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What is Maternity Cover 1 Insurance?

Pregnancy is a crucial phase in every woman’s life. During pregnancy, women have to undergo a lot of emotional, physical, and hormonal changes, coupled with unanticipated complications in some cases. Thus, to embrace parenthood peacefully; it’s important to prepare well in advance. Giving birth to a child can be expensive, and without a doubt, it requires a strong financial backup.


With the right maternity cover, this stress can be tackled and one can secure coverage against major expenses incurred during these times. The Group Activ Health – Maternity Cover from Aditya Birla Health Insurance can be the best fit for women, especially those in the group of 18 to 35, at only Rs. 1,188/year. This Maternity Cover Plan 1 covers treatment expenses for insured women that may emerge due to complications during maternity under critical or fatal situations. To know more about this policy, check out the details below.

How to Apply for the Maternity Cover 1 Insurance?

If you wish to apply for the Maternity Cover Plan 1, just follow the steps mentioned below. The process is quick and easy to understand. So, check it out.

  • Click on Buy Now

    Visit the product page and tap on the ‘Buy Now’ button. This will redirect you to the online application form. Share your basic details in the online application form as stated on the site.

  • Review and Confirm your Application

    Enter the OTP you get on your registered mobile number. Once you have filled in the code, the information you have mentioned and your policy application will be.

  • Make the Payment

    Clear the premium payment through all available modes of making online payments. This includes credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, UPI, or any other applicable mode.

With this, you complete the process. After the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation of membership with other important details on your registered email address and mobile number. 

Eligibility Criteria

To seek the Maternity Cover Plan 1, you need to meet the eligibility criteria as listed below:


  • You must be a citizen and resident of India.

  • Women between the ages of 18 and 35 are automatically considered for Maternity Cover.

What's Covered under the Maternity Cover 1 Insurance?

  • Hospitalisation expenses

    The Maternity Cover 1 policy offers coverage up to Rs. 3 lakhs at a premium of Rs. 1188 per year for the tenure of one year against any hospitalisation caused due to complications emerging in the maternity period under critical or fatal situations.

  • Year-long Protection Against Potential Maternity Complications

    The Maternity Cover 1 plan is a great investment to safeguard yourself from treatment expenses and other complications for a tenure of one year during the pregnancy phase. The fact that women falling in the age group of 18 to 35 can avail this plan helps a majority of insured members and seekers.

  • Coverage Against Room Rent

    Normal rooms and ICU single private rooms are covered at 100% of actual costs under Maternity Cover Plan 1. All other additional charges are as per the room rent limits.

Note: If the insured member experiences complications during maternity due to ailments that have already been present, then expenses of this nature are covered after a 4-year waiting period.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

Below, find all the details and specifications of the Maternity Cover Plan 1:

Sum Insured



Rs. 3 lakhs

Rs. 2 lakhs 

Rs. 1188

What's not Covered under the Maternity Cover 1 Insurance?

Here’s a list of not-covered items of the Maternity Cover Plan 1:

1. Hospitalisation due to Pre-Existing Conditions

The Maternity Cover Plan does not provide coverage for hospitalisations caused due to reasons other than maternity complications. So, if the insured member faces complications or an instance of emergency hospitalisation due to a pre-existing condition, the expenses for it would not be covered under this plan. 

2. Insured Member’s Age Above 35 Years

This policy is eligible only for those between the age of 18 to 35. Anyone above the age of 35 cannot claim coverage. 

3. Outpatient Treatment 

The Maternity Cover Plan does not offer coverage to insured members who have visited the hospital for diagnosis or treatment without getting admitted for 24 to 48 hours.

How to Make a Claim

Here’s how you can seamlessly raise a claim:

  • Call

Call on the toll-free number 1800-270-7000 to get information on your insurance plan and make a claim. Our representative will guide you in the process.   

  • Email

You may reach out to the team at by sharing details with regard to your policy number.

Customer Care Details

If you want to know more about your policy, coverage, tenure, or exclusions, get in touch with the customer support team through email at  

Frequently Asked Questions About Maternity Cover 1 Insurance:

What is the validity of the maternity cover?

The validity period of the plan is 12 months.

What is the initial waiting period for the Maternity Cover Plan 1?

The initial waiting period is 30 days. However, a 4-year waiting period is applicable for ailments that have already been present. Also, the policy demands a 9-month waiting period for maternity coverage. 

Is room rent covered under this plan?

This plan pays for the full cost of a normal and ICU single private room. All other additional charges are as per room rent limits. 

What is the yearly premium for the Maternity Cover Plan?

The yearly premium is Rs. 1188 in exchange for a sum insured of Rs. 3 lakhs. 

Will I get the policy details via email if my WhatsApp number is inactive?

Yes, you will receive the details of your membership via the registered email address if you cannot share an active WhatsApp number. 

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