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Monsoon season in India brings a respite from the hot summers and is welcomed across the country as it also fills up the freshwater reserves. Monsoon is beneficial for growing crops and also useful in restoring the natural plant ecosystem. However, despite the numerous benefits, the season also brings along a host of infectious diseases that affects hundreds of thousands in the country. Some of the common monsoon diseases that affect the population are typhoid, malaria, dengue, etc. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to remain protected against these diseases during the rainy season.

List of Common Monsoon Diseases and Prevention

Let’s take a look at the common monsoon-related illnesses and some useful monsoon diseases prevention tips: 

  • Common Cold 

The common cold is one of the most widespread diseases that infect people during the monsoon season. It is an airborne disease and can easily spread from one infected person to many others if they share the same space. Symptoms of the common cold include sneezing, body pain, runny nose, weakness, or fever. You can try and avoid this illness by wearing a mask, and not going out in the rain or in crowded spaces. If you notice someone in your vicinity showing symptoms of common cold, maintain a safe distance from them. 

  • Malaria 

Malaria is an infectious disease that spreads to humans when they are bitten by parasite-carrying mosquitoes. Cases of malaria rise during the monsoons as an increasing number of mosquitoes breed in all water puddles. You can avoid getting infected with malaria by applying mosquito repellent cream when going out. You can also install screen doors and window mesh to keep the mosquitoes out of your house. 

  • Typhoid 

Typhoid is a bacterial infection spread through contaminated waters. This disease is quite rare in developed countries but is more common in developing countries. Typhoid cases increase during the monsoon as a lot of the fallen rainwater forms puddles which get contaminated. Close contact with an affected patient can also lead to infection. You can prevent this disease by avoiding contact with contaminated puddles of water, and only using clean filtered water for drinking and cooking food. 

  • Dengue 

Dengue fever is another disease that is spread when the virus-carrying mosquitoes bite a person. Dengue cases rise during the monsoons as the population of mosquitoes grows swiftly during this season. The symptoms of dengue include fever, body pain, nausea, vomiting, rashes, etc. In order to avoid getting infected with this disease, you can take the same precautions as malaria to not get bitten by mosquitoes. Apply a mosquito repellent cream and install mesh or screens in your house. In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with this disease and need hospitalisation, you may have to spend a lot of money on treatment. However, you can consider buying a ‘Dengue Insurance Policy’ to keep yourself financially covered against medical expenses.

  • Cholera 

Cholera is a type of bacterial infection which is spread through the medium of water. Cholera causes severe dehydration and diarrhoea. This disease can become fatal in rare cases if left untreated. Fortunately, proper rehydration at frequent intervals can help patients avoid dehydration and other related symptoms. You can take preventative measures by avoiding contact with contaminated water sources, and properly cleaning and cooking your foods. 


Although monsoons bring relief from the heat, they also increase the risk of infection for monsoon diseases. Some of these diseases can turn out to be serious if you do not take the proper precautions. If you wish to remain financially covered for the hospital expenses and medical costs arising out of these infectious diseases, you should consider getting a ‘Monsoon Insurance’ plan. This insurance policy will help you cover the hospital costs and other medical expenses in the treatment of these illnesses. 

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FAQs on Common Monsoon Diseases

What are some common monsoon diseases?

Examples of common monsoon diseases are: 

  • Common cold and flu 

  • Typhoid 

  • Dengue 

  • Cholera 

How can I prevent getting infected with diseases during the rainy season?

You can prevent getting infected with monsoon diseases by wearing a mask when going outside, avoiding coming into contact with contaminated water, and maintaining a safe distance from infected people.

Does insurance cover monsoon diseases?

Yes, you can get coverage for monsoon illnesses by getting the ‘Monsoon Insurance Cover’.

Why do people fall sick during the monsoon?

The increased moisture content in the air during the monsoon season allows microorganisms to breed more easily and infect a large number of people through air transmission.

Can I buy insurance for monsoon diseases online?

Yes, you can get the ‘Monsoon Insurance Cover’ online at Bajaj MARKETS in just a few minutes by entering your details and paying the online premiums.

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