What is Group Care 360 – Infective Endocarditis Cover?

Endocarditis is a life-threatening inflammation of the endocardium. It is usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. They enter the bloodstream, thereby sticking to the damaged areas in the heart. You become more prone to it if you have any kind of heart defect. Without proper treatment, your heart valves may get destroyed. Hence, it is important to get the endocarditis treatment and surgeries (if required) done.


However, the hospitalisation and medical charges involved in the treatment of endocarditis can be an expensive affair. Bajaj Markets, therefore, brings to you the Group Care 360 – Infective Endocarditis Cover from Care Health Insurance Co. LTD. This insurance policy covers the hospitalisation and other medical expenses up to Rs. 3 Lakhs @ Rs. 684/annum related to endocarditis. Read on to know more about other benefits available for you.


Key Features of the Group 360 – Infective Endocarditis Cover   

Here’s what makes this Infective Endocarditis Cover plan a must have:

Coverage of hospitalisation expenses up to Rs. 3 Lakhs

The infective endocarditis covers the hospitalisation expenses up to Rs. 3 Lakhs, depending upon the plan you choose. This cover is valid only if an appropriate doctor has provided clinical confirmation to the diagnosis. Furthermore, expenses that are incurred pre and post hospitalisation periods of up to 30 and 60 days respectively are covered by this amount.

Diagnostic tests conducted

The expenses related to the diagnostic tests that are conducted on the policyholder before (within the stipulated period) or during the hospitalisation are covered in the Infective Endocarditis Cover.

Coverage of treatment charges

This Infective Endocarditis Cover from Care Health Insurance Co. LTD covers the hospital’s room rent’s expenses. It also insures the expenses on ICU, doctor’s fees, medicines, tests, and blood transfusion.

How to Apply for the Group 360 – Infective Endocarditis Cover?

The application process for this Infective Endocarditis plan is simple. All you must do is follow a few steps to get covered:

  • Click on Buy Now

    Tap on ‘Buy Now’ on this page

  • Fill in the Details

    Enter your personal details in the online application form

  • Make the Payment

    Complete the quick online payment via debit/credit card, UPI, and other online payment modes available.


That’s it! You will receive the membership details and welcome pack on your registered email ID.

What's Covered under the Group Care 360 – Infective Endocarditis Cover?

  • Payment of doctor’s fees

    The doctor’s fees before, during and post hospitalisation are covered by the Infective Endocarditis plan.

  • Medication Expenses

    All the medication costs incurred by the policyholder related to the hospitalisation are insured under this Insurance Plan.

  • Ambulance expenses

    Ambulance expenditures of a maximum amount up to Rs. 2000 are covered in the Infective Endocarditis Plan.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

Here are the Infective Endocarditis Cover’s details –

●       Coverage limit



1 Lakh


2 Lakh


3 Lakh


●       Validity

One year

What’s not Covered under the Infective Endocarditis Cover? 

Let’s also understand some of the mandatory exclusions of the Infective Endocarditis Cover -

●       Any disease that pre-exists

One can’t claim any amount if they are diagnosed with a pre-existing disease.

●       Hospitalisation not due to pulmonary thromboembolism

There’s no coverage available if the policyholder has to get hospitalised due to any reason other than pulmonary thromboembolism.


·        Hospitalisation within 90 days of the commencement of the policy


If the policyholder gets hospitalised within 90 days of the commencement of the Infective Endocarditis Cover Policy, they cannot reap the benefits of this plan.


In order to understand the complete list of exclusions, kindly refer to the policy wordings.

How to Make a Claim

Contact the insurer and make a claim in the following ways -


●   Call

Call on the toll-free number 1800-102-4488 to make a claim.

●   Email

You can also email their at claims@careinsurance.com  by mentioning your policy number and other details.

Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj MARKETS. Just write to us at: insuranceconnect@bajajfinservmarkets.in


Frequently Asked Questions About the Group Care 360 - Infective Endocarditis Cover

  • ✔️What expenses are covered under the Infective Endocarditis Cover?

    Hospitalisation charges, room rent expenses, and medicine costs are covered under this plan. The charges of ICU, blood transfusion, diagnostic tests, and doctor’s fees are also taken care of by this insurance policy.

  • ✔️What are the requirements for the Infective Endocarditis Cover?

    The policy holder needs to present the positive blood report proving the presence of the infectious organism(s). There should also be a presence of at least moderate heart valve incompetence. The consultant cardiologist needs to confirm the diagnosis of the Infective Endocarditis and the severity of the valve impairment.

  • ✔️ What are the premium plans available for Infective Endocarditis Plan?

    You can purchase the Infective Endocarditis Insurance at Rs. 684 per year covering a sum of up to Rs. 3 Lakhs. Other premium options are available. They cover up to Rs 2 Lakhs and Rs 1 Lakhs at Rs