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Performing a funeral ceremony can be one of the most difficult duties. However, planning such rites can be a mess when your mind is not in the right emotional state. To ensure that a funeral goes as expected, it is important to plan ahead for the expenditures involved, even if it may seem uncomfortable. It is best to cover your funeral and ascertain that your loved ones do not worry about finances while grieving. This is why Bajaj Markets brings to you Care 360 - Funeral Expenses Cover by Care Health Insurance that provides coverage for expenses involved in organising a funeral.

Policy Plan and Details

Let’s take a look at the key details of the funeral insurance plan:

Sum Insured

Premium (inclusive of taxes)

Plan Validity

Up to ₹10,000


1 year

Key Features & Benefits of the Funeral Expenses Cover

Funeral Expenses

Costs incurred in performing the funeral rituals are covered up to a limit of ₹5,000 under this plan. 

Accidental Death

Insurance coverage of ₹10,000 is provided against the accidental death of the policyholder.

What’s Covered?

  • Funeral Expenses

    In case of the insured member’s demise, the nominee can avail coverage of up to ₹5,000 against funeral expenses.

  • Accidental Death

    Insurance coverage of ₹10,000 is provided in case of the insured member's death due to an accidental injury. However, the event must occur within 12 months of having suffered the accident.

What’s Not Covered?

  • Non-Accidental Deaths

    Death of the insured member due to natural causes or illnesses or any other cause that isn’t related to an accidental injury is not covered. For a complete list of exclusions, please refer to the policy document.

How to Apply for the Funeral Expense Cover?

The application process for funeral expense insurance cover is quite simple. Here is all you need to do:

1. Click on ‘Buy Now’

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button available on the page.

2. Enter Your Details

Fill out the online application form with the required details.

3. Pay the Premium

Pay for the funeral insurance policy premium using your preferred online mode of payment.

That’s it! Your policy document will be sent to your registered email ID.

How to File a Claim?

Claims related to funeral cover insurance can be made through any of the following two modes:


In each case, kindly provide the relevant documents including your policy number to claim this cover.

Customer Care Details

To connect with Bajaj Markets for any queries related to the funeral insurance plan, you can send an email to

FAQs on Funeral Cover

What documents are required for the claim?

To make a claim under the Funeral Expenses Cover plan, you will need to provide copies of the death certificate, and copies of receipts of expenses. In some cases, certain other documents may also be required.

How will the claim be settled?

Payment for the claim may be settled either through NEFT or through a system cheque.

What is the funeral insurance cost?

The annual premium for funeral insurance is ₹118.

How much coverage will the nominee receive in case of accidental death?

In case of accidental death, the nominee receives a sum insured of ₹10,000.

What is the plan validity period?

The validity period for funeral cover is 1 year.

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