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Times are uncertain and all individuals must avail of financial protection such that they are able to look after themselves should they need it. To be able to earn an income is a blessing and should never be taken for granted. Emergencies and unwanted incidents could impact your family’s monthly budget and overall financials if the earning member of the family was to suffer in the accident. Here’s why we bring to you a unique plan - Loss of Earning Cash. The Loss of Earning Cash plan provided by Manipal Cigna Health Insurance is of particular importance as it provides ample coverage should an individual lose the capacity to earn a living and requires only a small premium to be paid.

Plan Details 

Affordable Plan –

Insured individuals are required to pay a premium of just INR 244 which includes GST such that they can be entitled to a sum assured Rs. 500/day for 15 days.

Eligibility –

This plan may be availed by individuals falling in the range of 18 to 65 years of age.

Validity –

This plan is valid for a timeframe of 1 year.

What is Covered

By availing of this policy, policyholders are provided with coverage for the following.

  • Monthly Cash Benefit

    Should the policyholder be unfortunate to need hospitalization and are left with permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement, temporary total disablement or in a coma, they are entitled to a monthly cash allowance amounting to INR 50,000 per month for a maximum of 60 days. These funds are aimed at providing the insured individual with assistance to look after their daily expenses. It is important to understand that this payout is capped at the actual salary as held true on the day of the event.

  • Coverage provided

    kicks in following 48 uninterrupted hours of the policyholder being hospitalized.

What is Not Covered

Policyholders of this plan are not provided with coverage for the following.

  • Coverage provided is only applicable to salaried employees.

  • Accidents incurred as a result of participation in adventure sports are not included under this plan.

  • Coverage is only provided to insured individuals if they are hospitalised for 48 hours straight.

  • Pre-existing diseases are not covered by this plan and therefore cannot be used when applying for a claim.

  • In the event that the insured individual undergoes an illness or injury during the initial 30-day waiting period, they are not provided with coverage for the same.

In order to have an understanding of all exclusions, please peruse the policy wordings.  

How To Apply?

Those interested in the FlexiCare Group Health Insurance - Loss of Earning Cash policy are entitled to apply for this form of insurance by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit Bajaj Markets

    Visit our website and go to the Pocket Insurance and VAS page

  • Select Product

    Choose Loss of Earning Cash policy from the wide array of products

  • Fill Details

    Fill in your details in the online form

  • Make your payment

    Make an instant payment and get your plan.

Claim Process 

In order to apply for a claim, you are encouraged to connect with our team put together to help serve you best. They are available via the following methods.

  • Email -

  • Insurer’s Toll-free number provides insured individuals with immediate action - 1800-102-4462.

Documents Required for a Claim 

In order to file a claim, policyholders are requested to provide the following details such that it can be processed with ease and efficiency.

  • Policy Number
  • Name of the Policyholder
  • Name of the Insured Person in whose relation the claim is being lodged
  • Nature of Illness / Injury/ Accident/ Critical Illness
  • Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and Hospital
  • Date of admission
  • Date of Death/ disablement, if applicable


Are pre-existing diseases covered under this plan?

Pre-existing diseases are not covered by this plan and therefore cannot be used when applying for a claim.

Is there a waiting period required to be fulfilled by policyholders?

Yes, there is a 30-day initial waiting period policyholders are required to respect.

How long is this policy valid for?

The time frame this policy is valid for is a single year.

Are there any age limits in place pertaining to who can apply for this policy?

Yes, there is an age limit allowing only those aged between 18 and 65 years of age to apply for this plan.

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