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How to Properly Clean Every Type of Smartphone Case

A phone case is an essential accessory for your smartphone. It cushions the blow in case your mobile falls down, it keeps the exterior safe from damage, and even protects the phone from minor scratches and wear and tear that occurs over time. That said, the phone case can get extremely dirty over time. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. So, it is essential to learn how to clean your mobile cover, and to do this regularly so your phone is clean and hygienic. 


The exact method for how to clean a phone cover depends on the material used and the type of cover. For instance, the steps for how to clean a transparent phone case made of plastic will vary slightly from the method used to clean a wooden phone cover. So, let’s take it one material at a time and see the finer details of how to clean phone cases made from different materials like plastic, rubber, silicone, wood and leather. 


Plastic is one of the most common materials used to make phone cases today. The material is not only tough and durable, but is also easy to mould and can be enhanced or embellished in many different ways, like printing, adding texture and so on. It is possible that your phone case or cover is also made of this material, making it important to learn how to clean a mobile cover that is created from plastic. 


One of the most important aspects of how to clean clear phone cases or opaque covers made from plastic is to have the necessary cleaning ingredients in place. Here is a preview of what you will typically need. 

  • Water

  • A clean toothbrush, sponge or soft cloth

  • Chlorine bleach

  • Dishwashing gloves to protect your skin


Once you have these items ready, here is how to clean a phone cover made of plastic.


  • Step 1: Put on the dishwashing gloves and settle down in a well-ventilated area to prevent the fumes from the bleach from staying in the air.

  • Step 2: Mix together one part bleach for every 16 parts of water. This is a fairly dilute blend, so the colours on your plastic phone case do not fade out. 

  • Step 3: Next up is the key step in how to clean a phone case made of plastic. You need to soak the cover in the bleach solution for around 5 to 10 minutes. 

  • Step 4: In case there are any stubborn stains, you can use the cloth or the toothbrush to scrub the area and get rid of the stain. 

  • Step 5: Rinse the plastic phone case under running water to get rid of all the bleach solution. Then, pat the case dry with a paper towel and put it out to air dry for an hour or so before you use it again. 


As an additional step in how to clean transparent phone cases and opaque covers made of plastic, you can also wipe it with a disinfectant to remove any possible germs on the case.

Rubber and Silicone

Aside from traditional phone cases made of plastic, other materials like rubber and silicone are also becoming increasingly popular today. These two materials are both flexible and bendable, making it easier to put on and remove at ease. The flexibility also means that cases made of rubber and silicone can absorb shocks more easily, thus protecting your phone. If your case is a rubber or silicone variant, you need to know how to clean the mobile cover in an effective manner. 


Here is a preview of the key ingredients or items that you’ll need to clean rubber or silicone mobile phone covers.

  • Water

  • Dish soap

  • A clean sponge, cloth, and/or toothbrush

  • Baking soda, although this is optional


To figure out how to clean your phone cover with the above ingredients, check out the steps listed below. 


  • Step 1: Add the dish soap to a bowl of lukewarm water and mix till you have a decent amount of soap suds. 

  • Step 2: Dip the sponge or the cloth in the soapy water and use it to clean your phone case thoroughly. If you’re wondering how to clean the phone case in the hard-to-reach spots, the toothbrush can be handy here. 

  • Step 3: If there are stains that just won’t go, you can use the baking soda to get rid of them. This is entirely optional though. In case you do decide to go ahead with this, you need to mix three parts of baking soda with one part of water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the stained areas and let it sit for around 5 minutes before washing it off.

  • Step 4: The last step in the process of how to clean a mobile cover made of rubber or silicone is rinsing the case thoroughly and patting it dry with a paper towel. You can also let the case air dry for a while before using it again.


You’re now aware of how to clean phone cases made of the most common materials like plastic, rubber and silicone. However, what if you have a phone cover made of a more unconventional material like wood? After all, wood can shrink or expand when exposed to liquid. Given this, how to clean the mobile cover thoroughly without affecting the wood? 


The answer lies in using a unique vinegar-based solution, for which you will need the following ingredients. 


  • Water

  • Vinegar

  • A spray bottle

  • A soft, clean cloth

  • Dish soap, although this is optional


After getting these items ready, here is how to clean your mobile cover using the vinegar solution. 


  • Step 1: Mix two parts water with one part vinegar and add this solution to the spray bottle. As an optional measure, you can add a few drops of dish soap to the solution in case you need a stronger stain remover for your mobile case. 

  • Step 2: Spray a few drops of the vinegar-based solution on the case and wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Ensure that you do not overuse the solution and make the case too damp.

  • Step 3: Wipe the case once more using a dry paper towel or cloth and eliminate all the excess moisture.

  • Step 4: The last step in the process of how to clean a phone cover made of wood is to air dry it thoroughly, so no moisture remains. 


Leather phone cases undoubtedly look great and feel premium to the touch. However, the material comes with its own disadvantages. It is sensitive to many things like sunlight, oil, makeup and other dyes. So, if you have a cover for your mobile made of leather, you may want to know how to clean the phone case.


As always, the first thing to know about how to clean a mobile cover — irrespective of the material — is the set of ingredients or items you’ll need. Check out the list below.


  • Water

  • Very mild hand soap

  • A soft, clean cloth

  • Some leather conditioner, although this is optional


Once you’ve sourced all these items, all that’s left to do is learn how to clean a phone case made of leather. The step-by-step guide outlined below can help.


  • Step 1: Take a bowl and add some hand soap to lukewarm water. The proportions are not set in stone, so you can take a call depending on what you deem appropriate.

  • Step 2: Dip the cloth into the soap solution, wring it till most of the water has dripped out and then wipe the phone case with the damp cloth.

  • Step 3: The next thing you need to do in the process of how to clean a mobile cover made of leather is to dry the case. You can use a dry cloth or paper towel to get rid of the excess water. 

  • Step 4: Now, this is an optional step in the process of how to clean a phone cover that’s crafted from leather. You can use the leather conditioner to condition the case and keep it in top condition. Remember to read the label before you use it.

  • Step 5: Keep the case out of direct sunlight and repeat the cleaning process periodically. 

This sums up the step-by-step processes of how to clean a mobile cover made of the most commonly used materials, like plastic, rubber and silicone. You also now know how to clean a phone case made from more unconventional materials like leather and wood.


  • ✔️How can I clean my phone back cover?

    If your phone case tends to get dirty often, you may want to know how to clean the phone case easily. One of the best ways to do this is to simply use a smooth sponge or cloth to wipe the cover clean. If it’s too dirty, you can use dish soap, water or a disinfectant depending on the material the cover is made of. 

  • ✔️How do I clean my Android phone cover?

    Have an Android phone and not sure how to clean your mobile cover? Well, you don’t need to worry too much because cleaning the cover is quite easy. In most cases, you can tidy up the case using just water and a clean cloth. Sometimes, you may need to use soap or a disinfectant too. 

  • ✔️Can we remove yellowness from mobile covers?

    Yes, it is quite possible to remove the yellow stains that develop on mobile covers over time. If you want to know how to clean a phone cover and get rid of yellowing, all you need is some baking soda to do the trick. 

  • ✔️How do you clean a dirty phone case at home?

    It is easy to clean a dirty phone case with items that you may already have at home, such as a clean cloth, dish soap, disinfectant and baking soda. Depending on the material that the case is made of, the technique for how to clean a phone case will vary.