On several occasions like ceremonies and festivals in India, people burst crackers to celebrate those auspicious moments. All people, irrespective of their ages, take part in the celebration this way. However, bursting crackers may pose a threat to individuals, causing minor to major injuries. As a result, injured individuals may have to seek immediate medical attention that may deplete their savings. Nevertheless, if those individuals are covered under firecracker insurance, they can seamlessly manage their treatment expenses to recover from injuries.


Bajaj Markets provides a platform for individuals to purchase this firecracker pocket insurance at only Rs.549. Let's know all about this insurance policy, including features, application or claim process, etc.

Key Features and Benefits of Firecracker Insurance Plan

Before purchasing the policy, let’s discover the feature and benefits that this firecracker insurance covers:

High Sum insured

It gives a sum insured up to Rs. 2 lakhs against a nominal charge of Rs. 549. So, you can get effective treatment from specialised hospitals if you get an injury from the bursting of crackers.

Inclusion of Dependents

You can also include your spouse and children under this pocket insurance plan. In this regard, the children must be between 3 months and 25 years old to become eligible for inclusion.



Maximum Sum Insured

Rs. 2 lakhs

Membership Charge

Rs. 549

How to Apply for Firecracker Insurance?

The application process is simple and hassle-free. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get covered:

1. Click on Buy Now

Tap on ‘Buy Now’ on the product page

2. Fill in the Details

Enter the required details in the online application form

3.Make the Payment

Complete the quick online payment

Eligibility Criteria for Firecracker Insurance

In order to be eligible for this firecracker insurance policy, you must be within the age group of 18-70.

What’s Covered?

You can get the following coverage under this Firecracker Insurance policy:

1. Permanent or Partial Disability

The policy also gives you coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh in case the firecracker injury leads to permanent or total disability of your organs. If the firecracker injury leads to the following circumstances, you can claim this benefit:

  • Complete loss of vision (both eyes become ineffective)

  • Both hands or both legs get separated from the body

  • Both hands or both legs become inoperative

  • Physical separation of one hand and one leg or one hand and one leg become inoperative

  • Loss of visibility in one eye along with loss of ability to use one leg or hand

2. Coverage for Ambulance Charge

Apart from the treatment expenses, you can claim an ambulance charge of up to Rs. 25,000 under this plan. This way, you do not have to dip into your savings for emergency transportation to hospitals after a firecracker injury.

3. Compensation for the Loss of Income

A temporary disability due to a firecracker injury may lead to a sudden loss of income. This policy provides compensation of Rs. 1000 every week so that the insured individuals get financial relief during this challenging period.

4. Coverage for Family Members

Let's know the details of coverage that the policy owners, their spouses and children can get under various circumstances from the table mentioned below:

Person Involved

Accidental Hospitalisation

Permanent Partial Disability

Ambulance Coverage

Income Compensation

Policy owner

Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 1,000/week


Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 1 lakh

Rs. 25,000



Rs. 2 lakhs

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 25,000


Policy Plan Details & Specifications

Here are all the details you must know about the plan:

  • Coverage Limit: Up to Rs. 2 lakhs

  • Cost: Rs. 549

  • Validity: 1 Year

What’s not Covered?

You cannot claim the policy benefits under these below-mentioned circumstances:

  • Age Constraints:

You cannot purchase the policy if your age is lower than 18 years and above 70 years.

  • Other Injuries

If accidents causing agents are other than a firecracker, the insurance policy will not cover the treatment expenses and other benefits of this policy.

  • Existing Disabilities

The insurance provider is not liable to provide you with the coverage if the policyholders had a disability before the firecracker accident.

How to File a Claim?

You need to contact the insurer through the following methods to file a claim against your policy:

  • Mobile Number: You can dial the toll-free number 1800-209-1021 to file your claim.

  • Email Address: As an alternative to telephonic claims, you can write an email to customercare@bajajallianz.co.in to claim for the policy coverage.

Documents Required to Process the Claim

While processing the claim for the policy coverage, you must have the below-mentioned documents at your disposal:

  • Duly filled in and signed a claim form (You need to mention the details about the accidents or injuries along with the claim amount in this form.)

  • Supporting bills and invoices of the expenses incurred during treatment

  • Additional documents as asked by the insurance company

Firecracker Insurance Customer Care Details

If you have a query regarding the Firecracker Insurance plan, you can send an email to insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets.in. A customer care representative will get in touch to clarify your doubts.

Firecracker Insurance - FAQs

What are the payment methods available for purchasing the Firecracker Insurance plan?

You can purchase the plan by choosing any of the payment modes, including mobile wallet, credit/debit card or UPI.

Is Bajaj Markets extending the Firecracker Insurance policy?

Bajaj Markets provides the platform to sell the pocket insurance policy of its partnered insurers. Bajaj Allianz is the insurance agency providing this policy through the marketplace of Bajaj Markets.

Do I have to renew the Firecracker Insurance policy after it expires?

No, you do not need to renew the policy after its expiration. However, you have to purchase this policy again to get the coverage for the next year.

Can anyone buy the Firecracker Pocket insurance policy?

In order to buy this pocket insurance plan, your age must be between 18-70 years. If your age does not satisfy this condition, you cannot purchase the plan.

Can I include my parents and parents-in-law in the Firecracker Health insurance policy?

No, you cannot add your parents and parents-in-law under this policy. The insurer lets you cover your spouse and children only.

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