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Android Phone Quick Charging

In today's technology-driven world, fast charging has become one of the most sought-after features of smartphones. Initially, this feature was only available on flagship-grade handsets, but with its growing demand, an increasing number of less expensive and affordable smartphone manufacturers have also started including this feature in their devices. Some of the current fast charging technologies might include Dual Engine Fast Charging, TurboPower, and Dash charge, among others.


The main aim of the fast charging feature is to increase the amount of power supplied to the phone's battery while also avoiding other related issues, such as overheating. On that note, here are some of the best phones currently available in the market at an affordable rate that provide their users with this highly beneficial feature.

Which smartphone charges its battery the quickest?

As of 2022, Vivo iQ00 7 has been awarded the title of the fastest-charging phone in the world. With a charging speed of 120W and a battery power of 4000 mAh, you can quite easily charge this device from 0% to 100% within 18 minutes. 

Brand-specific phone charging rates

Mentioned below is a list of the charging speed of some major phone companies worldwide.



Charging Rates


iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, Max



Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10+



Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro


Fast Charging for Samsung Galaxy Detailed explanation

Samsung devices are known for their stability and durability. In the past years, it has adopted various charging standards and has recently switched to the widely popular USB power delivery standard. However, this feature is only available in some of its devices, such as the S20 series and Galaxy Note 10 series. Both these series offer a charging speed of 45W.


However, the recent launch of Samsung phones, including the S21 Ultra, does not offer this feature to its users and has a charging speed of only 25W. Samsung has still not revealed any reason behind this. Users assume that long-term battery preservation can be one of the main reasons why Samsung decided not to include the fast charging feature in their recent launches. 


Compared to their early launches, such as Galaxy S10 Plus, or S10e, which offered a charging speed of only 15W, it can be safe to say that Samsung has indeed come a long way in their journey of providing the best features to their customers at an affordable rate. 

Explanation of Google Pixel Fast Charging

Launched in 2016, Google Pixel has quite rapidly dominated the market and has, time and again, proved to be one of the best android phones by many users. In fact, a very interesting fact about this brand is that Google was one of the very first companies to adopt the USB power delivery standard for fast charging. Furthermore, it was also one of the earliest devices that enabled the USB-C standard to be used on both ends of the line for charging. 


However, unfortunately, there have not been any recent developments as such, and the charging speed of most of the Google Pixel devices remains at 18W. Although Google Pixel does provide a fast charging charger and cable in its box, if you try to connect it to any other third-party power adapter offering a speed of 25 W or even 45W, you are very unlikely to see any kind of positive results. 

Explanation of LG ThinQ Fast Charging

The recent launch of the LG V60 ThinQ comes with a 25W USB-C charger and supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0+ standard. If you are thinking of investing in an affordable and fast-charging Android phone, then this one should be the one to go for. 


However, the 25W USB-C charger is exclusive to LG V60 ThinQ only and does not work on its older models, such as the LG G8X ThinQ or the LG V50 ThinQ. Both these phones offer a maximum charging speed of 21W, with support from the Qualcomm Quickcharge 4.0. An interesting fact about the older models of LG is that the charger that is usually provided in the box can only sustain a capacity of 18W, although the phones can handle a charging speed of 21W. This is because it is equipped with the standard USB port instead of the modern USB-C type. 


So if you want to enjoy the fast charging feature in its truest sense with LG, you might want to consider investing in a third-party faster charger. The only advantage that you can derive from the 18W charger is that it is compatible with most LG phone models, such as LG G5, LG G6, and LG G7, and even the cheaper and more affordable ones, such as LG Stylo 4 and 5. 

Explanation of OnePlus Fast Charging

OnePlus is yet another one of the fast charging android phone brands to look out for. OnePlus models are designed with a proprietary charging standard that delivers a faster charge with the help of high current instead of high electric pressure, as prevalent in most other fast-charging android phone companies. 


There are two sides to this feature. To start with the negative side, you cannot experience the full power of fast charging with any other third-party power adapter since it is a proprietary solution. This basically means that you have to use only the OnePlus charger and OnePlus cable to reap the benefits. Thankfully, both of these are provided by the manufacturer for free inside the box. 


Coming to the positive side, OnePlus chargers are known to work extremely well and are compatible with other technologies, which enables users to experience fast charging speeds, even while they are using their phones. This is something that you would not generally witness in most other fast-charging android phone brands. 


The recent launch of OnePlus, the OnePlus Nord CE 5g charger, offers a speed of 65W to its users. This means that you can charge your OnePlus device from 1-100% within just 30 minutes. 

Explanation of Huawei Fast Charging

Just like OnePlus, Huawei too comes with a proprietary charging standard under the name Huawei SuperCharge. Huawei has been known to provide the best phones at an affordable price to its customers. Most of the Huawei models come with some great features, one of which might include the 65W charger of the recently launched Huawei Mate XS. In its initial days, the maximum capacity of their chargers was limited to only 22.5 W. It was only in 2018 that they decided to elevate their game to the next level by bringing in the Mate 20 Pro, with a 40W charging speed. 


Although the recently launched Huawei Mate XS charger does have the capability to sustain a charging speed of 65W, the device itself is only limited to a speed of 55W. Nonetheless, when compared to most other android phones, it is safe to say that Huawei does set some pretty good standards when it comes to fast charging android phone models. For those who want to invest in a third-party power adapter for charging their Huawei models, they can quite easily do so. However, you are probably not going to experience the same fast charging speeds. 

Explanation of Oppo and Realme Fast Charging

Oppo and Realme, two of the most popular Chinese manufacturers of electronics, have taken the market by storm, and for all the right reasons. For those who do not know, Realme initially started as a sub brand for Oppo and gradually drifted apart to create its own unique identity. One of the key features that Oppo phones are known to offer to its users is their super fast charging rate. 


In fact, did you know that the Oppo Ace Reno model was the only commercially available device that offered a speed of 65W? You could charge your device from 0-100% within just 15 minutes. The main technology responsible for delivering such high charging speed is the Super VOOC 2.0 and GaN technology. You can find this technology in other leading phone companies, such as OnePlus as well. The only downside to this superfast charger is that its compatibility is limited only to a certain number of models. 


To stay at par with the competition, Realme too released their latest model, the Realme X50 Pro 5G, with a charging speed of 65W.

Explanation of Xiaomi and Redmi Fast Charging

To save the best for the last, we present to you the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, equipped with a charging speed of 120W. What's more? The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is also compatible with most other devices since it is supported by the Power Delivery 3.0 standards and QC4.0+. 


How can I make Android's quick charging available?

 In order to enable fast charging on your Android device, you simply need to follow a few steps.

  • Open Settings

  • Search For Battery And Device Care

  • Click On Battery and More Battery Settings

  • Turn on the Fast Charging or Supercharging mode. 

Can an Android phone be fast-charged?

In order to fast charge your Android device, you primarily need to turn on the Fast Charging or SuperCharging mode, which you can easily find in Settings under the Battery section. Following this, connect your USB cable to your device and the USB adapter to a power outlet.

Which smartphones have rapid charging?

As of 2022, the best fast charger for android phones includes Vivo iQ00 7, Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge, Xiaomi 11T Pro, Xiaomi Mi Ultra, and OnePlus 9 Pro, among others.

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