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Tetanus is an infectious disease. Once a person contracts it and it starts spreading, immediate medical attention is required. It requires an extended stay in the hospital and high expenditure. The Infection Cover Insurance at only ₹79 safeguards your finances. It minimises the hospitalisation cost, covers treatment charges and has many more benefits. Let’s look at its features. 

Key Features & Benefits of Infection Cover Insurance

Following are the benefits you will get from Infection Cover Insurance:

Get coverage up to ₹50,000

At just ₹79 per annum, you can obtain coverage of up to ₹50,000. You can make the payment via any preferred online payment mode.

Hospitalisation expenses for infection

The insurance plan covers hospitalisation as well as pre-hospitalisation expenses. Everything is covered under this plan; medicines, doctor's fees, and diagnosis.

Get hospital room rent

You can get coverage for daily room rent of up to ₹1000 for a normal room and ₹2,000 for the ICU. The other charges are according to the room rent restrictions.

How to Apply for Infection Cover Insurance

Here is a guide on how to apply for infection insurance on Bajaj Markets.

  • Click on Buy Now

    Go to the page and click on ‘Buy Now’.

  • Fill up the details

    Provide all the required details in the online application form.

  • Make the Payment

    Pay the premium charges through a debit/credit card, mobile wallet, UPI or any available online payment mode.

The policy of the infection insurance will then be sent to your registered email id.

Inclusions of Infection Cover Insurance

The following are covered under the infection insurance:

  • Diagnostics

Get coverage for diagnostic tests conducted before the hospitalisation.

  • Doctor’s fees

Get coverage for the doctor’s fees before and after hospitalisation.

  • Medication

Get expenses of purchasing medicines before and after hospitalisation.

  • Medical expenses

The plan covers 15 days before and after hospitalisation for the treatment.

  • Treatment charges

Get coverage for blood transfusion, ICU, medicines, tests and doctor's fees.

Details and Specifications of Infection Cover Insurance

Here are the details of this infection insurance plan.

Membership Fee

Coverage Limit


Payment Modes

₹79 per annum


Recommended every 10 years

Debit/credit card, mobile wallet, UPI or any preferred modes

Exclusions of Infection Cover Insurance

The exclusions of this insurance policy are listed below:

  • Hospitalisation within the first 30 days

The coverage is not applicable if you are hospitalised within 30 days of purchasing the policy.

  • Hospitalisation for other reasons

The infection cover insurance plan is not valid for any other condition besides hospitalisation due to Tetanus-related infection.

  • Pre-existing conditions

The plan is not applicable if the person has any pre-existing condition due to Tetanus.

How to File a Claim for Infection Cover Insurance

To claim the infection insurance, you can contact the insurer through one of the following ways:

  • Call on the toll-free number 1800-270-7000

  • Drop an email at

While settling the claim, a relevant doctor's diagnosis and medical record may be required.

Customer Care Details of Infection Cover Insurance

For any concerns or queries regarding the Hospital Cash Cover, write to us at

FAQs About Infection Cover Insurance

Should I get Infection Cover Insurance even after getting the vaccine as a child?

The tetanus vaccine doesn't provide lifelong immunity. One should get booster shots every 10 years. If you delay getting additional booster shots, you will be at risk of getting infected. So, it’s recommended to have infection insurance.  

Can I use Infection Cover Insurance for other medical conditions?

No, this infection insurance policy can only be used for Tetanus infection.   


How can I file a claim via call?

You can simply place a call at 1800-270-7000 to file your claim for Infection Cover Insurance.


Can I renew the plan after it expires?

No, you can not renew the Infection Cover Insurance plan after it expires. You will have to purchase it again.

What is the coverage limit of this insurance plan?

The coverage limit of Infection Cover Insurance is ₹50,000.



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