, advanced by your insurer, within 28 days. 

No, you cannot renew the domestic travel insurance policy since it is a pocket insurance plan. You will have to repurchase the policy to continue receiving benefits.


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