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Mobile phones have made our life convenient. It has brought the world closer. From shopping, entertainment, and watching the news to staying connected, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyone's life. However, one of the common issues one faces with their phone is that it starts lagging and stuttering after a point.

A mobile phone must have sufficient battery life and storage capacity to remain operational all the time. However, in case the mobile phone is lagging in terms of lower battery life or storage problems and you are looking for ways to know how to make your phone run faster, follow the tips mentioned below. 

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Android Run Faster 

To know how to make your phone run faster, individuals can consider the tips and tricks mentioned below: 

  • A simple restart can bring pace to your android device

Restarting the phone can seem simple, but it proves highly effective in enhancing the phone's performance. One can easily boost the frequency of their phone by restarting it. All the temporary files that are open on the device get deleted once the device is rebooted. A simple reboot cleans up the RAM and aids in freeing up resources that are being used by apps running in the background.  

  • Keep your phone updated

Do not ignore the notifications of a software update. As the latest version of apps comes with bug fixes, one must ensure that his or her phone is running the updated software build. Using the upgraded version helps in freeing up system resources. Manufacturers develop frequent software as they incorporate user feedback and tend to enhance the app’s functionality with every update.

  • Uninstall and disable apps that you don't need

Unused apps occupy a significant amount of storage. It also tends to run in the background. Hence, one must uninstall the apps to ensure system smoothness. There are certain in-built apps that can be disabled if they are not of any use to the user. Uninstalling and disabling apps helps contribute to the extra battery life. One will just have to long press the app and drag towards the uninstall prompt to uninstall the application.

  • Clean up your home screen

Though live wallpapers look vibrant, it prompts CPU cycles to function more, slow down the phone's performance, and consume battery life faster. In addition to this, refrain from keeping too many widgets on the home screen as it exerts additional pressure and hinders the phone's performance. Lesser cluttering on home screens ensures a smoother performance of the phone.

  • Clear cached app data

Some apps are important, like cab booking, hotel booking apps, etc. To enhance the efficiency of the device, one must clear the cached data from such applications. It will help free up mobile space and make it work faster.

  • Free your phone’s internal memory

Nowadays, phones come with impressive storage, but they will eventually fall short if the internal memory is not cleared regularly. Moreover, phones will slow down if they run out of storage. Therefore, one should remove unnecessary images and files and delete unused apps and widgets to ensure seamless phone functioning.  

  • Try to use lite version of apps

Shifting to using Lite version apps will help one make their android phones perform faster. Apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. have come up with a lite version for users' convenience. These apps are ideal for low-end devices with stringent storage capacity and RAM. Lite mode of any app curbs data usage by 60%. 

  • Install apps from known sources

Avoid installing mobile applications from anonymous sources as it can take control of one's device, steal data and lead one to fraud. Instead, android users must install apps from trusted sited like the Google Play store. Moreover, users must be wise in choosing applications that are useful.

Other Ways to Make Your Phone Run Faster

Besides following the ways mentioned above, individuals can use these hacks to increase the performance of their mobile phones:

  • Turn off or reduce animations

Minor fixes can go a long way in enhancing the phone's functionality and performance. One of such is turning off or reducing the use of animations on mobile phones. One must enable the developer option on their device before implementing this tip. Once the developer option has been enabled, one can easily turn off animations. Furthermore, one can also adjust the window animation scale, animator duration scale, etc. 

  • Reset your device

Another effective way to make an Android device faster is to opt for a factory reset. Performing a soft reset means resetting the entire setting of the device, which leads to the removal of all the mobile data, which includes cache, files, photos, etc. Moreover, individuals who want to deep clean their device can also opt for a hard reset.

  • Install a customised ROM

One who is using a phone that has reached the end of the warranty period can consider installing a customised ROM. These ROMs are a quick fix for older android devices which does not receive any OS updates. LineageOS, Paranoid Android, etc., are some of the most used custom ROMS that one can opt for that will ensure better performance of the android device. 

Besides adhering to the aforementioned tips, one must also take necessary precautions to keep their prized possessions from threats like accidental damage, viruses etc. In this regard, one can opt for an effective mobile insurance cover, helping them secure their finances that might get drained due to the phone's repair and replacement expenses. Those who want comprehensive coverage against their phone damages can purchase the plan on Bajaj Markets. 


To sum up, android phones will never function the way it did on the initial days of their purchase. Hence, if you are looking for ways to know how to make your phone run faster, follow the aforementioned tips to boost the phone's performance once it starts lagging. Moreover, besides getting slow, the phone's display can also get damaged. One can opt for a CPP Fonesafe Lite insurance cover to secure the device from such circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the display of a mobile get damaged?

The phone's display can get damaged by accidentally falling on the floor or in water. It can also get damaged due to extreme heat or prolonged exposure to any wet condition. Even if the phone has got a poor replacement after falling, it will also result in a damaged LCD. Moreover, dust seeping through the screen from cracked parts can also damage the display.

How does a phone’s insurance work?

Phone repair and replacement costs can dent one's savings. Hence, one needs to remain financially secure and opt for insurance coverage. With a mobile insurance cover, users will get compensation in case their phone has been damaged. They must raise a claim and receive the coverage amount within the stipulated time.

Is it okay to turn on the phone’s syncing feature?

No, users should turn off the syncing features on their devices, as they will receive a notification every time they get an email. In addition, it reduces the device's efficiency as every app and service gets synced. 

What phone parts are affected significantly by damaged LCD screens?

As LCD is the integrated component of phones, once it gets affected, it damages the touchscreen or touchpad of the phone. It can also lead to complete damage to the display. Depending on the severity of the damage, users can find small portions of the display to function.

Is there any insurance plan available in case of mobile theft?

Yes, a mobile protection plan which is a pocket insurance plan extends financial support in case the phone has been stolen. Moreover, policyholders will get an additional benefit of fraud protection, SIM card block, etc. 

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