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What is the Mobility Extension Cover


Every year, the number of amputees and specially abled individuals in India increases by approximately 23,500. Their requirement for prosthetics is led by various unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, natural disasters, war-like situations, etc. 


This requirement directly results in higher daily expenses. Their finances, hence, are adversely affected. Thus, Bajaj Markets features the Mobility Extension Cover from Care Health Insurance Ltd. at a premium rate of Rs. 212 to help one access financial coverage for prosthetic and mobility devices.  


Key Features of the Mobility Extension Cover

Multiple Disabilities Covered

Many kinds of disabilities and permanent injuries are covered under this policy including cases of loss in function and physical separation/amputation.

Up To ₹10,000 Coverage

Get up to ₹10,000 coverage for mobility/orthopaedic devices and other medical prosthetics.

Medical Advice

This policy can be claimed only if you submit written medical advice from a certified doctor to access the prosthetic or orthopaedic devices fit for you.

How to Apply for the Mobility Extension Cover

Given below are the steps to help you apply for the Mobility Extension Cover.

  • Select ‘Buy Now’

    Click on ‘Buy Now’ on the product page to start the purchase.

  • Enter Your Details

    Fill in all relevant details to purchase this policy.

  • Make The Payment

    Pay premium rate through any digital payment platform.

What's Covered

  • Mobility Devices Benefit

    The Mobility Extension Cover can help you acquire financial help in order to get prosthetic/orthopaedic devices and other necessary medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc. You can use this plan to access artificial devices that could replace certain body parts such as limbs, eyes, etc. and assistive devices for the limbs, back, neck or more. This benefit helps make sure that you can fulfil basic mobility needs.

  • Permanent Total Disability Coverage

    The PTD coverage given through this plan can provide up to ₹10,000 if you meet with an accident during the policy year, resulting in permanent total disability within 12 months of the mishap. Disabilities such as loss of sensations in limbs, loss of eyes, physical separation/amputation of body parts, etc. are covered under this benefit.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications

The Mobility Extension Cover at a premium rate of Rs. 212.

Nature of Injury/Mishap

Percentage of Sum Insured (₹10,000)

Complete loss of eye(s)


Complete physical separation of hand or feet


Loss of function of both hands or feet


Loss of function of one hand or foot


Loss of sight in one eye along with loss of function in one hand or foot


Complete loss of sight in one eye


Physical separation/amputation of one hand or foot


Loss of of hand and foot without physical separation









What’s Not Covered

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

This benefit does not cover accidents, injuries or disabilities that have occurred before the commencement of policy year.

Doctor’s Advice

This benefit does not cover accidents, injuries or disabilities that have occurred before the commencement of policy year.


Clauses, incidents, medical conditions or injuries not mentioned in the coverage details or benefit details are not covered by this policy.


*For complete exclusions, terms and conditions, please read the policy document carefully.

How to Make a Claim

You can claim the Mobility Extension Cover by contacting the insurer in the following ways.

  • Email

Write to Care Health Insurance Ltd. at

  • Toll-free Number

You can call the insurer on 1800-102-4488 to claim this policy.

Customer Care Details

You can write to Bajaj Markets at if you have any queries, questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mobility Extension Cover

Can I get braces and joint mobility assistance through this policy?

 Yes, this policy can help you get orthopaedic devices and braces to provide support and ease of movement for your limbs. However, these requirements should arise only as a result of an unforeseen accident or unfortunate mishap that occurred during the policy year. 

Will all my medical requirements be taken care of by this policy?

As part of the emergency medical coverage, you will be offered up to ₹2 Lakhs as a benefit under the Mobility Extension Cover. Hence, all the medical requirements that can be covered by the sum insured will be catered to.

Will an ambulance or other emergency commute be given in case of an accident?

You will be provided with immediate commute assistance at a reasonable cost in case of an accident or sudden illness while on a trip. This includes only road ambulance services.

How can I contact the policy provider to make a claim?

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Co. Ltd. is the insurer of the Mobility Extension Cover. You may contact them via email ( or their toll-free number (1800-201-4462). 

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