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Coverage of up to Rs. 1 Lakh | Get Complimentary financial protection of up to ₹3 lakh

What is Domestic Holiday Insurance?

Nothing ruins a travel experience like theft, accident, or simply being stranded without accommodation. Hence, travellers buy travel insurance for trips abroad. While major accidents are certainly something you must insure against, even minor inconveniences in unfamiliar regions can ruin your travel itinerary. A domestic holiday insurance is an insurance policy that offers cover against such unforeseeable issues during a trip.

Most domestic trip insurance plans offer protection against medical emergencies, accidents, damages to the baggage, and flight/hotel cancellations. The Domestic Holiday Cover available on Bajaj MARKETS offers protection against these contingencies.

Key Features and Benefits of Domestic Holiday Cover

Financial Assistance in Times of Need

Stranded without a hotel or flight? As part of CPP’s Domestic Holiday Cover, you can avail assistance of up to ₹50,000 in India and ₹1 lakh abroad for accommodation expenses and return tickets.

Round-the-clock Roadside Assistance

Whether there’s trouble with your own car during a road trip or a rented vehicle breaks down unexpectedly, roadside assistance for repairs is just a call away at more than 700 locations across India.

Complimentary Financial Coverage

Complimentary financial protection of up to ₹3 lakh is offered against emergency hospitalisation, accidents, home burglary, trip cancellation and loss of baggage. In case you lose your wallet on vacation, you can block your debit and credit cards with one phone call as part of the plan.

How to Apply for Domestic Holiday Insurance?

Applying for Domestic Holiday Insurance is fairly simple. You could avail the insurance instantly over a few clicks by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Head to the page and tap on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Submit details

    Enter the necessary details in the online application form.

  • Pay online

    Once you submit the application form, pay the premium charges online to complete the process. The policy will be sent to your registered email id.

Eligibility Criteria for Domestic Holiday Insurance

Who can buy domestic travel insurance? Let’s find out!


  • Age limit is 18 to 65

  • Any Indian travelling within the country

  • A foreigner travelling in India or working here with a permit

Documents Required to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance Within India

You might have to furnish important documents at the time of purchasing domestic travel insurance within India. And they are:


  • KYC documents like PAN, Aadhaar, driver’s licence, etc.

  • Travel safe membership letter

What’s Covered Under Domestic Holiday Insurance?

  • Travel Safe Membership:

    This membership makes you eligible for financial assistance up to ₹50,000 for emergencies within India and ₹1 lakh if you are abroad. This amount is an interest-free advance that can be availed over a maximum of 28 days. It must be repaid within 28 days.

  • Block Cards:

    You can promptly block all your debit and credit cards with a single phone call in case your wallet is lost.

  • 24x7 Assistance:

    If you are stranded due to a mechanical fault in your vehicle, you can seek roadside assistance under this plan.

  • PAN Card Replacement:

    The cover also makes replacing your stolen or lost PAN card hassle-free and covers the cost of acquiring a new one.

  • Personal Accident Cover:

    Complimentary assistance of up to ₹3 lakh against personal accidents among other losses is also included in this plan.

  • Fuel Coverage:

    A provision for covering the cost of 5 litres of fuel for cars and 2 litres for two-wheelers can also be availed under this plan.

Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Details

Check out the below table to know the necessary details about our domestic travel insurance:

Premium Amount


Coverage Limit

₹3 Lakh


28 days

Payment Methods

UPI, Mobile Wallets, Debit Card, Credit Card

What’s Not Covered Under Domestic Holiday Insurance?

Let’s understand what isn’t covered in your domestic travel insurance plan:


  • Loss of your valuables such as baggage, wallet and important documents will not be covered by the complimentary protection if you were in an intoxicated condition when such an incident occurred.

  • Any damages to your vehicle due to violation of traffic rules will not be reimbursed.

How to Claim Domestic Travel Insurance?

Call 1800-419-4000 within 24 hours of incurring any losses covered by the Domestic Holiday Cover to claim your benefits.


You can also write an email to

Documents Required to Claim Domestic Travel Insurance in India

Here’s a list of documents you might need at the time of raising domestic travel insurance claim:


  • Your initial ticket or boarding pass

  • Authentic bills and voucher

  • Domestic travel insurance policy document


India is a land of cultural diversity. This gives us a myriad of options with respect to travel destinations within the country. Covering your domestic trips with a domestic travel insurance plan allows you to be ready to cope up with unforeseen eventualities. So, go on and buy the plan available on Bajaj MARKETS to stay covered against anything that could go wrong during the trip.

Domestic Holiday Insurance FAQs

  • ✔️Can I cancel the membership at any time?

    You can cancel your Travel Safe Membership within 30 days of applying for it and get a refund of ₹599. After this period, you will not be entitled to any refund.

  • ✔️Does the cash advance carry any interest?

    In case you avail the emergency assistance for travel, you will not be required to pay any interest if you repay the advance within the stipulated 28 days.

  • ✔️What type of variant is CPP Travel Safe membership?

    The Domestic Holiday Cover qualifies as a variant 4 CPP Travel Safe membership.

  • ✔️Can travel insurance be availed for a specific type of travel?

    Yes. We offer domestic travel insurance for seniors, overseas travel, travel for students, families, groups, pilgrimages, treks and road trips as well. You may refer to those segments for further information.

  • ✔️Can I buy domestic travel insurance online?

    Yes. You can buy domestic travel insurance online on Bajaj MARKETS.